World Atlas

Below are a listing of locations other than the main stores and shops in the city of Kokand. From here you will see the links to adventure sites, other kingdoms, islands, etc.

The City of Kokand is the center of a lot of the stories of the Silk and Spices campaign. The city itself has a large set of pages dedicated to it (see link below) while below that on this page will be listed locations the group went to during adventures.

THE RUINS: (Locations under Kokand)
The ruins themselves are a separate set of locations comprising of dozens of levels of unexplored dungeons and abandoned places. It is treated as its own world by the citizens of Kokand themselves.

  • None Yet

These are locations the team explored outside of Kokand and are not associated with other Kingdoms or Empires.

Map of the area around Kokand

OUTSIDE THE PORT:(Locations off the port and in the Lost Bay Archipelago).

  • Golden Dragon,   a Barque class galley ship formerly called the Black Fire under the teifling Black Mane. – Link taken down temporarily!

(locations with their own form of recognized government).