The Team (The Silken Fists)

Below is a list of all the characters officially involved as part of the mercenary/adventure group “The Silken Fists” or as it used to be known as “The Silver Grimms”. This is the group that the campaign is focused around. 

Origin: Kokand Trade City
Founders: Keyleth Surana, Luke Morthos, Jack Tar, Jeyya, Artherien “Glorion” Elenren
Type: Adventuring Group
Nickname(s): The Silken Fists, The Silver Grimms
Colors: Red and Gold
Classes Involved: cleric, monk, sorcerer, paladin, thief, ranger
Allies: Temple of Sekhmet (healing god), House of Silk, House of Dawn, Night Scale 
Enemies: Temple of Gusi, The Three Daggers, Black Fang Gang
Company Treasure: Treasury Log

Short Description: An order of monks and rangers who are a members of the Trifa Monestary. The monastery is pledged to protection of innocents. It takes its name from the banda, band, sash or red ribbon which came across over the right shoulder and under the left arm of the monk/ranger. They often work with Sekhmet followers closely.


Current members of the team (both PC and NPC) and are in good standing. Click the images to go to the respective character pages.

Snoring Jade
Tabaxi Wizard


Members who are no longer with the company for various reasons ranging from retirement, death to falling to the evil gods. Click the images to go to the respective character pages.

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