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Tiche Misto (location)

Share List Name: Tiche Misto Location: 3oo miles SE of Kokand (Gyaros, Greece) Purpose: Last temple of Tsovinar Condition: 5,000 year old ruined temple Surrounding Places of Note: Kokand, 200 miles northwest General Appearance: The temple is a small stone building left … Continue reading

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Tsovinar, Goddess of the Sea, Water and Rain (religion)

Share List Deity:   Tsovinar or Nar  (Goddess of the Sea, Wind, Rain, Storms and Hail) Alignment:   Neutral Domains:    Sea, Tempest Divine Rank:   Lesser Deity Symbol:    A woman stepping out of the surf Head Priest:   None  Temple Location:   None  … Continue reading

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Island of the Gods (location)

Share List Name: Island of the Gods Location: Moves depending on need Purpose: Temple to the First Gods (all) Condition: Mostly ruins, capable of life support. Surrounding Places of Note: None General Appearance: The temple is spread across an incredibly small island. … Continue reading

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