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Bluff overlooking the ocean (forum rp thread)

Share List Title: Bluff overlooking the ocean RP Thread Number: 64 When Occured:  Between Sessions #26 and #27 Location: On the cliffside at Dawn Manor Out of Game Date: Mar 30th – Apr 5th, 2019 Participants:  Keyleth, Rabbit Original Thread: http://silkandspices.net/forums/index.php?topic=54.0

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House of the Dawn (location)

Share List Name: House of the Dawn Location: Inside the city of Kokand, attached to Bald Head Light House and Red Silk Dock. Purpose: Home of the Silken Fist and Keyleth Surana specifically. Condition: Brand new manor built upon multiple levels of … Continue reading

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A Cleansing Trip (downtime story)

Share List Downtime: The incident below occurred after the group’s third game as part of Keyleth’s downtime. Spending time in the corrupted temple had started to wear on my soul.  I thought that I could work out my troubles with some … Continue reading

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Keyleth Galanodel Elenren Surana (elf monk)

Share List Name: Keyleth Galanodel Elenren Surana Race: High Elf        XP: 148,960 (5/26/19) Class (Level):  Monk (11)                   Alignment: Chaotic Good Background: Acolyte Physical Description:  Age: 129 Gender: Female Height: 6’1″ Weight: … Continue reading

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