Kingdom of Katabania (kingdom)


“The sands are life.”

Conventional Long Form: The Sacred Kingdom of Katabonia.
Other Names for Arborlon: The Old Kingdom of Ma’in.
Real World Location: Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Oman
Ruler: King Ilyafa Riyam
Government Type: King/Queen and 4 represented Royal Households.
Legal System: King and Royal elders (all priests)
Cities/Towns/Outposts of Arborlon:

Kingdom of Katabania

  • Timna, (capitol of Qataban people)
  • Zafar, (capital of Himjar people)
  • Sirwah (capital of Saba people)
  • Marib
  • Schabwa
  • Qarnawu (capital of Ma’in people)
  • Valley of the Nine – Ruins of the ancient Khemet Pantheon.

Major Languages:.

  • Common,
  • Khmet (12 different sub-languages)
  • Common Elven
  • Underdark Common
  • Eastern Orc
  • Western Orc

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Rescue Veronwe (session summary)

Adventure Name: “Rescue Veronwe”
Session Number:   23
Ending Game Date:
Out of Game Date:
   February 23, 2018
Group XP Earned: 11,800 xp each

Characters Involved:


  • See bottom for entire list.

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Drow Matron Mother


At the head of each drow noble house sits a matron mother, an influential priestess of Lolth charged with carrying out the god’s will while also advancing the interests of the family.

Matron mothers embody the scheming and treachery associated with the Queen of Spiders. Each stands at the center of a vast conspiratorial web, with demons, drow, spiders, and slaves positioned between them and their enemies. Although matron mothers command great power, that power depends on maintaining the Spider Queen’s favor, and the dark god sometimes capriciously takes back what she has given.

Matron mother is a strange title for a cruel tyrant, but given what drow consider to be a goddess, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.

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Drow Elite Warrior


Drow elite warriors defend their houses and their superiors against all enemies, although they specialize in fighting dwarves, gnomes, and elves (including other drow). They frequently raid surface settlements under cover of night, returning to the Underdark with prisoners and spoils in tow before dawn.

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Dark Elves/Drow (bestiary)

The Ancient Symbol of
House Ara’bund

Important Note: There are major differences in this world’s drow. Because of that I will not try and recreate the entirety of the writeup here (at least at this point). Below will be all the major changes (or links to where those changes are). Otherwise refer to the drow writeup in MORDENKAINEN’S TOME OF FOES and the drow listing in the MONSTER MANUAL. Continue reading

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Raid on Velkynvelve (session summary)

Click to go to the SSU Redeemer

Adventure Name: “Raid on Velkynvelve”
Session Number:   22
Ending Game Date:
Out of Game Date:
   January 26, 2018
Group XP Earned: 11,800 xp each

Characters Involved:


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Tsovinar’s Blessing, Trident of the Storm (artifact)

Tsovinar’s Blessing is one of the last remaining artifacts of Tsovinar’s reign of the sea during the first age. Signifying her wrath and protection of her people, the location fo this fell into Sargon’s hands.

Tsovinar’s Blessing

Name:  Tsovinar’s Blessing (Trident of the Storm)
Owner:   Sargon (Jack Tar)

Weapon Type:  Trident (legendary)
Origin:  Seeing the peril her people faced, the goddess Tsovinar had Manuela of the Salt forge a weapon that would be her people’s defender and her wrath.

Venturing deep under the oceans, deeper than any surface dweller had ever wam, the Manuela of the Salt came to the blazing heart of a great underwater volcano. With the aid of Tsovinar, she crafted the trident using Amar-Utuk’s forge, Anbar the Black Forge. With them, she forged Tsovinar’s Blessing.

Armed with the artifact, Manuela returned to the goddess. Her trident ended the attacks on her people and answered the calls for Tsovinar’s Wrath. Later, in the betrayal of Tsovinar and the overthrow of her priests the trident was lost to the seas. Continue reading

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Velkynvelve, Drow Slaver Outpost (location)

This initial scouting review is from Rabbit who has extensive experience in this outpost as she transported her slaves back into the underdark. She cannot guarantee that the numbers are the same or if the outpost has rearranged defenses in the last 70 years or so.

Velkynvelve Outpost

Name: Velkynvelve
Conventional Long Form Name: Imperial Frontier Outpost 134.
Location: Closest surface entrance to Kokand (about 40 miles away from Arborlon).
Purpose: Defensive Outpost and Slave Registration
Condition: Operational
Leader: Ilvara Mizzrym, Drow Priestess
People of Note: Shae, junior priestess, Shoor Vandree, Drow military commander, and Jorlan Duskryn, old leader.
Forces of Note: 13th Imperial Militia

  • Priestess
  • Junior Priestess
  • Drow Elite Warriors x 8
  • Drow Warriors x 24
  • Quaggoths x 48
  • Giant Spiders x 12

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SSU Redeemer (location)

Umberlee Redeemer Class transport ship Originally named the Cheroquee

Redeemer off the coast of Carthage

Original Owner: Albion Empire
                16 February 5457

Cost:                         572,000 g.p.
Laid Down:            22 October 5457
Launched:              June 5458
Commissioned:    5458
Fate:                          Disappeared near Kokand Continue reading

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Velkynvelve (Map)

Just a clarification, due to the constant updates to this map, I will have all links for the map go to this page. From this page you can click the map and see the full size most recent version of the map. It just makes it easier for maintenance and link updating.

Location: Closest Underdark Outpost to the City of Kokand
Type of Map: Continental
Locations of Note: Please see the post for the Valkynvelve Outpost itself.

Velkynvelve Outpost

Click map for full size version

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