Major World Powers

These pages cover the most powerful players in the world. This will be added to as the players explore the city and surrounding world and they are divided into 


  • The Noble Houses of Kokand. The royal prince-elector and all the other nobility of Kokand.
  • The Tower of Arcane (Mage Orders) (no link). The center of all magic users inside Kokand and the surrounding area. Comprised of multiple “schools”, the Tower is the overall leadership of mages in the area.
  • The Consortium (Merchant Guild) the backbone of Kokand economy and provider of most people’s work in the city. This is comprised of almost all trades, including craftsmen, labor, shopkeeper, armorer, etc.
  • The Wealth of the Shark (Adventurer Guild),this is the largest adventurers guild. It is one of the four largest guilds (mage, slave, and merchants being the others). No one knows where the name came from.
  • Order of the Collar (Slaver Guild), the biggest Guild in all of Kokand. The slave trade is one of the largest monetary exchanges in the city, taking up an entire plaza. That being said, the slave trade here is highly regulated (like most other professions).
  • The Sacred Orders:The Sacred Orders are a conglomeration of different religious and secular orders ranging from monk orders, to mercenary groups, to religious and assassination and thieves groups. This page will be updated as the players explore the world and meet them first hand.
  • Order of the Eye (Thieves Guild):One of the largest guilds with a lock on all organized illegal activity. They don’t take kindly to “individual entrepreneurship” that challenges their authority. – Page still coming.
  • Other Organizations: These are officially recognized groups that vary like cults, terrorists, colleges, and anything else not included as a guild or sacred order.
    • Black Fang Gang – Largest semi-organized bandit gang in the trade cities.

last edited 12/24/2018