Major NPCs


  • Aglerond– Elven ranger brought a dispatch from Queen Aluria to Key.
  • Alluvian, adopted sister of Keyleth, heir to Elenren and Surana families.
  • Dawn Breaker, adult blue dragon met during “raid on Velkynvelve”.
  • Idalla, a succubus freed by the group at Bhen Tharim.
  • Nestrim, Glorion and Alluvian’s blood brother and Keyleth’s adopted. Dating Luke officially and serving as Key’s Chamberlain.
  • Nightscale,   a once black now brass dragon that the group picked up and made a secondary member of the group.
  • Sobhan Padishah    Financier and Representative of the Adventuring Company.
  • Temur Padishah,   an Orc barbarian, from the Golden Horde and Sobhan’s son.
  • Salkya,   Head Priestess of Sekhmet and person who raised Luke.



  • Altive Shieldmaiden, a slender Northern High Elf who runs an emporium (Altive’s Emporium – no weapons, armor, or magic, just gear).
  • Jacksim, Dwarf representative of the remaining Dwarven Freeholders
  • Wayland the Smith, Human artificer


  • Angaste – Glorion’s ex-girlfriend. Dark Elf warrior (Cave Dancers, second only to Handmaidens in skills).
  • Coborel– son of Glorion, Dark Elf Warrior
  • Elias Langwina,   a human merchant who resides at Langwina Manor and runs a sweatshop making belts and leather packs. He has a bad reputation for his treatment of people and likes to use slaves for at least half his workforce
  • Shae: priestess of Lolth and possible avatar.
  • The Three Daggers: a small bandit/mercenary group, oh and there is more then 3 members.

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