Gods and Devils (Religion)

Gods and Devils is shorthand for all religions in Kokand and that the players come into contact after beginning of the campaign. This includes Demonic gods, Arch Devils and Smaller Gods. This does not include actual smaller named devils/demons/celestials, those are covered in the Major NPCs area.

Street of a million gods may be hyperbolic about the number of gods worshipped in Kokand, but not by far. Below is a partial list of the religions. Many of these religions can be found across other realms, but not all. Note there are some forbidden religions, these do exist, but not officially and are illegal to worship.

Kokand sits upon gates that not only move people across the land, but also occasionally other locations such as Greyhawk, Taladas (Dragonlance), etc. All gods from Player’s Handbook are currently available because worshippers of all types cross through the city.

Below are listed new gods of characters, or religions interacted directly with players in this campaign (this will be updated constantly). If something especially detailed happens, even traditional gods will be listed below.

Deity                                                       Align   Domains              Symbol
Sekhmet, (goddess of survival)               CG      Life, Trickery         Cat headed woman
Corellon Larethian (king of Seldarine) LG      Nobility,Warfare   Starburst
Grumsh, the Watching Warrior             LE      Tempest,Warfare   Blood Spear

Lolth, Queen of the Drow                        LG       Trickery,Warfare  Spider
Itus, (god of protection)                           CG      War, Protection    Two swords over a shield
Dunatis (god of mountains)                     N        Nature                    Mountain peak
Umberlee (goddess of the tempest)       CE       Tempests               Waves crashing
Serapis (god of knowledge)                       N       Knowledge             Three headed animal
Tsovinar (goddess of storm and sea)      N        Storms                    Unknown

last edited 12/24/2018