Downtime Stories

Downtime stories are creative fiction written works exploring the lives of the characters/npcs between game sessions (or even a writings about the actual session in a creative writing – not journal/first person type way). These are not actual game sessions, but stories written by the player or GM describing things that happen between games or before campaign started.


LUKE MORTHOS (Tiefling Cleric/Paladin)

  • Luke’s Charity  – Luke started a new charity, “Tieflings for the Rich” in order to gain money for the Warren’s poor. This occurred in downtime before Temple of Gusi Initial Entry (dated 2-4-18)


  • A Cleansing Trip – Keyleth protects a band of travelers from orc raiders. This occurred downtime before Temple of Gusi #3 – (dated 4/8/18)

last edited 12/24/2018