Company Treasury

Below is the current listing of the company share of treasure. This is a “kitty” that all members can pull from, or trade out for their portions of the treasure. Each treasure haul should be broken down in the adventure log starting 12/16/18. Each item that has a cash value beside it in parenthesis below, that is for EACH item listed, not a total for that row.

Updated: 5/25/18


PP: 0 GP: 59,088 SP: 0 CP: 0

Gems: None
Jewels: None
Precious Metals: None
Artwork/Craftsman Pieces: None


Weapons Armor
  • Short sword
  • Mace +1
  • 5 elven shortswords +1 (1,500gp)
  • Elven stud. leather +1 (3,000gp)
  • 2 elven chain mail +1 (5,000gp)
  • Shield +2 (6,500 gp)


  • 3 x slave collars
  • Ring of Spell Storing (empty from the battle of course) (22,500 gp)
  • Ring of Protection +1 (5,000 gp)
  • Wand of Illumination – 27 charges (10,000 gp) This wand has four separate functions, three of which approximate wizard spells, and one of which is unique:
    • Dancing lights: The wand produces this effect at a cost of one charge.•
    • Light: The illumination wand sends forth light at an expenditure of one charge.•
    • Continual light: This function require two charges.•
    • Sunburst: When this effect is called forth, the wand delivers a sudden flash of brilliant, greenish-white light, with blazing golden rays. The range of this sunburst is 120 yards maximum, and its duration is 1/10 of a second. Its area of effect is a globe of 40-foot diameter. Any undead within this globe suffer 6d6 points of damage, with no saving throw. Creatures within or facing the burst must roll successful saving throws vs. wands or be blinded for one round and be unable to do anything during that period. (Of course, the creatures in question must have sight organs sensitive to the visible light spectrum). The function requires three charges.The wand can be recharged.


  • Diminution (500gp)
  • God’s Touch – gives user a holy connection to their god/diety (500gp)
  • Healing Potions x 14 (400gp each)
  • Mind Control – dominate person (1000gp)
  • Oil of Slipperiness (750gp)
  • Poison **
  • Polymorph Self (350gp)
  • Resistance (Fire) (400gp)
  • Speed (450gp)
  • Storm Giant Strength (1,400gp)
  • Supreme Healing (1,000gp)


  • Ship – “The Golden Dragon” 
  • Signet Ring from human House that no longer exists called “Westard”.
  • 8’ ivory statue believed to be of Itus


  • Luke x 1
  • Rabbit x 3