City of Kokand (Setting)

Trade City of Kokand

Name: City of Kokand
Conventional Long Form: Trade City of Kokand
Other Names for Kokand: City of Winds, Town of the Boar
Location  Bosphorus Strait (current day Istanbul, Turkey)

Government Type: Council (see below) and Prince Elector
Legal System: Guilds have their own legal system,
Languages: Common, Persian, Tang, Han are the major languages (the major languages are the official trading languages). Minor languages include Elven, Norsca Dwarven, and Orcish with hundreds of misc languages.
Allies:The Imperial Trade Guild, the Trade Cities, The Islands of Spurmore.
Enemies:No active enemies at this time.


The Prince Elector is the representative of the royal family of the city. The original ruler of the city, they kept power for thousands of years until the “waves” of barbarians eventually sacked the city. The only way the royal family could take back the city was to agree to share power with the bankers, merchants and mage guilds that agreed to help. After they retook the city, the new City of Kokand was recreated.

They still retain their power, and they are powerful enough that most people, or even guilds won’t directly confront them.This results in a lot of political machinations that occur in the shadows.


The guilds of Korkand are ruled by the Council, which also acts as the ruling body in step with the Prince Elector. The Ruling Council changes due to the shifts in power between the different guilds



The primary guilds are of course the Tower of Arcane, the Consortium, the Order of the Collar and the Wealth of the Shark. All four of these main guilds will eventually have their own write-ups. There are many lesser guilds and orders, all who pay into the Guild leadership. They will be more detailed in the Guilds section (when that is up). They do include such guilds as Laborer Guild, Arcane Guild (Alchemy/Device Creation), Thieves Guild, Performer’s Guild, The University (Scholastic Guild)

Brief writeup of the city below, with additional links to specific writeups that are in depth.

Below gallery can be cycled through and if you click on the image you will get a large version of the overall map Click on the “section” below the image for a detail writeup of each section with additional larger map.


BACKGROUND: Kokand is an ancient city, built upon even older ruins. No one knows when the city was built originally, nor who built it. For thousands of years though, the city has sat here on the edge of several empires.

The city itself is situated over an underground kingdom that existed long before the fabled birth of Kokand itself. These ruins are the source of wealth for many adventurer groups and many never leave the city.

The city is situated on of the few passes in the mountains of “The Spine of the World”. It is also the location where the Silk Road and the Spice Road intersect, creating one of the largest trade centers in the known world.

Below the map will be links to various factors of the city such as guilds/families/political powers, locations of buildings/businesses and people the group meets, etc. This page will be in continuously updated as we go.

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