Campaign Rules

Below are all the house rules implemented for our game.

  1. Be a nice person, respect for minorities is required.
  2. All characters begin with 300xp (effectively 2nd level) if the campaign is starting out, otherwise they start at the base amount required for xp for the smallest level the players are at.
  3. All background questions/additional information is required.
  4. Multi-class characters are not allowed until they reach at least 5th level.
  5. I am expanding beyond 20th level and will utilize multiclassing for things above 20th level (eg you max at fighter at 20th, but you can start collecting other classes).
  6. All non-standard races and classes must be cleared by DM or must be already pre-approved in the updated races and classes  page.
  7. CHANGE IN RACES – Check this page before selecting races, Drow and Orcs have definite differences.
    1. Orcs are sentient race that work together or against others like any other race.
    2. Drow are not ebony in color, nor are any other race considered “blackface” type characters. The Drow are the same coloring as regular elves (meaning all normally occurring human coloration depending on kingdom or tribe. They are shorter then elves due to living underground and generally paler. The racial marker is specifically an unremovable spider tattoo given to them at birth signifying their dedication and service to Lolth. There are other differences but they will be updated in the Monster Manual as time permits.
  8. Selling treasure/weapons/magic/etc after an adventure will net you approximately half the value barring modifiers AT BEST. Normal selling them is 1/3 and even down to 1/4 or less depending on situation.
  9. There are new weapons, magical technology and other items at the New Advancespage.

More campaign house rules will be implemented as needed.

last edited 12/24/2018