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Silk and Spices is a 5th edition campaign gaming site for Dungeons and Dragons. This campaign setting will utilize several different worlds material, which will be altered to fit the needs of this place. The largest and most obvious is that we will be utilizing Pathfinder’s Ptolus as a basis for Kokand (the city for the campaign).

It should be noted that things will be renamed and altered to fit our story. There are a lot of changes, or things that don’t exist. The setting itself is different (there is no spire, there are gates and a set of islands off the coast). I do want to thank Monte Cooke, the makers of Ptolus and everyone else who was involved for giving us a good skeleton to work our campaign on.

The majority of the game will take place on the fabled city of Kokand, one of the member cities of the Trade Guild.  Centered on, and in the crossroads of the two largest trade routes,  the Silk Road and the Spice Road. The city also serves as a deep sea port where hundreds of islands appear and disappear in the magic storms that assail the area.

A site of one of the ruins around Kokand.

Kokand is an ancient city, built upon even older ruins. No one knows when the city was built, nor who built it. It is not known if the travel gates that appear almost randomly were here before the original city, or if the original inhabitants did something to cause them.

For thousands of years though, the city has sat here on the edge of several empires. It is situated on of the few passes in the mountains of “The Spine of the World”. It is also the location where the Silk Road and the Spice Road intersect, creating one of the largest trade centers in the known world.

Surrounded by and sitting on ancient ruins whose wealth could support nations itself, and in the center of the storms of magic make the city an adventurer’s dream. The fact that people can travel by gate to the far areas of the world, just increases the value of the area.

This is in addition to the archipelago that is off of the coast of Kokand is ravaged by magical storms, the thousands of islands shifting their position opening up entrances to far portions of the sea and the plane itself. Much like the land gates, this makes Kokand the largest focus of trade in the land.

The Wealth of the Shark (Guild of Adventurers) controls most organized adventuring in and around the city,and the Guild of Merchants tend to control the ancillary support trades such as armor-smithing, weapon making, gate travel, potion creation and other “entertainment” services that any adventurer might need.

The campaign will be focused on an adventuring group called the “Silver Grimms”, hired, financed and supported by the venerable Sobhan Padishah, one of the senior merchants for House of the Red Silken Glove.

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