Wayland the Smith (npc)


Wayland is a human variant that lives in Kokand in semi-retirement. He makes occasional art pieces as a smith now, having done all that he set out to do. He started as a wizard many years before, and he kept up in that tradition for decades. He has extended his life, but he is not immortal. At some point in his past he picked up smithing as a hobby, which eventually usurped the place of magical study as a passion.

His only child, a daughter, was devoted to him and helped him in all of his production in his prime. However, he was unable to give over his business to her as he just wanted her to get married and have kids. Eventually Devina left and struck out on her own, taking the skills that Wayland taught her and seeking her own fortune.

He has studied dwarven rune magic, Nihon (Japanese) sword making, Zhonghua (China) craft techniques and some elven use of smithing for their mithril armor. For a few decades his focus on magic and smithing did combine as he learned to use magic while smithing, placing him as good if not better than most dwarven rune smiths, and elven mithril smiths. He is also the least likely to balk at working on anbar.

He would be interested in taking on unusual materials such as anbar, but there are some requirements.

  1. He keeps 10% of everything he makes
  2. Customer provides 100% of ALL Materials, or reimburses him at 120% of the cost.
  3. He keeps the right to refuse or change prices at his whim.
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