Back to Bhen Tharim (session summary)

Adventure Name: Back to Bhen Tharim
Session Number:   29
Ending Game Date:
Out of Game Date:
May 25, 2019
Group XP Earned: 5,000 each

Characters Involved:


  • Dwarven Rune Forge



Brief Description of Events:  The following description is incredibly brief. It will be filled out in more detail later.

The group decided in a move to try and fix Rabbit’s arms went searching for a smith capable of building her a new hand. Using the Compass of Desire they were able to come across an artificer’s home 15 miles outside of Kokand, by the name of Wayland the Smith.

They explained to Wayland the whole situation and provided him with the Anbar they had recovered. He agreed he could do something for Rabbit, but he needed a forge that could hold the power of Anbar. He told them the closest location would be the dwarven rune forges at Bhen Tharim. If they brought that to him, and let him keep 10% of what he made that he would make the hand and the weapons they sought.

They readily agreed and headed immediately from Kokand to the Elven Kingdom of Arborlon. There they met with Key’s parents, who now turn out to be also Luke’s parents with his marriage to Nestrim. They head out from there to go to the old Dwarven hold.

On the way to the hold they are met on the path by Valon, an elven knight along with a cleric and 20 men at arms. Luke spotted that one of the men had a three eyed tattoo on his hand and pointed it out. Sargon unloaded his lightning spell, followed by Jade’s acid and the 20 men at arms were wasted.

Valon and the Cleric Aavenia fought harder although Valon fell quickly to Luke and Key. Aavenia called forth flame strikes as a priestess of Mori but was quickly subdued and handed over to the Ranger who gave them the water from a river under a willow tree to hide them from creatures in the mist.

They continued up to the Dwarven Hold and found ghasts guarding the entrance, and upon entrance they found that Mori and the Mist had somehow combined and they were raising the Surana Knights from the dead. This also seems to be a dumping point for at least some of the villages that Glorion had stolen away in the night. Hoping to avoid conflict, the

The group found the forge on the fourth level, being used by Duergar. There is a small disagreement on taking them prisoner or killing them, mostly disagreeing with Rabbit doing anything too creepy. They slay the duergar, place the forges into the chest of holding and promptly leave, Luke realized one of the duergar was missing their head and the group looked at Rabbit suspiciously

They returned and on their way stopped to interrogate Aavenia. They found only a little information with the help of Miffle who was “overseeing” the prisoner. They found that Mori had only gotten a couple hundred undead so far, and it was a slow steady process.

The group reported this to the Rangers and Veronwe, knowing it was the Ranger’s and therefore Veronwe’s duty to stop, and they seemed confident they could.

They returned to Kokand and then Wayland the Smith. He confirmed they had what he needed and agreed to start first on Rabbit’s hand, and then on to weapons. The group ended by returning to Kokand proper and to wait out artificing of Rabbit’s hand.

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