Valley of the Fallen (location)

Name: Valley of the Fallen

Location: Prisacina, Romania
Establishment Type: Cemetery/Prison
People/Groups Located Here:

  • Order of the Fallen, monk order protecting the graves/jails of the dead from ANYONE.

Other Security:

  • Senzen “Before the War”, older golden haired/greying elder.
  • Wütende Rache “Furious Vengeance”, older red/greying elder red dragon
  • Halifka, Aarakocra Pledged Warrior
  • Metsek, Aarakocra Monk
  • Malcim,  Aasimar Monk
  • Bella Viso, Tiefling Prioress

This prison/monastery is a huge stone edifice that can be seen from more than 30 miles away. All of the stone is from the local granite pits, reinforced with lacquering of an unknown substance to help mold each slab of granite with the other.

The monumental quality of this edifice is created by the use of a huge plaza, tall colonnades arcing on each side and a grand entrance.

The interior is one long converging tunnel ending in the tombs of the “Fallen Gods”. A group of various gods/goddesses who have been killed or locked away here. They are here to prevent their return, and each new celestial is interwoven with the rest, so the combined powers of the deities is used to keep each individual deity imprisoned/dead.


The area is filled with monks who are part of the Order of the Fallen. Most of whom either were part of the initial guard that failed to keep the abyssals imprisoned, or who later came across the valley and attempted to steal/open/etc the contents and ended up stuck inside the prison monastery as part of the order.



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