Sargon’s Redemption (session summary)

Adventure Name: Sargon’s Redemption
Session Number:   28
Ending Game Date:
Out of Game Date:
May 18, 2019
Group XP Earned: 15,000 each

Characters Involved:


  • 50,000 gp (including gp, sp, pp, valuable items, and gems/jewelry)
  • 90 Healing Potions (60hp)
  • Large library containing many old books on the gods here, on the day to day of the monastery and on random events and people.
  • Large chunks of anbar in the sigil doors.



  • Senzen “Before the War”, older golden haired/greying elder.
  • Wütende Rache “Furious Vengeance”, older red/greying elder red dragon
  • Halifka, Aarakocra Pledged Warrior
  • Metsek, Aarakocra Monk
  • Malcim,  Aasimar Monk
  • Bella Viso, Tiefling Prioress
  • See below for list of eternals.


Brief Description of Events:  The following description is incredibly brief. It will be filled out in more detail later.

The group had prepared for their journey to free tsovinar and therefore rescue Sargon’s fate as part of Nergal’s coterie. They utilized Scriv’s gate ability and the Compass of Desire to triangulate the location of Tsovinar and found it to be near Prisacina Romania.

The group arrived at the location and found it the home of the Order of the Fallen. A monastic tradition pledged to protect the prison and graves of the “eternals” who were locked within the walls. These consisted of minor deities, demons, etc being held there against there will. The newest prisoner was Tsovinar and she had been interred more than 5,000 years before.

The group approached the monks who rebuffed their attempts to gain entry. The group found that there must be more than 50 monks within the walls and all seemed eager to defend the place unto death. The group also noticed there were no humans, dwarves or elves in the monks. They seemed to be made up of dragonborne, goliaths, aarakocra, tieflings and other unusual races. It was believed this had something to do with the draw the gods at this prison had, resulting in the monks only accepting those of races not drawn by them.

The group was able to convince the monks to speak with one of their elders, a gentleman named Senzen who briefly explained that the prison was a one way placement of some abyssals along with some of the good. It seemed that in order to keep the powerful abyssals and their allies locked away, some of the dead eternals that fought the abyss were interred here, their residual divinity used to help intertwine with the abyssals negative energy to power the prison itself. It turns out that some of the eternals that fought the abyssals even volunteered to imprison themselves.

The prison itself had long ago been built to hold abyssals during the first god war. However, the guards of the prison failed somehow in their duties and several very powerful abyssals escaped. The resulting destruction and death pushed the people guarding the prison into vowing to never let another escape. This seemed to bind them as monks to the prison and it appears some of the oldest of the monks may still be alive from that time because of the oaths they swore.

The group asked Senzen if they could have a tour and he agreed to bring their proposal to the other elders. He returned later and said their proposal was agreed upon as long as they made no attempt to free Tsovinar while on the tour. It was at this time they saw one of the other elders, an actual monk prioress named Bella, a tiefling who mentioned she knew Luke’s father.

The group went on a tour of the crypt and found themselves inside the area that held the eternals. They learned what eternals in addition to Tsovinar were there and that they were segregated into different sections. They found the only way to power down the prison was to reach into a hole in the Crystal Gate Room (that had a gate to the abyss that helped power this whole thing) and pull the lever. If they person was worthy, they could pull the lever, but lose the hand as if it never existed and all of the cells would open.

The group returned to their camp and decided they were still going to do it. While making plans, Bella showed up and talked with Luke more. She asked Luke if he would wait 12 hours before attacking so she could order her younger monks out on a mission, so they would not be killed. It turned out the elder monks all seemed tired. They all knew that eventually the prison would be lost and they wanted to avoid the loss of the younger ones if possible. Luke agreed on behalf of the group and she took him back to her rooms and after some intimate moments she walked him back and the monks waited (Halifka being the first).

The group sent Rabbit and Te’Teh in stealthily to the crypt to work on springing the doors open without losing a hand while the rest of the group slowly walked towards the crypt and started engaging monks one at a time. Halifka, the fighter was armored and the hardest to take down (took the longest). He was a good match for the four of them (Luke, Key, Jade and Sargon) but they eventually overwhelmed them with no losses.

The next was Metsek, the Aarakroca Monk. They were fairly handily able to hurt him until he became invisible and left (to go intercept Rabbit and Te’Teh).

The next monk master was Malcim the Aasimar, follower of the path of the Long Death. He was the hardest fight they would face today and the group engaged him the same as the first two monks. During the engagement the Aasimar used his fright ability and was able to frighten Keyleth and she pulled back. He then reached forward and touched Luke, utilizing the Touch of the Long Death and slew Luke outright.

His death was felt by Rabbit who entered a frenzy but stayed with Te’teh as those were Luke’s last orders and she was able to maintain her will, only barely. Seeing Luke fall Keyleth was able to throw off the fright and attacked as well. Meanwhile the damage being slung at the Aasimar by Sargon and Jade (and Keyleth and Luke before they were injured) wore him down. Eventually though the Aasimar used the Touch of the Long Death one more time and seemed to slew Keyleth as well before being killed by Jade and Sargon.

The survivors were quick and able to bring Key and Luke back around and they recovered as much as they could. They proceeded onto the hall where they found Wütende Rache watching Te’Teh and Rabbit try to break in. She seemed to be waiting and not wanting to fight yet.

The entire group arrived and debated on how to handle it. It seemed it took living flesh to reach through the whole to grasp the handle. There were concentric rings inside the hole that seemed abyssal touched. While they waited they talked about the possiblity of slaying as many of the demons as they could with their anbar touched weapons as they awoke.

Keyleth was arguing with the group that she should do it. Seeing her sister might endanger herself and being abyssal blooded herself Rabbit stepped forward, placed her hand inside the hole to settle the argument. The group realizing choices has been made took their places.

Sargon went before Tsovinar’s cell while Luke took a position in the Hall of Howling Winds and Key at the Crypt of the Six Red Hearts in an attempt to kill any of the demons/abyssal allies that came forward that they could.

While they set up, Bella arrived and took a position near Luke to help.

They told Rabbit to pull and she did, losing her left hand up to the mid-forearm. All of the machinery and magical encapsulation began unraveling and things started emerging from the cells after a short time.

There was a brief fight and Key was able to slay three of the awakening abyssal powers, while Luke got three himself and Bella was able to get one. Meanwhile Jade took rabbit under her protection while Rabbit began to feel the first shock of coming down from a rage and the loss of an arm. Sargon awaited Tsovinar.

After the fighting happened Tsovinar’s cell opened and Sargon stepped in. Tsovinar asked Sargon if he accepted her fully back and he agreed. Immediately he could feel Tsovinar replacing Nergal inside him (almost 100% but not quiet). However, before Sargon could do much, one of the other eternals, an enemy of the abyss named Valkur leapt on Tsovinar calling her a lying backstabbing traitorous whore.

Luke and Key entered the cell and Luke utilized a tiefling power and commanded everyone to stop. While he didn’t scare the eternals he got their attention and before they could go back to fighting both dissipated like the other escaping eternals. Not gone, not dead, just leaving before they became too vulnerable.

The group turned to the two elders and Bella and prepared to fight. Bella and the others explained that they would have this engagement at some point, but they felt that right now wasn’t the time, with the group ravaged so badly. They knew the time was coming and they felt it would only be fair to take this up again later.

Furious Vengeance, the red haired lady walked away first, as she walked into the courtyard she shifted to a very very large red dragon and left. Senzen himself walked away, wishing everyone well and reiterating that he would see them again. This left Bella who was staring at Luke curiously. She also agreed that now was not the time. She would face them again sometime in the future, but not now. However, she did decide to accompany the group back to Kokand, she no longer felt the order was active and she wasn’t part of it.

The group ransacked the monastery for the gold and library it could take (along with the potions of healing and the recipe to go with it). They buried the monks that had died fighting with honor and left the rest of the monastery untouched for the return of the younger monks.

The end result was Sargon freed of his ties to Nergal. He did still carry a faint touch of him, but Nergal seemed to have no control and no influence. Luke had developed nubs on his back, as if wings were starting to come forward and Keyleth’s ears had elongated some. Rabbit’s eyes had become even larger, more than half as large as any fey or elf the group has encountered, and her left hand up to the fore-arm was gone. Not damaged, not injured, but as if it never existed. Luke grabbed as much anbar as he could, in the hopes of building rabbit a hand.


  • Tsovinar,
  • Tharizdun, God of Madness (CE, Trickery) Jagged counter clockwise spiral
  • Valkur, demigod of sailors, ships, favorable winds and naval combat.
  • Sess’Innek, demon prince of civilization and dominion. (also the monster power of dark nagas and lizard kings)
  • Barachiel ruler of the Silver Heaven of Lunia, the bottom layer of Celestia.
  • Malphas: The Turnfeather.
  • Kord – Unaligned God of Storms, Battle and Strength.
  • Melora – Unaligned Goddess of Wilderness, Nature and the Sea
  • Ehlonna, goddess of forests, woodlands, flora & fauna, and fertility.
  • Zaltec: God of war, sacrifice
  • Haela Brightaxe (D): Goddess of luck in battle, joy of battle, dwarven fighters.
  • Hruggek : God of bugbears, violence, combat, ambushes
  • Guānyīn — She who Hears the Cries of the World, the goddess of mercy
  • 6 Red Hearts:
    • Adrammelech, Anzu, Chort(vanquished),  Erlik (vanquished),   Kukudh, Vassago (vanquished)
  • Hall of Howling Winds: Bakasura, Kokabiel (vanquished), Marchosias, Gualichu, Jikinink (vanquished), Masih ad-Dajjal, Agares, Gaap (vanquished), Merihem, Namtar (vanquished
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