Ira’s Painting (artifact)

The painting provided by Ira to Luke during his visit to the Island of Gods tends to shift over time, supposedly showing the future of Luke’s family at the current moment. It should be noted that the description of the paintings and sketches does change over time and this page will be updated to reflect it.

Not actually the way it looks

Name:  Ira’s Painting
Owner:  Luke Morthos

Item Type: Miscellaneous Item/Paintings
Last Update: 5/18/19

Origin:  Provided to Luke during his original journey to the Island of the Gods by Sekhmet’s representative, a tiefling (half drow, half tiefling) paladin woman named Ira who claimed to be Luke and Rabbit’s daughter.

Ira has provided additional paintings for Luke and this item is a generalized reference to all of the paintings/sketches involved.


Base Damage:  N/A does not cause damage.
Dimensions:    varies from small sketch book size images up to full painting size.
Requires Attunement?:    No

Magic Ability

Ira’s painting is a very simple prognostication magical item that predicts what will happen to Luke’s family in the future based on events up until that date.

Sentience and Personality.   None known


Painting List:

  • Morthos Family in the Common Room. Painting of the Morthos Family: 3 adults, 9 children (and a pregnant Rabbit)

Basic description:

The painting is  of the Morthos family in mid movement, almost like a single moment in time snatched from memory. Located in a common room in a home that seems closer to Luke’s current place then his old shack, but not quite the same. Whether it is the same room just changed up or a different place is unable to tell. This is obviously a common living area, a large couch and a chair sprawl across the floor.

The room is large enough to hold the entire family, with space to spare. There are three adults on the couch along with four children playing among the adults on that couch. There are three children arrayed around the couch, an older child in the chair and a child behind the couch playing peekaboo.

There are cats everywhere in the painting (6 of them), on top of children, a large fat one trying to make room on Rabbit’s tiny but hugely pregnant frame. There is even one on the back of the couch trying to bat at Nestrim’s hair.

The one underlying component of the picture is that everyone seems happy. There is mirth in everyone’s eyes and the fact that all of the children are definitely Luke’s even the ones that appear like Nestrim have the little tiefling horns.

There is also a little bit of Rabbit in each one of them except the oldest boy, causing for a mix of features across the children that still mark them as all blood related .

The right side of the painting catches a part of a person standing on the side, sitting at an easel and painting. All that can really be made out is the person has green hair spilling into the corner of the painting.

There are small sigils painted into the images of the adults and children in Khmetian style, indicating they are “greater”, they are more apparent in the stylistic paint strokes of Luke, Nestrim and Rabbit, small sigils that indicate more than mortal, but not on the level of god. The meanings do seem to shift over the months though

Current Descriptions of the People:

Luke: Luke looks exactly his age now, even though he would have to be in his mid-fifties in the image (he does not appear 12+ years older than he currently is). He is dressed in well-made simple clothing. His hands are calloused and scarred slightly from the use of the sword, a smile on his face and in his eyes.

He wears three thin rings on the same wedding finger. One is black, one is white, and one is green. His hair is long, in braids and is festooned with woven bits of stone, trinkets and ribbon. A lot of the trinkets have the same look as the necklace that Rabbit crafted for him, indicating they were either made by her, or whoever the same person is that she goes to in order to get stuff made.

He wears a medallion to Sekhmet, inscribed with various protection runes and sigils. Some of them proclaiming his priesthood, his status as a protector and a father and an elder for the temple.  His left arm is wrapped around Nestrim, while his tail is wrapped around Rabbit on his right side.

Luke’s horns are capped, and the portions of the horns not capped can be seen to be scarred up a bit. His solid colored eyes are the same, blackness in the schlera. On Luke’s lap is a small female alley cat with a pink bow on her neck, seemingly making herself comfortable.

Nestrim: Nestrim also seems the same, a little more richly dressed then the other two adults. His hair free flowing, ultra-blond, almost platinum in color, with the child behind him playing peekaboo from under his hair spilling behind the couch.  Nestrim is wearing the same set of rings, but instead of the white ring he is wearing a red ring.

Nestrim’s fingernails are immaculately painted with designs on them and he is in very good shape. He carries the symbol for Key’s house around his neck in what appears to be a badge of office. He is watching Luke with bright silverish grey eyes that are filled with how much he cares. He is stretched across Luke poking Rabbit with his foot.

Rabbit: Rabbit is still small, no taller and obviously no heavier. Except for the gigantic pregnant belly that seems to be half her size. She is recoiling from the older boy in the chair in some sort of peal of laughter and into Nestrim’s foot, while a very fat cat  more than half her size is also trying to sit on her looking annoyed. She has a small natural grey streak on her left temple, but the tips of her hair are colored blue and red like she normally dyes them.

Her eyes are bright, gold flecks visible in the painting in the blue of the eyes. She is dressed in a skirt as it is probably the only thing that would fit her right now. She has three rings as well, but they are white, red and green. There is no black ring on her finger.


A male child is sitting on the chair, he is obviously the oldest and resembles Izzy in some ways. He is the only child that does not seem related to Rabbit physically. He does seem far happier than a drow child would have been had he grown up in the under dark. He is looking at his father with happiness, his small horns marking him as Luke’s along with Luke’s lankiness. Izzy’s visage is evident in his jaw and face. He is reaching out from the chair and trying to poke Rabbit.

Ira (12): Her eyes are trouble and they mark her as definitely the Ira Luke met while on the Island of the Gods. She has Luke’s height, even at her young age, and she has a wooden sword at her hip that has handmade markings resembling what are on Luke’s blade. She is standing in a fighting stance that Luke’s just now himself begun learning. She is the epitome of a tomboy, with her hair cut shorter then what is traditional in Kokand, cuts on her hands and a scratch on her face.

The painting seems to not be able to make up its mind about the next oldest child, as if it hasn’t determined who the child is, or that the child has multiple parents. The girl playing in Nestrim’s hair appears to be about 10ish, her features are a conglomeration of Rabbit, Nestrim and Luke. Her hair is platinum like Nestrim, while her little horns mark Luke and her eyes are an incredible blue of Rabbit’s. She appears to be whispering in Nestrim’s ear.

Twins are obviously wrestling on the floor, consisting of a boy and a girl who look the same, barring their physical gender (the girl is hippier then her brother) They both appear to be about 9 and both have small sets of horns sticking out of their hair. The boy carries a stick carved into a child’s toy resembling a wizarding wand. The girl has a wooden knife on hers. The boy’s hair is platinum, the girl’s hair black.

The four children playing on the couch have less detail, the hair sometimes matches Luke, sometimes Rabbit’s, sometimes they seem an odd color. Their appearances are more of a generic painting but sometimes seem clearer than others, as if the painting is trying to decide what they look like. They range from the age of 7 down to 3.

Once again details seem to shift over time. You can refer back to the picture to see if anything new has revealed itself (and if anything already there has changed).

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