Basic Primer: Order to Chaos and Back (myth)


Outdated Modes of Thought

Most current pantheons and theologies have a similar outlook in both religious, moral and cosmological makeup. The base assessment in our current times is a struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, etc.

Good implies altruism, life and concern for others. Evil implies hurting, oppressing or killing others. It should be noted that almost everyone falls between these two outlooks and it is a spectrum, not a binary setting. Unfortunately this simplistic outlook does not seem to mesh with the history and data uncovered in our research of the Abyss and the Celestials. This report will hopefully clarify some of that data.

An Older Mode of Thinking

While the struggle of good vs evil is still a valid worry, the struggle between Order and Chaos, or in other terms Lawful and Chaos seems to have a more encompassing effect. The creation of life for no other purpose, or the ordered segregation and boxing of each item in creation.

We still are unable to research further back then Anbar the Black Forge, however can outline that the fear wasn’t in good vs evil, all creatures have a measure of each. Rather the concern was entropy, unordered growth and consumption versus stable structures that abide by severe rules, not allowing new growth, but also not allowing the entropy that follows. The first idea is termed Chaos frequently while the second is called either Law or Order. Good and evil are just natural varieties of the law/order concept.


The side of Law and Order and concerned with the rules of creation are the realm of the various celestial. This includes all of the mortal race celestials such as Asgard, Ymer and others.

Law provides order, structure, and justice to the world. Without it, nothing material could exist. Law appears friendly to life, but a realm controlled by Law alone becomes just as stagnant as one overrun by Chaos.

The side of law and order also includes someone unexpected, it includes the Dukes and Duchesses of the Devils. Devils are in fact just celestials and followers of law and order who were thrown out of their various homes and came together in a more… self motivated arrangement then the original celestial.

Some devils are born directly into the infernal levels, but many of the upper tier infernals are actually fallen celestials. Once having been angels they were either cast out or quit for the lands of the infernals.

Law and Order controls most outer planes. These include all the celestial house realms, infernal levels of hell, the astral plane, and a large portion of the material plane. Chaos on most of these places is considered an incursion. It doesn’t mean you don’t have people called “chaotic”, but it does mean they aren’t associated with the Abyss.

Another aspect of this is the association with civilization, authority, rules, protection, the status quo, tradition, and, when stretched to its extreme, mindless obedience, fascism, and abuse of power. A field of ice, glass or some other unaltering substance is often depicted as the land the side leans towards.

The side of Chaos is different and a more tricky to define

Chaos, also known by some as the Primordial Truth or the Primordial Annihilator, is the universal and usually malign spiritual force embodied by the malevolent intelligent entities comprised of the dark energy of the Abyss.

Chaos is the equal and opposite of Order. The entities who embody Chaos are mostly daemons or tanar’ri, but the term also encompasses those mortals and others who have thrown in their lot with Chaos.

Chaos is almost synonymous with the the Abyss — the two concepts are inseparable, for Chaos is the limitless dark void of spiritual, psychic and emotional energy that defines the Multiverse and underlies the material universe of space-time. It is a great and raw force of change and power, and is both physically and spiritually corrupting, though it is not in itself necessarily “evil.” What lives in it though can be considered “evil”.


Many people want to put a shortcut in and say that Law vs Chaos is the same as good and evil but its not. By reducing it to that simplicity it is likely that allies who could work together with some negotiation, would instead consider themselves enemies. While they may argue over how to treat other humans, they should all agree, good and evil, that they are in need of protections of the logic of the world and rules imposed by mortals civilizations but they also are in need of the growth and new life created.

There is a whole cosmology of the worlds, but this research brief is too short. The cosmology will be provided in its own report soon. Until then there is only one other thing to mention, the Cosmic Balance.

The truth to our survival like many things lies in the middle. Somehow the Cosmic Balance must be maintained. Utilizing the law and order to take the world, but to allow enough chaos in to allow growth and change.

This is the truth as I have found in my research,

Archivist Ellenael Radwen


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