Compass of Desire (artifact)

The Compass of Desire is an infernal artifact. Only truly usable by those of infernal blood, it is sometimes gifted to mortals for a limited use basis, usually dependent on a pact.

Compass of Desire

Name:  Compass of Desire
Owner:  Luke Morthos

Item Type: Miscellaneous Item/Compass
Origin:  Said to be originally owned by Azxermidius the Wise, an elder infernal prince, this device has been around for millenia.

Coveted by many, the compass has a long and rich history, most recently it is truly owned by Sidonai the archivist, who has loaned it to mortals for pacts, and most recently his son for personal use.


Base Damage:  2d6 damage to user for each use (infernal blood are immune to this).
Dimensions:    7 inch across, 5 inches deep
Requires Attunement?:    Yes, blood from the user. However, it can be used in excess of 3 attunements (it doesn’t count against the limit). The HP cost is the exchange for not being attuned permanently. It can only be attuned permanently by the current owner to a new owner.

Magic Ability

The Compass of Desire is a very simple magic item. It will indicate the direction of the desire of the holder, after they have properly paid tribute (taken HP damage).

Sentience and Personality.   It is not known if the compass is sentient, no records remain of this at this point.

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