Taint of Nergal (session summary)

Left Leg of the Infernal Prince

Adventure Name: Taint of Nergal
Session Number:   27
Ending Game Date:
Out of Game Date:
April 20, 2019
Group XP Earned: 18,000 each +1,000 extra credit each for Luke, Keyleth and Jade for visiting the forums.

Characters Involved:


  • 107,450 gp (including gp, sp, pp, valuable items, and gems/jewelry)
  • Potions:
    • 1 x Clairaudience (400 gp)
    • 1 x Youth Elixer (10,000 gp)
    • 5 x Climbing (500 gp x 5 = 2,500 gp)
  • Scrolls:
    • 3 spells level 3 (Erupting Earth, Catnap, Blink) (900 gp x 3 = 2,700gp)
    • 4 spells level 4 (Animate Dead, Dispel Magic, Fear, Galdur’s Tower) (1200 gp x 4 = 4,800 gp)
    • 7 spells level 9 (Astral Projection, Power Word Kill, Gate, Time Stop, Weird, Wish, Spell of Xexus) (2,700 gp x 7 = 18,900 gp)
    • 5 spells level 8 (Demiplane, Antimagic Field, Sunburst, Telepathy, Incendiary Cloud) (2400 gp x 5 =12,000 gp)
  • Weapons/Armor:
    • +2 Splint Mail (8,000 gp)
    • +2 Long Sword of Dragon Slaying: Has a +4 bonus against any sort of dragon. It inflicts triple damage against any dragon (3d12+4).(30,000 gp)
  • Rings:
    • Shooting Stars (15,000 gp)
    • Ring of Truth (5,000 gp)
  • Misc Items
    • Wand of Paralyzation (25,000 gp)
    • Wand of Wonder (given to miffle) (10,000 gp)
    • Xexus Spell Book: A singular arcane mage’s spellbook that once per day can call forth any spell to be read and learned by the wizard if they are capable. It however cannot be cast off of the book itself and the wizard must be high enough level to cast the spell. (50,000 gp)
    • Libram of Silver Magic: This mystic book is of great value to arcane spellcasters of good alignment. Study of the work requires one week. Upon completion the good arcane caster gains a +1 ability score to their spellcasting ability. They also receive sufficient XP to raise them to halfway through the next level of experience. Once read the book vanishes, never to be seen again, nor can the character ever benefit from reading a different Libram of Silver Magic a second time. (40,000 gp)
    • Bowl of Divination: Once attuned to a specific deity, it allows the caster to cast divination once per day for free, and if a sacrifice is performed and their primary ability is higher than a 16 it allows a possible conversation of no longer than 5 minutes in real time. Once the second ability is used, the bowl is inert until the next full moon. (10,000)
    • The Divine Conduit: A man sized hookah that allows the caster to commune with their god. It will immediately increase any level of divine class (cleric, paladin, etc) to the next level. After that it may be used to communicate with the deity that is bonded with the character. If a character that is not divinely touched smokes from the hookah, they will be bonded immediately with a random deity. (50,000 gp)


 RP Threads leading up to this Session:

Monsters/Allies/Enemies/Opponents/XP Breakup: (108,000/6 = 18,000 xp each)

  • Goristro Huge fiend, abyssal/demon (CR 17 – 18,000xp) – link coming soon
  • Marilith x2 Large fiend, abyssal/demon (CR 16 – 15,000xp) – link coming soon
  • Left leg of the Infernal Knight (10,000xp each/60,000xp total) -No data yet.



Brief Description of Events:  The following description is incredibly brief. It will be filled out in more detail later.

The group continued on to Lhotse, stopping and looting the city of M’tia, a large trading outpost near the pass used by the Third Heavenly Silk Road. They spent two days there looting the empty city of many possessions (see above Loot list except the Divine Conduit).

The group then found a Basnat/Bugbear force approaching the city (several thousand at least). They decided to proceed up the mountain with all haste, finding a single man sized door (the path above the door and the main entrance above lost to the volcano’s explosion).

There they camped and found themselves surrounded by snow leopards from the area, and then several large, varied and unsightly spiders that seemed to be guarding the camp. From there Keyleth used her new rune to open a gate and send the horses with the loot back to Kokand. They would have to wait nine days for the rune to refill at the full moon to use the rune again.

The group explored the water filled tunnels, finding a gynosphinx named Jesup, who was tattered, corroding and still guarding the tunnels. They passed the riddle and moved on being attacked by large ghoul like creatures and finally ending up in a lavish room that a naked slave woman was in.

They found out over the course of the adventure that the woman was a lycanthrope (most likely a wolf) named Freja, that she was a slave controlled by a collar who seemed to use a spear. Freja retreated through a wall that turned out to be a portal into a large Sepulcher.

Rabbit charged after leading the group into the room. Finding Rabbit had slain a half a dozen vrock demons in her attempt to kill everything here. In the sepulcher itself that was more than a hundred feet wide and a hundred feet deep was a dais that had four, four foot steps leading up. On the top of the dais was a reliquary containing the left leg of the Infernal Prince.

Guarding the room were a huge (almost 15 feet tall) minotaur looking demon (Goristro) and 2 naga looking demon women (Marilith) with six arms and six swords defending the reliquary.

A fight ensued pitting the group against these people. The warriors (Keyleth, Luke and Rabbit) rushed into hand to hand against one of the Marilith and the Goristro (Key by herself in the beginning). While the second Marilith attempted to flank the group and attacked the secondary line of casters and thief (Sargon, Jade and Te’Teh).

The fighting was incredibly brutal, these were the most effective enemy the group had fought and even Keyleth was almost taken down at first before Te’Teh was able to capture the Goristro in a slave ball.

The warriors did fairly well. Rabbit got wrapped up in the Marilith’s tail while Luke eventually slew her with his glowing blessed sword of Sekhmet. Meanwhile Jade was devestating with acid and both Sargon and Jade having problems with Lightning and Fire, both seeming to be a lesser threat to the Marilith.

Fighting with the second Marilith continued for a short time as it slew Sargon, resulting in Sargon falling to more than -100hp.  They finished off that second Marilith, but before they could catch their breath they realized Rabbit was still frenzying and had grabbed the slave ball and opened it so she could fight against the Goristro. It should be noted that this was not appreciated by the rest of the group.

During this period Sargon’s condition had allowed Nergal to use the disease that Sargon was carrying to complete a divine connection, seperating Tsovinar from Sargon and replacing the sea goddess with Nergal’s divinity itself.

Sargon however was not lost and is the first known divinely touched creature to survive that possession, although he is still in service to Nergal and it is not known how long he can withstand it. Sargon is now part of Nergal’s domains (info soon to come).

The group hid out in one of the disposable safety tents and discovered that healing was a slower process (out of game, no short rest healing, and long rest only gives the advantage of short rest). Nothing else seemed fully effected, but Luke did notice that healing in general was harder to do. They later found that this effect seemed to go as far as Kokand when they went back.

Upon return to Kokand the group met with Sidonai (Luke’s father) and he explained some of the possibilities that might fix Sargon, although he had never heard of anyone surviving.

They then talked to Veronwe and got similar feedback if with some slightly different options. While Veronwe was visiting the empress, Luke met with Miffle and apologized. Giving Miffle a gift consisting of the wand of wonder. Miffle hugged Luke having been worried Luke hated him, took the wand and was happy.

The group seems interested in at least one possible way of healing Sargon, and will pursue that once a final decision is made.



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