Ewww Gross! (session summary)

Fal Checheg (Fire Flower)
Orc Chieftain/Khan

Adventure Name: Ewww Gross!
Session Number:   26
Ending Game Date:
Out of Game Date:
April 6, 2019
Group XP Earned: 2,435

Characters Involved:


  • Remains of a sword that might have killed one of the three.


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Brief Description of Events:  The following description is incredibly brief. It will be filled out in more detail later.

The group assembled in Kokand to go out and investigate the volcano. Final things were done such as obtaining supplies, helping Nestrim go through the box and be offered by Sobhan the opportunity to wait for his son Temur to come back to guide them. Temur is from the region of Bho and is a member of a orc horse tribe.

While in Kokand the group also was approached by Miffle. Miffle asked them to release him from his collar so he could speak. He then attempted to convince the group to at the very least close down the sarcophagus of judgment until they had a chance to learn more and understand the impact. There were heated words, and the group decided to leave the sarcophagus as is for those seeking to be free.

The group was unable to determine what the wishes were for Keyleth, Jade, Te’teh or Luke. They are slightly worried about any fallout from wishes they don’t remember. Keyleth was told by Sidonai that not only had she made a wish, she still had one “in the chamber” and ready to be used, so Key will have to be careful in what she says.

The group then had Skriv teleport them to the Steppes of Bhö where they orientated themselves and travel to the burning mountain. They traveled two days with no interactions, but on the third night were approached by goblin like creatures that turned out to be infernal barghests. They destroyed the barghests and moved on.

Two days later, as they got closer to the mountains they came across a village that had been leveled by a passing Orc horde. People had been punished by being impaled, the remains of the village was gone, having ran away or been captured into slavery.

The group continued on another day and found an Orc War Party from a local Orc Horse Tribe had surrounded a way station being looked over by members of the Order of the Band, and the Order of the Flying Sword.

After some scouting out the group found that the War party had surrounded the way station to hold them until a larger force arrived. The group not sure if the local political situation was situationed went to the Orcs in peace and began to talk with Torchag, the war party leader.

They found that someone had stolen a valuable artifact from the Tribe’s burial areas and they were retrieving it. He had sought shelter first in the village and then in the way station. Each time being defended by others as they lost their lives and he retreated with his group.

However, Luke convinced Torchag to back away from the way station and give the group a chance to secure the item for Torchag. It was explained they would only have the time until the rest of the Tribe’s troops arrived, so the group went to the waystation itself and was let in.

There they met the Bishop of the Order of the Band for the area named Armuk, and the person running from the tribe named Johan, an explorer and businessman who had been hired by a third party to find this item. His only protection starting out was the seven knights that were escorting him. After some talk  he agreed to let the group look at the item.

The item was a broken sword blade that was used to either kill or wound one of the Three gods that were returning. Jade was able to take a small chunk to make an illusion they planned on tricking Johan into giving them the real for the fake.

As Jade performed the ritual with the aid of Te’Teh (who would use sleight of hand) and Sargon (who would show off his lightning) they made the duplicate, and then were double crossed by the knights (who also double crossed Johan). The end result was a fight that killed all 7 knights, who turned out to be dedicated to one of the three named Nergal, god of war, blight and disease. They exploded on their deaths infecting everything around them. Sargon was the group member that got sick with the divine disease. It’s damage still yet to be determined.

The group was covered in an incredibly large amount of gross, diseased internal bits for a large chunk of the game.

Johan who was not part of the double cross was taken in by the way station and treated as a scullery cook as everyone surrendered to the orc tribe at this point. No one wanted to die defending the actions of Plague Knights.

Torchag welcomed the group back and thanked them profusely. The group gave up the sword blade to him, appeasing him. The group then camped with the orcs for two days.

During this time, a large chunk of the Orc Tribe arrived under the command of Gal Checheg (Fire Flower) who lead them. She talked with the group and was impressed with how they had helped her people. The group asked for a tiny part of the sword and she agreed. She shattered the sword, pulled out the feather that was inside the blade and gave them the remaining pieces of the blade.

Small chunks of the blade could be merged with weapons, which would give them the ability to injure even gods. Keyleth’s newly reset moonblade was the first to receive it, with great success. They then did the same with Luke, but found out that Luke had already wished himself the ability to damage gods and seemed this only just added for the weapon a slight bit of damage in his hands (in someone else’s they could still injure a god with it).

The orcs threw a good party while Gal Checheg took Luke back to her tents. The group woke up the next morning, bid their farewells to the orcs and headed on towards the mountain, this time with weapons that might be able to hurt anything there.



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