Old Pacts and New, Part 2 (session summary)

Adventure Name: “Old Pacts and New Part 2″
Session Number:   25
Ending Game Date:
Out of Game Date:
   March 30, 2018
Group XP Earned: 7,000 xp each

Characters Involved:



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Brief Description of Events:  The following description is incredibly brief. It will be filled out in more detail later.

The team mostly did cleanup and rest for this adventure. Keyleth had her twins, Luke, Te’Teh and Keyleth all got into the machine to cleans the ties they had. This cost each of them 10,000xp.

They did discover some of the original history. They found that the seldarine were an earlier generation of elves who had become involved in the war of the 3. Something happened at the end of the war that required them, and all the other people/heroes present to agree to bind themselves to the current cosmological laws.

These included demons, devils, demigods. There seems to be a finite number of “god” spaces and in order for someone to attain ascension they must remove a god. The group found out that by going through the temple machine that it used a piece of the anvil of Anbar to free them from these cosmological laws.

This means that anyone going through the machine allows a character to enter “demigod” ascension (higher than 20th level). Sargon did not trust the machine and did not step into it.

The group then allowed Luke’s father Sidonai to use the machine and it freed him allowing him to remove himself from all pacts, agreements and bindings.

Sobhan provided the group some documentation on the ancient myths and songs about the creation, about Irku the sea monster who captured Tsovinar, about a myth of chosen ones coming in the future days. This last one is only very partially translated, and seems to point to the group (specifically to Keyleth in the first verses). Sobhan is working on more of the verses and found what he believed was the location of something belonging to Tsovinar

Veronwe appeared and begged the group to sell him the machine and to not use it. It violated those laws enacted and would bring about the end of days and the return of the three. The group believing in free will, and realizing that the elven gods (all gods) divide up their races as worshippers and live off their faith, life, etc. decided free will trumped any fear of future apocalypse.

They also learned that the story between Corellon, Lolth and Gruumsh isn’t necessarily what was taught, and rumors that Gruumsh and the orcs were elves at one time. Cast out like Shadow Fell and changed into the orc visages people see.

At the end of the session the mountain Lhotse, located in Tibet/Nepal area exploded, sending up volcanic ash, killing birds even here and darkening the clouds. The group decided to head out there and see if they could stop it.

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