Cycle of the Ruby Red Heart (legend/myth)

Below is the legend foretelling the final battles with the Three. Currently there is not much translated (the story lasts 300 pages) but Sobhan is hiring all the specialists he can to do translate it.

I’ narn en’ i’ carad elen


In ages past memory and word,
In the creation of the world
The gods roamed the earth, and the creators ruled all
Chaos roamed forward and signaled the fall
The three came forward, beckoned to the call

The war was brutal, and many died
Elves, humans’ dwarves and other kinds
Gods died to, and required sacrifice
To stop the inevitable shadow and the three
Took a group of mere mortals to reclaim balance

The prison was affixed, as the demons were cast out
The infernals pushed forward, and the three left out
The gods were struck down, the celestials banished
Until only the mortals had remained here
Tanith, Meania and Nashee all paid the price of blood

Time wears down all things, including the gods
Power slips, and temptation calls
Things are forgotten, the way is lost
The doors crack open and the locks rust
Until one day the prison falls open

Their return was heralded by the gods and man
Their actions swift and terrible
The gods were powerless this time to stop them
Dead roamed, demons played, and the devils planned
A call to the reborn, a call to the cycle was sent out

An elven protector did arrive
A shining beacon in the night
Her hair festooned in reds and whites
Her robes ordained, brought in tight.
The blood of ancients her veins

The earth shook to alert the world
A mark on her arm signaled the day
A star in the dark to guide the way
A thought in her head to tell her to stay

Her journey took her near and far
Her duty grew heavy with sweat, tears and blood
But she was ready for the flood

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