Snoring Jade (tabaxi wizard)

Snoring Jade

Name: “Jade” Snoring Jade
Race:  Tabaxi                         

Class (Level): Wizard (15)
XP:  172
,500 (05/26/19)
Alignment:   Neutral Good
Background:  Far Traveler
Religion:  None

Physical Description: 
Age:  20
Gender:  Female
Height:  6’10”
Weight:  168lbs
Eyes:  Blue
Skin: Fur covered, Seal point darkening as she ages.
Hair: Fur covered, Seal point darkening as she ages.

Overall Physical Description: Jade is a long, rangy Tabaxi who prefers near nudity, but in a concession to the sensibilities of the people she wanders amongst she wears loose tunic shirts and wide legged breaches so she can move freely and not muss her fur, a thing she is particularly defensive and sensitive over (its a point of pride).

She is a seal point Tabaxi and obviously not yet fully adult as it is mostly a soft grey at the edges but darkening to a rich brown  around her eyes and nose, hands and feet. As she ages it will become darker and more widespread until her face arms and legs will be a deep espresso brown.

She has a fondness for jewelry and decoration, likely picked up in her travels with James Baxter [topaz dragon] as a part of his hoard.

Personality Trait:I’m driven by a wanderlust that led me away from home. I watch over my friends as if they were a litter of newborn pups.

Curiosity, she wants to be involved in things not fully her business because she simply needs to know. She hisses in disgust often, purrs often as well. Often playful, however she gives herself away often with the dilation of her eyes and hates it”

Ideals: Greater Good. It is each person’s responsibility to make the most happiness for the whole tribe. (Good) Nature. The natural world is more important than all the constructs of civilization. (Neutral) 

Weak kittens need the protection of the colony, dangers to the colony must be removed. Riches are pretty but knowledge is the truest gold.”

Bonds: While part of the hoard of James Baxter  [topaz dragon] she slowly built a friendly relationship with him, initially because he was charmed by her capricious nature and by her sharp intelligence. In time genuine friendship formed and she won her freedom with a night of spirited debate. This is one of her very few deep bonds, however it is a complicated relationship as she was deeply angered at being a position but witnessed the growth and healing of the dragon.
Flaws: Being high energy and driven by curiosity she often finds herself in clashes with others due to her prying. An open second story window feels like an open door and a invitation to thrilling delights. The constabulary disagrees generally. She finds humor in her otherness but this can create situations where she oversteps and causes conflict. (I am too enamored of ale, wine, and other intoxicants.)

Languages: Celestial, Common, Draconic
Other Proficiencies:
Acrobatics, Arcana, History, Insight, Perception, Stealth

Roleplay Notes: 


Jade was born on the remote island of her people [think japan or hawaii in terms of IRL locations]. Her family was a smaller coastal tribe at the base of a unquiet volcano, known as the snoring mountain clan. She was birthed in a litter of only herself, her mother’s smallest ever litter.  Because of this she was somewhat considered weak as the higher the number of kittens was good luck/blessing upon the family. They worshiped Azul, however Jade does not particularly care about the dealings of gods. They feel distant to her.

In adolescence she started showing a proficiency for magic, but even greater she was known to be the most curiosity, most intelligent of that seasons kittens growing up. She began honing these skills as it was an escape from the stain of her litter number and  a sense of freedom.

When she reached the age of adulthood it was almost expected that she would leave and and travel across the sea, across the continent to bring back a wealth of knowledge, and most importantly stories, back home.  She found herself resentful of it, yet, still she burned to leave. To wander through the richness of the world to see with her own cunning eyes.

It was her anger with her tribe that caused her to meet James Baxter the Topaz dragon in the earliest days of her journey and in her foolish ire she signed a contract not fully understanding that she would be part of his hoard until he desired it to not be so.  Given her belief in her own intelligence she was manipulated. Dragons, she understood at the time, were not likely to change their minds later she burned to leave. It took her a full year to finally change his mind. It helped that she was near his intellectual equal, but suspects it may have been annoyance with her increasing antics more than anything that bought her her freedom. It is a complicated relationship, at turns she wants to slice his throat by her own hand and at others she feels genuine affection for him.

She has been free to gather her stories and wisdom for about a year, but now feels she may never return home as the treatment of James Baxter reminded her of the demands of her family. Instead she has focused on the people of this land, learning old secrets and primarily her hoard of rich experiences.  


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