Old Pacts and New (session summary)

Adventure Name: “Old Pacts and New”
Session Number:   24
Ending Game Date:
Out of Game Date:
   March 16, 2018
Group XP Earned: 3,200 xp each

Characters Involved:


  • Machine of Judgment/Temple of Judgment


 RP Threads leading up to this Session:


  • Wyverns
  • Asmia, Nepthys Priestess
  • Ira
  • Miyasha, human cleric of Orcus (was Myrkul) wife of Black Mane
  • Despek Xwe – Lolth’s Handmaiden

IMAGES (no images this session)

Brief Description of Events:  The following description is incredibly brief. It will be filled out in more detail later.

The team met their newest member Jade. A Tabaxi Wizard that Sobhan knew. The group seemed to warm up to her, especially when she called out Sargon (who was Jack) and his treatment of the sailors.

The team formed up to find the Temple of Judgment, which was reputed to be a holy site of Haukim and Anbay, two gods that could let Rabbit out of her pact.

They traveled to the site, but on the way they found a Sekhmetian raft that had been repurposed by Nepthys priestess. She was being attacked by two Wyvern like creatures. The group scared off the creatures and rescued Asmia who seemed to be from the ancient times.

The group then traveled overland after having secured a Desert Elf scout. They found the valley and the scout did not go in with them. They explored the valley, found not only the Temple of Haukim and Anbay (Judgment) they found an old temple to Sekhmet that Luke prayed at.

While they were in the valley, they were approached by Miyasha, a human cleric who now serves Orcus and who was married to Blackmane. They did not fight in the sanctuary of the valley (it seems similar to the Island of the Gods), but she made it clear she was the group’s enemy, especially Luke.

While she was there Luke called for Ira who arrived from the Sekhmet temple. She approached Miyasha and they fought outside the valley (well Miyasha did not fight, she used her followers so she couldn’t be held responsible). Ira won.

Meanwhile the group helped Asmia to locate and sneak into the defaced temple of Nepthys . They then turned around and explored the Temple of Judgment, eventually finding a sarcophagus to put Rabbit into. It would supposedly cut all ties Rabbit had and leave her unfettered, which it did with screaming and pain.

While this was happening Luke was approached by actual Despek who tried to bargain and threaten him to not do this to Rabbit, he refused. Meanwhile a redhead elf came to Key and gave her a scroll, wishing her well she went away.

Rabbit came out completely clean of all ties and bindings, albeit not as powerful. She still had the ability to call the pacts back, but at least for now she has forsaken it.

The group then asked Alluvia if she would come, and Alluvia teleported in to try and get free of Orcus. Her “machine encounter” was different, this time a luxurious bed that when she laid on sucked her into with the dead. She came back successfully freed of Mori and Orcus as well, and with the ability to see.

The group then returned and found they had been gone a total of 7 months.


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