Valley of the Nine (location)

Map of Valley of the Nine

Name: Valley of the Nine
Other Names: Oasis of the Gods
Location: 200km NE of Timna (Sharorah, Saudi Arabia approximately)
Purpose: Valley where major Khmet Gods temples originated and were worshipped at.
Condition: 10,000 year old valley of the gods
Surrounding Places of Note:

  • Inside the Valley Proper
    • Temple of Lihevanînî  (Location 42, )
    • Temple of Sekhmet (Location 20, below)
  • Timna, Capital of Katabania (200km SW)

General Appearance: A series of temples located in the beginnings of the Divine Mountains of the Khmetian gods. Most of the temples are in disrepair or destroyed states, the sands of the desert reclaiming them.

Adventures Participated in 

  • Old Pacts and New (3/9/19-??)


The Valley of the Nine is a misnomer, many people believing it is purely for the nine gods present. In fact this valley was the center of more than 40 different gods both greater and lesser, but the Khmetian Empire only recognized the nine as the official purpose of the valley.

Long abandoned at the end of the Khmetian Empire, these temples are more like tombs in various states of decay. Some used as actual tombs are the source of undead in the area, while others seem still somewhat untouched by time and the dead, or the newly appearing red sandstone and sand formations that seem to be occurring.

Below will be listed the different temples details unless they need their own pages:

Temple of Sekhmet: Divine personage of the wit and healing. This temple is one of the few temples in the valley that seems untouched, or at least still in good condition. Many say it is because Sekhmet is the last of the Khmetian gods still alive and her life is driven by her worship. A feeling of peace and the presence of cats can be felt in here. See maps and images above for details.

Temple of Nepthys: The Desecrated. Long believed to aid the Three in the first war of the gods, Nepthys has been an outlawed religion even before the fall of the Khmetian Empire. Worshipers of Nepthys protest this, saying their goddess is the one stopping the three, but no proof of this has been had, and worshipers of the unclean one (Nepthys) have been caught at several major incursions of undead and abyssals.



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