Expected Visitor – Luke’s Place (forum rp thread)

Title: Expected Visitor – Luke’s Place
RP Thread Number: 59
When Occured Between Sessions #23 and #24
Location: Luke’s Shack
Out of Game Date: Mar 9th – Mar 16th, 2019
Participants:  Luke, Sidonai, Rabbit
Original Thread: http://silkandspices.net/forums/index.php?topic=46.0

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Sidonai walks up the twisting road in the Warrens. He watches the people of all races moving around him and seems comfortable, even though he is dressed too finely for this part of the city. He is a bit over six feet tall, slender, almost elven, with large brown eyes. His hair is moderate in length, beginning to silver at the corners with a proud nose and lips. The smallest horns rise up above his hair about three inches, giving him an impish look, rather then a demon or devil appearance.

He stops for a few moments and talks with a local working girl, exchanging pleasantries and turning down her offer. He hands money to some of the local denizens asking and he just seems comfortable.

He finally finds the door he is looking for and stops. A bit of hesitation, momentary though it was. He listened and could hear someone clanking cookware around as the smell of something being cooked wafted in the air. He smiled and listened more. He could feel his son’s blood on the other side of the door and it made him smile, he pushed his excitement down, after all he wouldn’t want to ruin first impressions. Although maybe the book already did that.

He leans over to knock when he smells the abyssal touched creature in the apartment and his survival instinct kicks in for a moment, then relaxes. He can tell there was recently many people, but it seems only two remain, one his son, the other his son’s lover… girlfriend… something.

He takes a deep breath and smiles and knocks, meeting his son is worth the risk, having a son worth all of this, if it works out.


Rabbit shifts in her seat on the couch. Relaxing after the rest had left, she was able to enjoy the time her and Luke had together. She knew her time was winding down, whichever way things went, she would change soon. So she spent every moment she could with Luke, every moment he allowed without feeling overwhelmed by her. At least until things had settled.

She didn’t hear the infernal on the other side of the door, somehow his footsteps had blended so seamlessly with the outside it escaped her excellent hearing, but she could smell him. Infernals were always claimed to have a sulphur smell, that wasn’t quite true. The smell wasn’t of rotten eggs, or other chemical sents, it was something else. It was the fire in them that wanted to consume the world, put it into boxes and command it when they could.

This could only be one person she knew of that would walk up to Luke’s shack. Elaine had already announced that Luke’s dad was coming, so it wasn’t a surprise. Even still, more than four hundred years of training couldn’t be fully stopped and she shifted her position, her balance moved so she could leap into action if she needed. She tried not to move a lot visually, didn’t want to put Luke on alert or think she was overreacting, but what if this wasn’t his father, but something else.

Rabbit cocks her head and just as the door knock sounds announces to Luke “You have another visitor Luke.”


“So it seems,” Luke says with a smile. He had spent decades with visitors at all times due to his clerical healing work. While he knew his father was coming, he wasn’t expecting him for a a while, so it was his assumption this was business, not family.

Luke leaves his tiny stove top, to answer the door, “You are lucky I’m home, what can I. . . ” He stops, looking at the man in front of him. He’s a paladin now, and can sense his father, but is surprised. Sidonai’s horns aren’t like Luke’s. Luke has rather tall horns and all black eyes. He could not hide what he was if he tried. Sidonai is attractive and almost Elven looking.

“Father?” Luke asks, sure of the answer before he hears it.


Rabbit sits quietly while Sidonai at the entrance just smiles happily. His son looks healthy, he  could feel his son in front of him and every sign showed health and a centeredness he didn’t expect. A smile crossed his face and he bowed “Luke?… I have come a long way to see you my son. Tell me this is you.


“Yes! Yes, it’s me,” Luke says. He wonders if he looks like his mother to Sidonae. “Come in. Come in! I wasn’t sure of your timeline, but I had thought it would take longer for you to get here.”

Luke steps back to let the man into his small shack, and says, “I’m going to have more room dug under this, so this is the entry way, but I haven’t had time to do it. If this is too small, we can go to an inn I know of that has good food and drink, and great rooms. I know the innkeepers, and can get you a deal.”

Luke steps back and shows his father his home. The small bed is curtained off, but there is a small table, with two chairs, and a loveseat which Luke motion his father two.

“Are you hungry, I was making a little dinner. It’s not much, but there is more than enough. . . ” Luke trails off.

He wasn’t sure what else to say.


Rabbit remains motionless, as she gazed on the new person. She can feel the demon roll forward in her pushing. The voice in her head babbled on about a valuable target in front of her, someone that if they died would help the Abyss’s war. Her eyes narrow as she concentrates on Luke, on the desert, on the singing. Her face tightens but the wave slows down and is now controllable. She stays quiet the entire time, now she wanted to know who was so hated or targeted that would cause the demon handmaiden to push so hard.


Sidonai steps in and looks around. His smile is real, and he appreciates the cozyness. His eyes settle on Rabbit and for a moment he is unsure. Something was looking out of her eyes that was abyssal and not the drow female sitting there. The feeling passed as he saw Rabbit’s eyes settle back and he smiles at Luke.

He does a short circuit around the small shack. His smile gets bigger when he looks at the curtained off area. Noting the new curtains, it must be because of his new relationships. He touches the walls and enjoys the positive feeling of this place. He can smell the desert here, like the whiff of sun upon waking up. His son was protected and it made him happy. He turns and before he takes a seat on the love seat he leans forward and clasps his son in a hug.

“Not at all Luke, this is perfect. I like your place. I am sorry if I arrived too early sorry about that. I am pretty good with gates and other forms of travel. Sometimes I have to take time, but today worked out well. I would love some dinner though, if you have enough.”


Luke takes note of how stiff Rabbit is. He’s sure nobody else would notice but Luke knows her. He makes a note to ask more about abyssal versus devil. He just doesn’t know the intricacies of it all.

Luke smiles at his father and pulls down another bowl and a wine glass, “Absolutely. I’m in the habit of making more than I need. I often have guests asking for help because of my clerical duties. It’s just a simple stew with bread. The gal down the road gifted me some bread for healing her son, and the meat cane from a young man that asked me to marry him to his sweetheart yesterday. The wine I bought from a trader that brought it over from the Frankish state of Burgandy.”

He pours the wine and hands the glass over before he checks the stew one last time to see if it is done before he starts dishing it up.

“How was the trip?” He asks.


Rabbit relaxes as the pressure eases. A real smile comes to her face as she watches Luke’s father. “I see where your son got his devilish good looks now.” Rabbit has a satisfied smile on her face from her wit.


Sidonai smiles at the compliment, relaxing himself as the tension eases. He sits and stretches out.

“Between dodging celestials and daemons, you can say it wasn’t boring. In fact now there is something darker in the webways as well. That is unexpected and will have to research it when I get home. If you let me one of these days show you about the webways. I think that would help you and your group.”


Luke smiles as Rabbit speaks, and listen’s to his father respond.”I don’t know anything about that kind of travel. I’d love to learn more. I’m glad you made it here in one piece,” Luke says.

He then dishes up soup and bread and hands them out in his mismatched bowls.


Rabbit takes a bowl and bread and sits back to watch her love and his father get to know each other. She loves Luke so much, and by the gods if this infernal hurts him, she will put him in a permanent time out.


Sidonai takes the food. There is no judgment on the condition of the cookware and food service. He tastes the bread and soup and seems happy to be doing it. He is quiet, as if just examining the experience of the food. He does look up at his son.

“I apologize Luke. I am normally very entertaining and distracting, but I don’t know how to start this. You look healthy, I can see your being watched over both physically and spiritually. How do I get to know you better?… Don’t tell your sisters I am uncertain about how to proceed though, I have spent a lot of time trying to get them to respect me.”

He chuckles to himself at a private joke.


Luke smiles at his father, and says, “This is an unusual situation. I’ve seen families be reunited like this, and it’s always awkward. I think the best thing we can do is just talk to each other. I don’t need to be entertained. I just want to know you. Tell me about your home?” Luke offers.


Sidonai smiles and looks around the room. He nods and seems proud of Luke and Luke’s place,  “We have several family estates, the one at home is not as big as some. Maybe 80 or 90 rooms. We have other homes in other parts of the world, or on a couple of different planes. The family has several getaway locations such as cabins in the woods, or on the beach. Would you like to visit them? They belong to you as much as myself or your sisters. Most of them often stay empty.”


Luke looks a little surprised. “I actually can’t even imagine that. It’s hard to imagine not living in . . . well, a tiny one room place,” Luke smiles. “I might like to visit. I’d like to see where you live.”

“This is the first and only place I have ever owned. I bought it when I made a particularly large haul out from under some nobles up in noble district. I wanted to be close to the people I healed and looked after. I had just had some issues with the Sekhmet temple, and I decided to strike out on my own.,” Luke explains.

“I got this place for a very low price because the previous owner had died, and nobody had noticed. I had to clean it, but I felt that was a fair cost, and I could make sure the previous owner was respectfully buried since they had no family. I still visit the grave and give my thanks,” Luke says.

The Sekhmet temple is doing much better financially the days and has purchased another small place close to hear, where they now station young clerics, because I am gone so much,” Luke smiles. “The community here needs the that kind of help. Folks still come to me when I’m home, though.”


Sidonai chuckles and nods,  “You are always welcome. It is your home, all of them are your homes. I am proud of what you do here, and the questing you go on. I am happy you have fulfilling relationships as well.” His gaze slides over Rabbit and he gives her a nod and a smile.

“I assume you are still good with Sekhmet herself though. I can feel her protection over your place, her real protection. I hope you don’t mind, later I will introduce you to Skriv, he is my gate specialist and he is excellent watching over children. He will keep your family safe.”


Luke looks a little surprised, and says, “Thank you. I’d like to think I’ve made a difference in the lives of the people here. I am favored by Sekhmet. She values humor, and the way I became a paladin amused her. My thanks for the help with the dagger. My hand didn’t kill Glorion, but I gave Te’Teh a tool that would do it in one blow. His death will help a lot of people.”

“Who and what is Skriv? Is he a gate wizard?” Luke asks.


Sidonai looks surprised “You aren’t the one who killed Glorion? You didn’t wield the dagger?” There is concern in his voice

“It probably is no effect, but the dagger is meant for infernal warriors. I apologize I assumed you were wielding it. Didn’t Elaine explain it to you? Your sister and I will have words.” A look of anger crosses his face but disappears.

Sidonai returns to Luke’s conversation “Skriv is an infernal who serves us. He has always served us and is undying loyal. He will protect all the babies here. He has innate magic that includes gate use. He is more effective then a gate itself. He is also qualified in taking damage and inflicting it.”



Luke makes a face, “No, Elaine never mentioned that, but Te’Teh used it. She’s Tiefling as well, so that is safe, I hope?”

“I have some mixed feelings about my sister, as she has been a bit of a wrecking ball here, which is why I put her in a stasis ball. . . . Oh, wait.” Luke gets up, and fishes his adventure pack out fro under the bed, and pulls one out.

“Is it okay if I give him one?” Luke asks Rabbit as he pulls one out. “They are yours, after all? I already waisted one because I could hit a slow waddling pregnant woman.” He smiles as he says the last bit.


Rabbit’s lips tighten down at the question. Her instinct says no, the infernal shouldn’t get anything. She knows however that it isn’t her that is pushing it. Those belong to Luke, and he was kind enough to ask. That is why she loved him so much. Within a few moments she gives Luke a big smile, “It is fine my tree. He is family and I share with all of our family. Also you didn’t waste any, never worry about losing something or missing something, what is mine is yours. It was pretty funny though, Izzy is huge and three year old children could have hit her. Maybe that is part of what I find so hot about you.” She starts chuckling at that.


Sidonai hesitates for a moment when the ball gets pulled out. Part of him wants to get away from that ball, but he couldn’t tell you why. There is a touch of abyssal energy, but that isn’t where it comes from. He wasn’t sure what he was feeling on the ball, but it was older. He doesn’t move forward or attempt to touch the ball, letting Rabbit and Luke work out if Luke would give him one.

“Where did you get that Rabbit? How did you learn to make it? This isn’t a full drow slave ball.” He raises an eyebrow.


Luke smiles at Rabbit, and watches the emotions tighten on her face. He makes a note to ask her if he had put her on the spot too much, and if that was a problem later.

“Thanks, they are yours no matter what you say, and they are very expensive. I thought I would ask. I kind of wasted one on Elluvia, and another on Elaine, but I was just so fucking frustrated with talking to Elaine, and felt she was taking advantage of Alluvia’s desperation. Nothing can fix Alluvia but time right now. She was held captain for years, and what happened to her will take a lifetime to undo. No manner of quests or actions is going to hasten that, so I stuffed them in a ball until we got back so I could be assured Alluvia would not confuse her trauma for her fear for us. I’ve used more than anyone, and Izzy is huge right now, and I’m not sure how I missed her,” Luke says.

“He then holds out the ball to Sidnonai, “Te’Teh will be alright if she was the one to wield the dagger if she’s Tiefling? Or should I look her over to make sure? I don’t know what they are, Rabbit?”


Sidonai shakes his head, “Your sister is trying, I promise she is getting better. She means well, and she wants to impress you with her skill and looks. She talks to me regularly about that. The problem is she learned most of her life how to live in the Infernal levels, she is still getting used to other people. She is looking for her older brother’s approval.”

He takes a sip of wine, “Te’Teh will be fine, she is infernal blooded. The only thing I worry about is if a powerful necromancer is working with Glorion. The dagger is somewhat effective against resurrection, but not 100%. It depends on how strong her blood is.”


Rabbit shrugs, “I make changes to them. The normal slave balls drain a person of their energy. It uses the person’s life force to power it. I learned how to do this when I was slaving, I didn’t like the cost it took out of my loot for the raid.” She looks down in shame, “They are harvested from a specific spider that lives in the underdark. It uses eggs to encapsulate its victims. I don’t know where we picked it up to begin with, but its a common device used in the higher ranks. I just learned to sing it into a way I like to use it.”

She looks up at Sidonai and smiles, “It was funny as hell to watch Luke miss a waddling pregnant drow, I think he was freaked out when he realized what that might mean.”


Luke nods to as his father is talking, “I understand she is trying, but her actions do hurt people here. That will have consequences to people, and I’d prefer her consequences don’t hurt the people I care about. I am being patient, but I am also not shy about what she does that can hurt people. Hiding that won’t do her any favors.”

Luke listens to Rabbit’s explanation, and says, “First, for course it’s spider related. Everything in the Underdark is rider related. Secondly, Yes, I was panicking at the implications. I have cared for pregnant women for decades, and I know the timing.”


Sidonai laughs, “I don’t mean ignore your sister’s actions, just try and give her more chances. There is a spark of intereste she has around you that isn’t normally there. That is a good thing.”

He takes a sip of wine, and winces when he hears spiders “Why more spiders? There are a million creatures out there, but its always a spider. Although your man is right, it seems like its typical for her people.” He looks surprised, “You sing it?” He looks at Luke then back to Rabbit an laughs, “Drow are full of surprises.”

“I wasn’t going to cut her off, I was just saying there seems to be a lack of empathy to anyone she doesn’t have a tie to. Hopefully she can learn her actions have consequences to people that can hurt them,” Luke says.

“I have no idea what “singing to them” actually means, Rabbit?” Luke asks.


Sidonai looks at Luke, his smile is large but his eyes look tired “Do you think you could show her the path? Some of our relatives are more sociopath then anything. I am hoping to connect with any that aren’t and shift them down a different path. Things are changing, and let’s just say we need to look at options if things go bad.”


Rabbit looks vaguely uncomfortable, “It is just something I picked up when I was a teenager. When we are able to start harnessing our blood as young drow, such as casting faerie fire or darkness, I found I could do a couple of different things instead. I never could cast darkness well. It comes out… wrong. However I could talk to spiders, talk to animals and sometimes convince them to change. With the eggs I could convince them to not feed on what is inside.” She shrugs.

Rabbit looks down, “Missy used to call it a ‘knack’ but never explained it. I think it has to do with the voices.” She seems worried Luke will find it weird and thus find her weird.


Luke looks at his father, “why you are looking for is empathy. You can teach it a little bit some of it is innate. Someone has to have the capacity to care about the suffering of others. It depends on if they really care about others and want to do to protect anyone besides themselves. Some people just don’t want to see that others do suffer.”

Luke smiles at Rabbit and smiles, “That is a cool nice ability. Nobody has ever looked into it?”


Sidonai sighs, he looks tired“I know she has empathy. When she was very young she would cry if any meat was brought in and eaten in a shape she could recognize. She stayed up for three days with her dog K’rashler when she was 7. I have seen her cry when she has been picked on… of course not in front of others, but I saw it. I just don’t know how to touch it and get it going.”


Rabbit smiles at Luke, “Not really, after mother sent Missy away I was forbidden to talk about it like everything else. It isn’t becoming to have abilities the others don’t unless they are given to you as a matron. It is just little things I picked up in the intervening years..” She shrugs.


Luke nods to his father, “Then we have hope. If she cares about the suffering of others, she can learn to interact down here without causing harm and enough impact to garner her enemies.”

He turns to Rabbit, “This just bolsters my view that your mother made you a handmaiden to dispose of a powerful rival. We could ask Salkya, but I don’t think she’d know as much about Drow. I don’t know anyone that would have as much information on Drow, and your being forbidden of speaking on it was probably so your mother could hide what you are, which is powerful.”


Sidonai raises an eyebrow, looking at Rabbit then back to Luke, “If you have any specific questions I can see if I can find out the answer for you. You just need to ask anything. Also, Veronwe may have the information you are seeking. I realize he is not a drow, but he seems to be in touch with the higher planes and maybe he either knows something, or maybe he knows a person that can help. I bet at the very least he knows who you should talk to.”


Rabbit lays her head on Luke and sighs quietly to herself, “I am just a weapon Luke. The voices, the pacts all just underlie what I am born to be. I am fortunate to get this portion of my life and I am more than lucky to get you, but some people aren’t meant to be more than that.” She takes Luke’s arm and wraps it around her abdomen like a blanket. Luke can see tattoos that are starting to manifest under her skin again, faint and still distant, but there.


Luke ignores Rabbits proclamation, “She’s wrong, of course. I might ask Veronwe. She’s as favored by the gods as I am. If she was just a weapon she could not sing to animals to get their favor in her tasks. I truly have always suspected that her mother knew what she is and what she is capable of and got rid of her. She’s already proved her power by withstanding the handmaiden process and a pact to Lolths crazy ass handmaiden. “

“Do you know of any rumors of Drow that were not like the stereotypes? Drow that had an interest in helping others?” Luke asks his father.


Sidonai smiles at Luke and Rabbit. His eyes seem very amused at the banter between the two, “Actually there were a couple of drow that left their society a long long time ago. There is also a drow goddess that basically left the dark seldarine. I don’t know if any of them are alive offhand, but I will find that for you. They would possibly know. I also think there are non-drow that know what is going on with you, Rabbit and the rest of your rag tag team. I am having a hard time getting confirmation though, but that means something is definitely there.” Sid takes a sip of his wine and sits back.


Rabbit buries her head into Luke’s chest and in a half playful half annoyed tone says, “Don’t be a jerk….I think you need glasses by the way, your vision sucks when it looks at me.” She lightly beats on his chest with her small fist.

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