Key’s Room (forum rp thread)

Title: Key’s Room
RP Thread Number: 54
When Occured Between Sessions #23 and #24
Location: Dawn Manor (House of Dawn)
Out of Game Date: Feb 25 – Feb 28, 2019
Participants:  Keyleth, Anglerond
Original Thread:

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Key closes the door behind her and drops her bag in a chair. She opens all the windows to the sea air and pulls off her boots and drops them on the floor next to the chair with her bag in it. She stides out on to the balcony and sits crosslegged on the floor, resting her wrists on her knees. She closes her eyes and begins a deep rhythmic breathing to center herself. She finally lets her breath fall back into a more natural pattern, eyes still closed, she listens to the waves crash on the rocks below.


The door opens quietly into Key’s room as a slender older elf steps inside and looks around. In his hands are a bouquet of flowers and some chocolates he had bought for her. His face lights up in a smile when he sees his love outside and he walks over to her, silent as a ranger. He is sure she knows he is there, but he doesn’t want to interrupt so he makes himself comfortable beside her on the balcony.



She opens her eyes and turns just her head to look at him. A mischievous smile brakes out on her lips.

“You going to be able to get up from there old man?” The mischief leaves her expression but she’s still smiling.

“I thought you would need more time. I didn’t want to bother you while you were getting reacquainted with your daughter.”


Anglerond smiles at Keyleth, kisses her cheek. “She wants to explore, Alluvian is going out with her and they are going to see Kokand. I think she will stay, there is no need to make her feel overwhelmed. Besides, I have duties and the most important thing is my heart is in the city right now. Spending time with you is my primary goal while your here. Alluvian said you would probably be gone even longer this time, somewhere in the desert that is far far away. I wanted my time with you.”

He gives her a sheepish smile, “I hope I wasn’t being too demanding to think that way.”


Key shifts in a series of quick movements and ends up straddling his lap facing him. She gives him a long, lingering kiss then pulls back just far enough to see his face.

“That’s okay by me. As a matter of fact I just came from seeing Silkya. She gave me a potion for us to use.” She shifts a bit in his lap.“I was just checking in with my body to make sure I was ready for all this.”


Anglerond grunts in surprise at Key’s quick momentum and loses himself in her kiss. Disappointment evident when she pulls back as he realizes his left hand has somehow made its way up and under the back of her tunic. Taking a breath he smiles as she talks, she can feel he is attentive to her every movement as he retracts his hand. Whens she mentions the potion he freezes for a moment, a swath of emotions in his head causing the hesitation.

He then smiles at her, loving her so much but nervous he may have misinterpreted her. “Just so we are clear here, what potion are you referring to my love? If it is what I think it is, are you physically and mentally ok with it?”

He watches her intently, excitement in his eyes but not wanting to influence her.


Key just smiles. “I could ask you the same thing. I kind of just dropped a bomb on you emotionally. And you’ll be the one chasing after a toddler most of the time.” She kisses him again quickly.

“I wouldn’t have gotten the potion if I wasn’t ready. This next trip is going to be long. I may come back after I deliver.” She looks away for a moment the smile sliding from her lips.

“I need to be honest with you and you may not like what I have to say. I may be overly cautious at this point, or just a bit jaded. Im worried your daughter. How would you feel about having Silkya look at her?”


Anglerond looks surprised at Keyleth, “I am sorry I had assumed you already had her checked out. Of course that is what you should do. I am happy to see her, but it would be a drow thing to place a sleeper agent here. The safety of our children needs to come first, and yes she is my daughter but things are different. She is an adult now and in hostile territory for almost 5 times longer then she spent with me. Your cautiousness is warranted.”

He smiles at her softly, “Also, I am definitely ready, I look forward to being exhausted by toddlers. Will she be followed around by Luke’s children as well?”


Key seems relieved.“I thought you would want to see her first thing. Luke didn’t seem to be worried so I thought I was over reacting.” She smiles at the thought of Lukes son.

“I hope so. Im not sure if Izzy will feel comfortable living here. I hope she knows that I really do want to keep her and her baby safe.”


Anglerond shakes his head, “She will stay here, I am certain. She has nowhere to go, no support out there and is probably going to die if she goes back. She watches Rabbit with interest and I suspect she wants to stay near here. I don’t know if she wants Rabbit like Rabbit wants Luke or if its just friendship. I suspect at the very least it is her last connection to home. I do know she is also following Luke around. I think you intimidate her because of your position.”


Key sighs.“I guess that’s to be expected. I can hope that changes over time. I suspect she hasn’t been given the opportunity to trust much in her life.” She tilts her head, thinking.

“I would love to discuss how her fighting style had to change as her pregnancy progressed. Do you think she’d talk about that?” She bends her head and trails kisses down his neck while she thinks. She stops abruptly.

“On an unrelated note. I wonder why the library hasn’t gotten back to us about the Surana family yet?”


Anglerond seems to have a difficult time for a few moments responding to Key’s words when she is kissing him, eventually he is able to speak when she stops. “I think she would. She also has a closer fighting style to you then Rabbit does. Rabbit is all fury, she is all calm water, calm movement. I think it would help. I sent a second letter to the library two weeks ago asking about a confirmation, I should get a response in the next few days.”

He sighs, “I hope there isn’t a problem.”


Key grunts in irritation.“I suspect they are just trying to see what they can get away with. If Reggie is anything to go by, they’re all a bunch of power hungry trolls. Nestrim also made mention the last time it was brought up that we were over charged initially. I hope we’re going to end up in Said at some point while we’re gone. I’d like to pay them a visit in person.” She huffs in irritation.


Anglerond thinks about it for a few moments. “I am worried there is more to it. They operate with all the different empires, kingdoms and cities. They have acknowledged you enough that they have made a deal with you. I worry that it is something else. Are people stopping their communications? Did someone convince them not to help us?.”

He raises an eyebrow looking up at the beautiful elf straddling him, “Although maybe this is bad timing for me to bring it up.” he gives her a gentle smile.


She lets a slow sultry smile spread across her lips. She gets up and walks over to her discarded bag and rummages through it. She finally finds what she is after and makes her way back to Anglerond and resumes her previous position.

“We’ll have to talk to Nestrim about it, but he hasn’t mentioned any problems in that area. But then again I usually have to ask directly and I haven’t made an inquiry in a while.” She hols up the vile.

“We both need to be healthy. I can drink the whole thing, or to increase our chances we each drink half.”



Anglerond laughter is full of mirth. “This reminds me of a time when me and Kalvin were in a neighbor’s barn we had just nicked some of the neighbor’s wine that he was making. He said something about having to each drink half to hide the evidence since the neighbor had caught us in the barn”


Key laughs.“I think the consequences of drinking this will be a bit more far reaching.” She cocks her head.

“How old were you?” She uncorks the vile and downs half in one swallow.


Anglerond leans up and takes the other half, sucking it down quickly he makes a face. When he looks back up at Key he shrugs. “I think I was 15 at that time. Kalvin was a human boy I grew up with, well grew up for a few years with at least. He eventually became a man and died of old age before I turned 70” A ripple of sadness slid across his face and then disappeared.

“He was a good man, his family has served Arborlon since his great great grandparents and has served more than 600 years since then. They will come over to you when we are done building.”
Anglerond seems a little tired for a few moments and that too disappeared at the thought of having a baby.


Key smiles and watches him down the rest of the liquid in the vile. “I think we can find them a place here for sure. It’s all my fault its not done. Every time we get close I ask for something new. They don’t need to wait if they don’t want to. They may be waiting a long time if they do.” She chuckles and reaches up to toy with a stand of his hair.

“What do they do for House Ellenren?”


Anglerond smiles at Keyleth as she toys with his hair “They are one of the lead families for the royal gardens. They are wonderful gardeners and they sometimes help with planning agriculture depending on the timing and who is part of their family’s structure. Some generations they just stay gardeners and are always good at that, some  generations a boy or girl comes forward to head a farming initiative, and always they come forward when we go to war and volunteer to fight for the Elenrens.”

Anglerond chuckles lightly, “The other elven families get upset sometimes, when they have children that want to work on the royal farm, to have to take command from a human family. It is pretty funny to watch.”

He looks into Key’s eyes, “What about you? Any childhood friends that made an impression on you, or might still be around?”


She reaches up and pulls at her own hair, letting it fall down around her shoulders as she talks.

“None in particular that I can remember, but I do remember getting into a lot of trouble with several of the neighborhood kids. I was usually the instigator.” Her hands find there way under his shirt and she leans in so she can trace a slow, lazy line up his spine. Her lips are close enough to his ear that they touch when she speaks again.

“Im sure you were a very good little boy though, weren’t you.”


Anglerond stutters a bit, seeming to have a hard time responding to Key’s touch. Although the comment about being a good boy seems to bring a smirk out, “Overall… not really. I was pretty horrendous.”

Anglerond seems to have a hard time feeling, breathing and talking and after a few moments continues, “I did all my chores and everything considered my duty, but horrible other than that.”

He looks into Key’s eyes, “I can be good when the circumstances are right though…”. He doesn’t seem to be able to resist anymore and he turns his head towards Key’s face and kisses her deeply.


Key melts into the kiss for several long moments. She finally pulls back and looks at him with eyes full of intent and mischief.

“What if I don’t want you to be good.” She lifts one delicate eyebrow and pushes him backward onto the floor.

Much later that afternoon, they lay under the covers, her head on his chest listening to his heart beat. She looks up at him eyes full of love.

“Are you interested in going to the temple when I go for my check up with Silkya?”


Anglerond watches the woman he loves lay on his chest. He stares into her eyes and sees everything that matters to him. He can feel his body tired in a good way. Her warmth against him and the sunlight streaming in the windows giving her a glow. He couldn’t ever be happier or more at home.

He smiles down at her, “Of course, I am going to do this step by step with you as much as you let me. Can we get some food while we are at it?.”


Key chuckles softly and throws back the covers. She strides over to the wardrobe and pulls out some fresh cloths, a bit nicer than the ines she wears for adventuring. She turns to face him as she starts to pull on clothes.

“We had better get you fed before you waste away.”

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