Rescue Veronwe (session summary)

Adventure Name: “Rescue Veronwe”
Session Number:   23
Ending Game Date:
Out of Game Date:
   February 23, 2018
Group XP Earned: 11,800 xp each

Characters Involved:


  • See bottom for entire list.


 RP Threads leading up to this Session:


  • Veronwe and his entourage (Miffle and Ember)
  • Shae, drow priestess (maybe avatar?).
  • Drakhme, Shadow-Balor and Hero of Orcus
  • Glorion, Champion and Qabda (Fist) of the Return
  • Veragas Cromron (leader of House Cromron ally of House Elenren and prisoner)
  • Daeharice Tinuvaul, Oldest son of House Tinuvaul, traitor
  • Tesinna Augendial, Oldest daughter and heir to house Augendial

IMAGES (no images this session)

Brief Description of Events:  The following description is incredibly brief. It will be filled out in more detail later.

The team awaited the arrival of Elaine, the half sister of Luke and her delivery of a sigil that will upgrade the slave log to a master slave log, and a dagger that would slay Glorion by using the blood of Nestrim.

A bunch of drama ensued as Alluvian tried to convince Luke to let her go resulting in Alluvian and Elaine being balled up in the slave recovery balls that Rabbit provided. The group decided to deal with that fallout after the raid itself.

The group also discovered Tivia, Anglerond’s daughter that was captured by the drow a hundred years before, was alive and being held in the underdark. They reserved the idea to try and rescue her if they were given the opportunity.

The group then headed out and gated to the Underdark entry. From there Rabbit led them for almost four weeks down into the cavern labyrinth of tunnels, settlements and mysterious locations. While she tried to teach them survival techniques for down there.

The team waited in ambush for the Veronwe convoy that included Dakhme, the Balor they had known before but he had been touched by Orcus and was much bigger. They caught the convoy on a bridge and in the middle of the bridge they attacked.

There they also found Izzy, Rabbit’s old handler was pregnant and before the attack they were able to use one of their slave recovery balls to capture her. They then attacked and were able to slay the Shadow Balor and eventually Glorion was stabbed by the knife slaying him as well in a more quiet fight then had happened with him earlier.

The group then made their way back to the surface but on the way found Shae, the seeming avatar of Lolth and talked with her while they convinced Tivia to come back with them. Lolth directed the group to a shortcut and they promptly returned home weeks earlier than anticipated.

The group then released Alluvian and Elaine and worked out their issues as much as possible. They then released Izzy and found out that she did not take down Luke’s conceptive wards and in fact had her wards reduced as well. It seems the Fey had stepped out of the forest and did this to everyone.

There is a string of unforeseen pregnancies between the different houses. It is said the Fey might be trying to reunite the houses and the elven tribes before the end battles. No one is really sure the specifics though.



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