Dark Elves/Drow (bestiary)

The Ancient Symbol of
House Ara’bund

Important Note:┬áThere are major differences in this world’s drow. Because of that I will not try and recreate the entirety of the writeup here (at least at this point). Below will be all the major changes (or links to where those changes are). Otherwise refer to the drow writeup in MORDENKAINEN’S TOME OF FOES and the drow listing in the MONSTER MANUAL.


The drow are the antithesis of the high elves. The high elves are benevolent, cool, calm, reserved and hold themselves above many desires of the younger races. The drow are the opposite. Full of fire, passion, desire, jealousy and hate they burn much hotter than their elven contemporaries. This has a cost though, and is believed to be why they have not yet won the “eternal war” with their brethren.


Drow (referred by some races as Dark Elves) are smaller than their surface cousins. Thousands of years and dozens of generations of living in the Underdark caverns has resulted in drow not growing as tall and the difficulty in getting enough food has resulted in lighter elves. The average drow stands 4’8 to 5’6″ tall, with some exceptions, while they weigh 90-140lbs.

Drow have generally become even paler then many of the other subraces of elves (such as the Desert Horse Masters). This is generally thought to be from the lack of sunlight, but some say it is because they are so enmeshed in Lolth that her paleness soaks through her people. This thought though goes counter to the examples of some darker skinned drow found raiding the surface world.

Drow however can be discovered by the mark of Lolth they carry. There is a small mark of a spider on each and every drow. On some of the more “blessed” this mark can move around on its own.

Drow also are a lot shorter lived in general. This is not because they age and out and die, but rather because their lives are brutal both internally and to the many predators of the underdark. Most drow can expect to live a little over 200 years, many who don’t even reach human lifespans. In turn though they are fertile and can have many babies, contrary to the difficulties of their surface cousins.

Items/Things of Note:

Drow Repeating Crossbow (2d6+2 piercing, +special ammo), weight 2lbs, +3lbs per 10 shots. Range 80/240, loading via Two-Handed


The shared history of the Seldarine/Dark Seldarine and their children is broken into many conflicting stories. Blame is heaped on both sides, vengeance and hatred are common. Any additional changes to in game legends will be in the specific section (with hopefully a link here).


Many would tell you that the drow are wanton destruction of their own people. That they can never work together and are pure evil. This is not the truth. The drow hold more in common with the more harsh human empires. Law, order and family status are the biggest items that hold the drow together. It is acceptable to murder your way up the ladder of success, but don’t get caught, that has consequences as well.

The drow as a race are matriarchal. In the ancient days it was only ruled by women and men fared only slightly better than slaves. However in the last several hundred years men have started to become part of the fabric. The rants of drow priestesses no longer curse all men, rather they have focused more on the male surface elves, as being too close to Corellon, the abuser of their goddess.

Some surface experts believe this is because the drow realize they are a dying race and need everyone’s full support. That could just be surface bias though.


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