Tsovinar’s Blessing, Trident of the Storm (artifact)

Tsovinar’s Blessing is one of the last remaining artifacts of Tsovinar’s reign of the sea during the first age. Signifying her wrath and protection of her people, the location fo this fell into Sargon’s hands.

Tsovinar’s Blessing

Name:  Tsovinar’s Blessing (Trident of the Storm)
Owner:   Sargon (Jack Tar)

Weapon Type:  Trident (legendary)
Origin:  Seeing the peril her people faced, the goddess Tsovinar had Manuela of the Salt forge a weapon that would be her people’s defender and her wrath.

Venturing deep under the oceans, deeper than any surface dweller had ever wam, the Manuela of the Salt came to the blazing heart of a great underwater volcano. With the aid of Tsovinar, she crafted the trident using Amar-Utuk’s forge, Anbar the Black Forge. With them, she forged Tsovinar’s Blessing.

Armed with the artifact, Manuela returned to the goddess. Her trident ended the attacks on her people and answered the calls for Tsovinar’s Wrath. Later, in the betrayal of Tsovinar and the overthrow of her priests the trident was lost to the seas.


Base Damage:   2d6+3  (see properties below base damage does not include  abilities), with an additional 2d8 when thrown against enemies of Tsovinar.
Dimensions:    12 inch blade, 72 inches long total, 4lbs.
Requires Attunement?:    Yes, 24 hour dedication on the water in a boat.

Magic Weapon

The Trident of the Storm (Tsovinar’s Blessing) is a magic weapon that starts with a 2d6 damage that grants a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. An additional 2d8 happens against enemies of tsovinar. The trident also has other functions that resemble belt of dwarvenkind in granting a constitution bonus only, a dwarven thrower granting the return of the weapon, and a sword of sharpness. The difference is a limb is skewered and removed on a roll of 15-20, not just a 20 when a critical hit is taken.

It is unknown of more abilities come to bear if or when Tsovinar is freed.

Random Properties

The trident has the following properties:

  • Song Craft, whenever this item is used or struck, the bearer hears fragments of ancient sea chanties
  • Waterborne. This item floats on water and other liquids. Its bearer has advantage on Strength (Athletics) checks to swim.
  • Metamorphic. The item periodically and randomly alters its appearance in slight ways. The bearer has no control over these minor alterations, which have no effect on the item’s use.
  • Muttering. The item grumbles and mutters. A creature who listens carefully to the item might learn something useful.

Blessings of Tsovinar

If you are a follower attuned to the trident, you gain the following benefits:

  • You have immunity to poison damage.
  • The range of your darkvision increases by 60 feet (or you gain dark vision 60′ if you didn’t have it).
  • You gain proficiency with sailor’s tools related to navigation, trident and trade (haggling).

Conjure Water Elemental

If you are holding the trident, you can use your action to cast the conjure elemental spell from it, summoning a water elemental. You can’t use this property again until the next dawn.

Travel the Depths

You can use an action to touch the trident to a fixed pool of water and cast the teleport spell from the trident. If your intended destination is in water, there is no chance of a mishap or arriving somewhere unexpected. You can’t use this property again until 3 days have passed.

Destroying the Trident

The only way to destroy the tridentis to melt it down on Anbar The Black Forge, where it was created. 

Sentience and Personality.   It is not known if the trident is sentient, no records remain of this at this point.


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