Raid on Velkynvelve (session summary)

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Adventure Name: “Raid on Velkynvelve”
Session Number:   22
Ending Game Date:
Out of Game Date:
   January 26, 2018
Group XP Earned: 11,800 xp each

Characters Involved:



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Brief Description of Events:  The team awaited several magical items to be produced for them in Kokand and read up on magical tomes before continuing on to attempt to rescue Veronwe. They had arranged the following items to be commissioned:

  • Studded leather +2 for Jack
  • Rings of Lightning Immunity x 3 (for Keyleth, Luke and Rabbit)
  • Small music player (for Rabbit, given to Luke)

There were tomes read as well, including the Exalted Deeds granting Wisdom bonuses to Jack/Sargon and Manual of Dexterity granting Dexterity bonuses to Keyleth (this last one was read after they returned.

While waiting the team did the following things:

  • Luke had Alluvian, Night Scale and Rabbit all looked over for impacts of demigod marriages/massive torture and damage and demon pacts.
    • Alluvian was suffering some, her aunt’s persona/soul/force had asserted itself more strongly. Her eyes at this time could not be fixed, but she could learn to live with them and not scream incoherently for now. Salkya is convinced she can fix her though, maybe not all the way, but enough to aid everyone.
    • Alluvian was also found that she could be used as a viewer herself. If someone situates themselves in front of her, removes her blindfold and looks into her eyes, they can see what she is seeing.
    • Night Scale turned out to be relatively well adjusted, the torture, resurrection and the pain all seem to have made little to no impression. The one thing that impacted her was failing to protect her friend, she seems to be not forgiving of herself that way.
    • Rabbit’s pact with a demon was much larger than Salkya anticipated, resulting in Rabbit attacking her (but not lethally and not by her conscious will, which is a good sign) when she was being looked over.
    • Rabbit’s demon was unknown to Salkya, she will do more research.
    • Rabbit and Luke’s wards (including for pregnancy) had been taken down without their knowledge. Rabbit believes it was Izzy, but it could also possibly have been Amal. However, Izzy was the only one that they were intimate with before. No pregnancies have occurred.
    • The team also had an intervention for Te’Teh whose alcoholism was accelerating over the last year and a half. Jack was uncharacteristically quiet during this and didn’t engage much with Te’Teh who seemed to be avoiding him as well. Te’Teh agreed to cool down her drinking and drug use, would do nothing during their adventuring and keep it low key during their down time as she didn’t want to alarm them.
  • Keyleth arranged for Alluvian, Anglerond and Nestrim to be situated as heirs in that order in case she was killed and could not be resurrected.
  • Keyleth talked with Nestrim and will be expanding the manor house/property. She will also be attempting to get pregnant when they are done raiding the Underdark to “give something to Anglerond to do and give her a blood heir”.
  • Luke and Nestrim formalized their relationship together. They are now officially seeing each other. Nestrim seems ok with Rabbit and the same is true with Rabbit for Nestrim
  • Rabbit gave Luke a music box and a necklace gotten from Mori and refashioned into a cat. Luke has not yet realized the music box is Rabbit singing and playing instruments to him, nor has she told him yet.
  • Jack officially changed his name to Sargon and avoided at all costs interacting with Te’Teh over the issues between them. Te’Teh had given Sargon a snow globe made by the elves that she commissioned, and there is now a dispute how they interacted after that involving two drow maidens.
  • Te’Teh’s alcoholism has become more visible, although she is now “being good”.

The group then received information from Sobhan during this time about a lost Umberlee dedicated ship that was carrying cargo. Sobhan was able to give the group a day head start before the rest of the salvage teams in Kokand would leave for it. Sobhan also paid for their gate to the wreckage site and back.

The group arrived at the site of the SSU Redeemer. Having been lost more then 20 years before it was laying on its port side on the beach. In very good condition actually. The one small drawback was an adult blue dragon sitting on the hull of the ship, resting comfortably.

After some back and forth between the group it was decided that Te’Teh would scout on her own with invisibility ring she had claimed last adventure. She would remain an unknown for the dragon while the rest of the group approached the dragon directly.

The group approached and made some wheeling and dealing with who turned out to be “Dawn Breaker” an adult blue dragon that was claiming the ship. He did agree that the group could retrieve their religious artifacts if they relinquished all their other booty they find and an additional 2,000 gold. The group agreed and the deal was struck without a blow being exchanged.

The group proceeded below and found the remnants of the Captain of the ship, now an Eidolon who attempted to scare off the team. The only members who ran screaming away were Keyleth and Te’Teh. However, no one made fun of them, it just didn’t feel right for them to do that.

There they found 5,000 gp and two items. The Sextant of Homing, an Umberlee designed item useful for finding a location and Tsovinar’s Blessing, or otherwise known as the Trident of the Storm. A symbol of Tsovinar’s power. The team returned to the dragon, gave him the gold and the ship and kept the religious items.

Upon returning to Kokand Keyleth found that Reggie who had given up the Manual of Dexterity and already used it and it was useless after six days of study. Rightfully incensed she issued a letter detailing the problem to the library.

Meanwhile Rabbit took her family (the team) to an underground location. In it was packed hundreds of trophies she took when in the Underdark. She wanted to give them to Luke and the Temple of Sekhmet. She gave Keyleth the location of another cache (mostly gold, silver and other easily traded treasure) to donate to her house. Finally she gave back a suit of armor that Anglerond’s son had died in during their raid on Alluvian’s aunt’s coronation.

The team were incredibly kind to Rabbit (which Rabbit as normal has a hard time handling) and returned the suit to Anglerond who seemed to take it in stride. He spoke with Rabbit privately for some time and told the group he accepted her apology. Nothing else was spoken of what the two of them talked about privately.

There has been talk between Rabbit and Luke, and Keyleth and Anglerond about children. Nothing finalized but Rabbit and Keyleth seem intent on if pregnancies do happen they will time it together.

Rabbit then provided an overview of the outpost they were going. Veronwe and the rest were taken to Velkynvelve, a drow slaving outpost where all slaves coming into the Empire must be registered with their owners and destination. She provided maps, but made it clear it was all several decades old and it could have changed. She also purchased the supplies necessary and reviewed everyone’s packs.

The group would go down via back caves, only covering 4-6 miles a day. Avoiding the road would keep them out of sight but slow things down. During the ten day journey Rabbit showed them the basics of traveling the rough way in the Underdark.

This included showing them edible fungus, where to avoid climbing and what water to avoid drinking (and how to find drinkable water). Should be noted by the end of the underdark sessions (after Veronwe is found) the group can pick up Survival: Underdark for free.

The group arrived outside the outpost and posed as a drow raiding party returning with a slave (Keyleth). They were escorted in, and without much fanfare butchered the drow warriors living here. They then rushed the Shrine to find that the high priestess was nailed to a statue of Lolth and that Shae, the young priestess from Alluvian’s coronation was here.

They attacked Shae with no warning and she had offered no threat. The fight was brutal, showing off Sargon’s lightning, Key’s acrobatic ability to go up and over walls and Luke’s ability to walk through a wall of blades and pound some divine damage. Meanwhile Te’teh was unable to get past the wall but did try and assist by bouncing a holy water bottle off of Shae’s forehead and Rabbit walked through the wall too in order to lay into her.

The battle was over fairly quickly and Shae teleported out of the area leaving the group battered but victorious. They took down the high priestess, questioned her a bit and put her down, not allowing Rabbit to do it (Key jumped ahead and did it herself). 

They found the prisoner log book and Ember’s wings above the high priestesses bed. They took both plus about 20,000 gp total back with them to Kokand.

Victorious, the group rested up and determined a portion of the underdark that Veronwe would be according to the log. They will wait about a week, gate to the surface location near there and Rabbit would escort them again as well. 

While the raid on Velkynvelve was indeed the most dangerous, it took the least time in game, less than 90 minutes.

While in the downtime Keyleth received another copy of the Manual of Dexterity but no letter. She did study the manual, utilizing it but she also went to Danbury’s and had a letter of certification written saying that the book given to Reggie originally was fully enchanted. She then had Nestrim compose another letter along with the certification and sent it back to the library.

Meanwhile Te’Teh came home hammered and tried to sleep in Luke’s rooms. Luke having none of this issue with Te’Teh and Sargon picked up Te’Teh and took her back to Sargon’s where she slept in his bed passed out.

When they awoke there was an awkward several minutes. Te’teh got up to leave when Sargon said simply “I am sorry”. Te’Teh hesitated at the door, not saying the same words she did mumble something in return. Nothing additional happened between them during game, that is where game was ended.


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