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Title: Is this thing on?
RP Thread Number: 47
When Occured Between Sessions #21 and #22
Location: Book of Communication
Out of Game Date: Jan 20 – Jan 25, 2019
Participants:  Luke, Sidonai
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A conversation using a book capable of being written by two parties over a long distance.


Luke Morthos


I guess my half sister, Elaine, gave this to me and said I could write to you in it.

1. I am unsure if Elaine really is my half sister.
2. I am unsure if this is really a communication with my father.
3. After the Erinyes demanded I go back to see you, and then tried to kill me when I didn’t, I have some reservations.

Mom was executed when I was 11. That was over 20 years ago. Why reach out now?



Dearest Lucius,

I am glad that Elayne was able to talk with you. She is a great woman, you should get to know her better. You two would make an excellent team. I have some answers for your questions.

1. She is indeed your half-sister, albeit a bit younger and probably a little more rash in her decision making.
2. You are in fact communicating with your father. I saw you when we were a toddler and you were a beautiful boy. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay and your mother tried desperately to reach me after that.
3. The Erinyes you speak of had no right to attack you. I believe she was worried I might put you above her and she acted on her own. Trust me when I say she is currently paying for that decision heavily.

I have tried to reach out before, but it is difficult to break the veil. It has only been very recently that egress has become easier. I am still very upset that I wasn’t able to reach your mother before she passed, and even more so that I could not reach you. My… fellowship on your plane had suffered some setbacks and I had no one I trusted with your existence I could send. On top of this time travels differently here. Time can pass very quickly in just a few days here.

I am reaching out now because I finally can reach you. I want to get to know my son.

– Sidonai

Luke Morthos


That all sounds very reasonable.

I was spared execution because the authorities thought executing a child alongside his mother wasn’t a good look. They dumped me in Kokand where I left the orphanage I was put in. After fending for myself I joined the Order of Sekhmet, becoming a cleric, and then a paladin for the cat.

My mother was very free with information when I was young, but my understanding of who you are and what your goals were over here are a little fuzzy to me because of my age at the time.



I cannot make up for not being there for you. I am sorry for that. I hope you do understand though that I do care, and contrary to what some of my detractors might say, being infernal does not take away emotions.

I have heard back already of your accomplishments for the cat. She is fortunate to have you, but that is her thing isn’t it? Don’t worry, I wouldn’t try and talk you out of following her, she will keep you alive and that is my first hope for you. The paladin is a surprise, especially after the waves that your former companion is causing even down here. There is already a concern with the war he is waging against the infernal.

I will try and be as free as I can with you. I am restricted in some of what I can say. I can’t volunteer information, and I can’t lie so sometimes people get frustrated talking with me. If I can’t give you the answer you want, find a different way to ask.

– Sid

Luke Morthos

I do admit I was very upset as a child. My mother filled my head with how much she worshipped you, and then I watched her capture, execution, and found myself a homeless orhphan. You lease understand my current skepticism as an adult.

I am surprised you’ve heard of Glorion, but maybe not. What he lacks in finesse and intellect he makes up for in raw power. I would be interested in hearing anything you have heard of concerning him. No detail is too small as I plan to kill him as soon as I can catch up to him. I am curious as to what war he is waging over in your domain.

I went to the Island of the Gods where Glorion abandoned his family sword with Corellion when he dumped his life long worship of the god. I successfully talked Corellion out of the sword, learned it was a family moon made, and offered it to Sekhmet in exchange for paladinship. Glorion has always been angry he wasn’t given a family moonblade so its with some joy I now wield it against its former owner with the blessings of Glorion’s family.

Thank you.


You have every right to be upset still. I had thought you were killed with her or I would have pushed harder to get to you.

Glorion is causing some havoc. The Demons have been attacking us both on your plane and hear. The attacks are getting fiercer and there are difficulties responding to them. He has lead several sorties and is unusually boastful for a knight of the abyss.

What kind of things would you like to hear? I only know generalities at the moment, I haven’t had to fight him yet. However, if it would make you happy I would find the information I can for you. There is a big part of me that is pleased you are able to use that sword, the irony and satisfaction to see or at least know that smirk wiped off his face is great.

Tell me about your personal life. I know some things, but I want to know you.

Luke Morthos

They discussed executing me with mom. However executing a pretty well mannered 11 year old wasn’t a good political look. They didn’t know what to do with me, so they shipped me to Kokand and dumped me in an orphanage. It wasn’t a good place, so I left.

The cat’s led me to Sekhmet’s temple, and Salkya did her best to raise me as much as I would let her. She’s the high priestess of the temple in Kokand, and generally looks out after all the strays, as she finds them.

Glorion is 80% made of empty boasting. I traveled with him for a couple of years, where he was an unusually obtuse paladin to Corellon. He was not bright, but was a powerhouse. He was good at killing, and liked it quite a bit. We just tried to aim him at things that needed killing. He had a murderous streak, and no amount to explaining his devotion to Corellon really ever explained this murderous impulse. He liked to torture, kill, and was just pretty nasty about it. Corellon is not a common god to be worshipped in Kokand, and everyone was collectively shocked that his god was not like that at all.

I don’t know what his agenda with the abyss is, but he’s taken several villages of people here, and has turned against his wife, sister, and family. He thinks I am sleeping with his wife, and near killed me because he became some sort of Hell Knight along the way, being faster.

I am a herald for a newly emerging elven empress. I mostly just try to keep her out of trouble. I have several romantic partners, including Glorion’s brother and a very short drow that is probably mostly filled with stabby knives.

Tell me about yourself. I only have half remembered stories my mother used to tell. She was really big on raiding, destruction, and sacrificing sentient beings, so I am a little fuzzy on the details. She was very big into the persecution of Tiefling, and wanted to bring back her bloodline, but I’m really not sure how that worked for her.


That explains much about Glorion. He is reviled here, the senseless slaughter, the gremlin in the factory. He fits very well with the demons though, they would wipe out all the planes of everything in their way. It really is frustrating when people can’t tell the difference between demons and devils really.

Glorion’s brother and a drow? Is the drow a warrior then? I wonder if he will be a problem for you in the future since most drow are very driven by the Abyss. Please watch over him carefully. As for Glorion’s brother… that is an interesting thing. You realize that if you use a slight bit of blood from his brother, you can craft a poison that will at least incapacitate Glorion, if not kill him outright?

As for myself, that is an incredibly broad amount of information to share at one time. Let me see if I can give you some insight into me. My name, or at least one of my names is Sidonai, child of Asmodeus, the Librarian of Hell. It really is an overstuffed title, but it means I track information, and if I don’t I find who does.

I need to clarify something for you, your mother wasn’t just for random destruction. She was trying to destroy the pillars that supported the status quo. She believed in law and order, for all not just for those in power. She saw how the law wasn’t applied fairly across all spectrums and that many did not receive their just rewards, whether those were good or bad. Please don’t think of her like that, she wasn’t a random monster at all. She was beautiful, she was smart, warm and caring for those she loved. She loved you very very much. She however believed deeply in instituting change.

She could have come to me when they caught her. She refused to leave you alone though. She had managed to find a device that could get her to me in the witch hunters’ gear, but it wouldn’t allow two life forms to pass and she wouldn’t leave you as a child. Her cries to me were blocked by the witch hunters that captured her. They were serving a different master, not the altruistic one they claimed and I couldn’t intervene.

As for me… that is a hard question to answer myself. My goal is to defend both of our planes from the demons and the Three. I will not be shy I also wish to live in comfort for me and mine, and I don’t believe many people have the ability to rule well so I am reluctant to bend under others. I deal in power, and especially in the Nine Hells that power comes from souls.

I believe in following the contract, I believe in rewarding those who deserve it and punishing those who don’t. I do face constant competition from other forces here as well. While there is an obvious external war with demons and their ilk, our kind isn’t much different then humanity when it comes to internal strife as well.

I realize this is all very broad, I am willing to give more details if you point what details you want.


Luke Morthos

As for Glorion, yes. All power, no long term though or strategy.

Tell me more about this poison, and if it would hurt the brother in question? We had not known this at all. Glorion’s brother would probably do anything to kill Glorion faster after Glorion kidnapped their sister, blinded her, and drover her nearly mad for a year of marriage to Mori.

Most titles don’t tell the truth of the men and women that hold them. I’m an official herald to an empress, but you’d be just as likely to find myself and said empress eating dinner in a dive bar in Kokand.

The Drow was a fighter. She was very once a handmaiden. I guess they are forced to make pacts with infernals, and we have to summon whoever it is and kill them. I think that will be a moot point eventually as she is likely going to serve the Cat if I am reading her slow dance with Sekhmet right.

I never doubted my mothers love for me. She did kill an awful lot of people, and I understand as an adult why she was hunted. I also feel the same way about power structures and and the law, but my weapons don’t include wholesale slaughter. Sekhmetian teachings provide a lot of non-slaughter options for this.

Do you keep a large stable of warlocks? It sounds like that might be your focus here on this plane.


It wouldn’t hurt the brother, the blood is converted into the poison and is extremely effective, but hard to procure because of that level of relation needs the blood. No racial or enchanted antidote works to my knowledge against it, but it only works on the ones related to that person so its safe for everyone else.

She? A Handmaiden? that is a catch my son, and you have a lot more work to do then just summon the demon. I assume she has gone through their ritual then? The big one? Not many get that far, maybe 1 in a 1000. They normally die quick, or they are possessed by the abyssal energy they call upon. You realize she is attached the power opposite of your blood right? Of course you do, and I assume you have things under control and are in no threat by her.

Handmaiden and the cat? That isn’t something I would expect.

She loved you more than life, she truly wanted to change the world for you. You are right though, her path was much different than yours. Blood is power and she found it useful. They call her a monster and maybe she was to them, but she wasn’t to me. I am glad to see you have the same cause though, and are approaching it a little less…aggressively.

Handmaiden and you… She would have the same proclivities as your mother, blood… by all means please be careful.

I do keep a large stable of warlocks. There was a purge over the last 20-30 years that thinned my stable considerably. The celestials and demons went on a frenzy of cleansing. I do have some now and it is growing again. You need help on that plane you just need to ask my son. Also, I do hope you will get to visit with me in the future, I would love to see you as an adult.

Luke Morthos

Thanks for the tip. I’ll look into the blood poison. It’s not my wheelhouse, but I’m sure I know someone that might know more about the subject.

The ex-hadmaiden isn’t a threat to me. She is a spitting ball of death, but I’m good with things like that. We are working on the abyssal demon solution. She left that path, and is as much of a ranger now as she used to be a handmaiden.

I do miss my mother. I know the things she did would have gone counter to my nature, and it would have been difficult when I grew up, but she was a good mother. It would have been complicated, but I never thought she didn’t love me.

Thank you for talking with me. This is definitely unusual, and I will maintain my skepticism. However, I am interested in what you have to say.

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