Raid on the Temple of Mori (session summary)

Caverns of Mori

Adventure Name: “Raid on the Temple of Mori”
Session Number:   21
In Game Date:
 5.15.5751 (Merchant Calendar)
Out of Game Date:
   January 12, 2018
Group XP Earned: 23,850 xp each

Characters Involved:

Treasure: Large loot list at “Raid on Mori Temple” Loot List


 RP Threads leading up to this Session:


  • Bralquss Shregro, Raven Queen Servant (link coming)
  • Winter Wolves (link coming)
  • Giants of the House of Frost (link coming)
  • Giants of the House of Storm (link coming)
  • Mori, demigod and giant champion (link coming)



Brief Description of Events:  The team waited three days for Bralquss Shregro to return from Shadar-Kai. During that time they worked out who would be going on the mission and were warned by the King and Queen of Arborlon about the danger presented by the drow army in the woods.

The team decided to investigate the army, find out what house they served and their intentions. If possible they wanted to arrange free passage for the surface elves.

Upon arrival they found that it was House Ara’bund that ran the army. In command was the Head Matron, both Rabbit and Amal’s mother. She indicated she wasn’t keen on helping and had no reason to be friendly, but she invited the team to dinner. At dinner the team met a few different drow nobles, and a drow girl named Shae.

Shae seemed to have power with the Matron and after a long conversation Shae convinced the Matron to do as the team asked. During this time Shae talked with Rabbit in abyssal and Rabbit seemed bothered by it, but went for a walk with Shae and Luke anyways. The entire conversation was in abyssal much to Luke’s frustration and Rabbit was evasive what was talked about.

Upon their return to the normal encampment Luke found a tiefling woman named Elayne Tushad. She claimed to be his sister through their father and the daughter of a prostitute. She explained that Luke’s Father Sidoney was requesting to see Luke in the future and for now provided a book he could write in that his father could reply and the reply would appear in the book. Luke seems to believe she may be his sister, but distrusts all of it. He also brought up the Erinyes attack on the ship claiming to be from his father, which Elayne tried to explain was not what was ordered.

The next morning the elves began their preparation to leave while the team waited. Bralquss arrived and explained he could not personally help, he was forbidden by the Raven Queen. However, he had not agreed to not gate the team to where they needed to go, so he not only got them there, but agreed to reopen the gate every few hours to help them get back.

The team arrived at the pool before the gate to the Temple of Mori and it was just like they had left it in their initial assault on Bhen Tharim. Luke recovered some small items left by Night Scale from when she lived here originally and they continued on to the next gate that took them to the temple of Mori itself.

Once there, the temple was exactly like they had left it, except with a large black dragon with red scalings. There was a standoff where the dragon seemed trapped on the inside of the temple, while Luke and Jack distracted it on the outside. They realized it was at least partially Night Scale, at least her dragon form. The eyes however seemed blank.

Meanwhile Keyleth, Rabbit and Te’Teh snuck inside where Keyleth was able to run up the back of Te’Teh without much problem and cut the collar off. Once the collar was removed Night Scale, or at least her dragon form dropped down and was unconscious. Not dead, but not moving either. The group decided since she seemed trapped in the temple but safe they would leave her there, continue down and come back and get her on their way out.

The trip into the lower levels was fairly straightforward as they methodically made their way down to the “throne room” on the second level (room 12). The assumption was Glorion would want to have such an official and douche like room for his throne room. During their travails they came across giants and winter wolves (DM note, giants are not the same in this world, consisting of roughly 8-12 foot tall people, they have the exact same stats as giants in the book, but they are more within the realm of mortal height, also they are different houses such as house of fire, house of storm, house of frost, race writeup will be forthcoming).

They found some of the captured people, including two elves and a handmaiden encased in blocks of ice in various states of butchery, they were able to retrieve the valuables for the loot pile though. They then proceeded on to find a few more elves and another handmaiden captured and kept them safe in one of Rabbit’s portable huts while they rested then continued on. It should be noted that the group (especially Key and Luke) invited the handmaiden to go home with them, and explained how Amal had abandoned her. Rabbit said nothing either way about the handmaiden coming back with them.

They came into the throne room and found instead of Glorion on the throne, Alluvian. She was dressed immodestly, her eyes blindfolded and chained sitting on the throne with silver and golden chains. She was guarded by two giants from the house of fire. Alluvian seemed to know the group was there though, and her head cocked in their direction as if watching or listening.

The group slew both giants from the house of fire and rescued Alluvian. Te’teh took Alluvian back to safety when the rest of the group came across Night Scale’s humanoid body. She was alive but barely, all her senses were burned/cut off and all her limbs as well. She was hung up in Mori’s trophy room. They pulled her down and as Luke was carrying her back an avatar of Mori himself stepped out of Glorion’s bedroom. Mori attempted to talk and charm Luke with no success as the group attacked.

Mori then focused on Jack, and while there were a few moments where Jack was overwhelmed, he very much forced back the mind control and stood his ground while he distracted Mori, the rest of the group was eventually able to chop Mori’s avatar down, banishing him back to the Abyssal Plane, where he would be back soon enough.

Key then returned to the surface to ask for help from her parents to shrink down Night Scale’s dragon body until they could put the two pieces back together. They found that time was erratic in the other plane, traveling both faster and slower. Rabbit was able to bring help and they retrieved everyone safely.

Upon return back to Arborlon they confirmed that Glorion was not present, he had proceeded deeper in the tunnels with Veronwe, his destination somewhere in the drow held underdark. Veronwe was in full avatar mode, meaning Corellon was trapped in his body and the priests to Corellon were losing the ability to connect as time passes on.

The group also found a way to reunite Night Scale’s two halves by resurrecting her. She took it without much angst and only remains angry she couldn’t protect Alluvian who is herself mentally fragile. They gave back Alluvian’s eyesight but found it immediately seemed to set off her oracle ability and all she would see was something so horrible she would only scream so they blindfolded her and while she can’t see she seems to be somewhat normal.

She still has her oracle visions with the blindfold or even with no eyes, but it seems that Mori replaced her eyes every time he wanted her to see something for him. The priests have not figured out yet how to break whatever was done with her on that.

The group then returned to Kokand for recovery of themselves, Alluvian and Night Scale and to prepare what they need to do from this point forward.


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