Key’s Tent (forum rp thread)

Title: Key’s Tent
RP Thread Number: 43
When Occured Between Sessions #20 “Deadly Obsession and # 21 “Raid on the Temple of Mori”
Location: Forest inside the Kingdom of Arborlon
Out of Game Date: Dec 29, 2018 – Jan 07, 2019
Participants: King and Queen Elenren, Keyleth
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Key flops face down on her cot not bothering to tie the tent closed. Her head spins with all that has happened, but she is surprisingly happy at the thought of her last site of Luke surrounded by all of his lovers. An image of a bright colorful bird  being bombarded by dozens of potential mates pops into her head and she laughs into her pillow a bit hysterically.


The tent flap flutters and a tall older elven male steps in. Anglerond stops at the entrance an just watches Key for a few moments, happiness on his face and especially in his eyes as he looks at her. He walks over and sits beside her“I would have bothered you sooner, but Luke’s tent was too damn crowded and it looked like someone was going to get stabbed soon.” his voice has an amused lilt to it.

“You have several people that want to speak to you. Your father, Khalil, and maybe even Amal. I am not sure if you want to talk with them alone, or bring Luke or Nestrim.” He leans over and takes her hand.


Key rolls over and sits up, reclaiming the hand that she had to let go of when she repositioned. She leans over and kisses him in greeting.

“You sound like you’ve been busy. Are they lined up outside my tent waiting to speak to me?” She smiled broadly on the verge of laughter. She clears her throat and get more serious.

“Lets start with Father. I’d like to give Luke and Nestrim a break for a bit. Did any of them say why they wanted to speak to me?”


Anglerond sits back still holding key’s hand. “He didn’t mention specifically, I am sure he will probably hold a meeting eventually with the Household, but he was concerned for you. I suspect it has to do with Alluvian being kidnapped. I can send for your father if you want him to come here. Your mother is… indisposed at the moment.” With those last words a more serious look crosses Anglerond’s face, “She isn’t taking this well about Alluvian. She hasn’t had an attack or freaked out, but she is brittle, you can feel it when you talk to her.”


All of the homor drains from her face. “I can go to them. Maybe I could talk with both of them. I’d like to be able to reassure Mother if I can.”

Anglerond kisses Key’s hand and stands up. “I am sure that would be fine, they should be available shortly so we can head over whenever you want.”


Key stands up and grabs her bag. She loops her arm around Anglerond’s and walks with him toward the tent flap.

“Lead the way My Lord.” She smiles playfully at him.

*** Scene Change***


Anglerond holds open the royal tent and the couple step in. In the extra large tent there are King and Queen Elenren sitting in the middle, while several advisors, servants and military personnel from different houses talk in small groups around them. “Welcome to House Elenren’s war tent my Empress.”


Key steps into the tent and gives her Mother and Father a small bow filled witg respect. She strides over and stands near them waiting for them to offer before taking a seat.

“You called for me? What can I do for you?”

King Elenren stands, a smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes as he sees his daughter. He takes her hand and helps her to the sit beside both the King and Queen. “Please, have a seat daughter, we have a lot to talk about.”

Queen Elenren, less able to cover her grief looks at Key and gives her a feeble smile, her eyes scream about the agony of losing a daughter. “It is good to see you child, we need to work some things out immediately.” She looks up at Anglerond, she seems unsure if she will ask the King to dismiss him or not.


Key looks at her mother with concern. She takes half a step toward her, but thinks better of it and sits. Her back straight, she pauses to maintain her composure.

“Tell me how I can help. Before you start I just want to say we will get her back.”

King Elenren nods to Anglerond, indicating he can stay for at least now and turns his attention on his daughter. “First, I want to say you have acquitted yourself wonderfully during these ceremonies and under these conditions.” He looks around, his eyes tired from lack of being able to rest, lack of food and worry for not only his daughter but his people.

“Thank you for stepping forward, you and your friends have given everything you have. I want to make sure that you or any of them do not blame yourselves for this. This was beyond what any of us could fully protect against or know.”

Queen Elenren takes a breath, reaches forward and takes Key’s other hand. “No matter what happens here Key, we do truly love you and are grateful you are part of our lives.” While she looks like she is grieving, she also seems to believe those words. Her eyes still have a small flicker of defiance, even with the exhaustion from possibly losing a second child, Alluvian after the loss of Artherien seems to have worn her down, but hasn’t stopped her stubbornness.


She looks between her parents for a moment, her rising anxiety starting to surface in the tapping of a heal against the floor. She notices it and stops.

“We did what needed to be done, we did our duty. I will relay your gratitude to them when I see them next.” She smiles at them in reassurance.

King Elenren smiles back at his daughter. His voice is showing some strain, but he is still in control “We need to discuss some unpleasant business, you want to start with family, friends or political?”

Queen Elenren seems to gather herself and the emotion disappears, all that remains is an icy resolve.


Key takes her hand back and leans back in her chair. She looks at them steadily.  “Start where your most comfortable.” She says simply.

King Elenren settles down, thinks for a moment and starts, “The first thing we should cover is succession. I have to assume Alluvian is gone permanently. We hope you can recover her, hope she is undamaged enough that she can still be heir, and still be accepted. However, the start reality is there is a large chance you won’t get her back, or if you do she won’t be able to handle being Queen. That means you are our last heir, and we will need to have recognition of that before you leave for the mission.” He gets quite and waits for a response.

Queen Elenren is quiet for the whole time, even when her husband says Alluvian may be gone permanently her icy coldness betrays no emotion. She pats Key’s hand reassuringly, “It will be ok daughter.”


Key takes a deep breath and lets it out. As if she’s inhaling the responsibility and letting it settle on her shoulders.

“Okay, as long as there is a way to transfer it back once Alluvian is home and able to assume her duties again. I understand your doing what’s necessary, but I will bring her home safe and whole.” She looks between the two of them.

“Is there a ritual that will need to be done or will a formal announcement do?”

King Elenren shifts in his chair slightly, “No ritual yet. If Alluvian is unable to fulfill her duties then when we get back to Kokand you can go through them there… Saying that, we may not be able to get home easily. There are more than 500 drow and their support in the forest around us, we have less then 300. They have the advantage, and preparation. I don’t know if we will make it home.” He looks over at his wife.

Queen Elenren sits forward, “By the time you get home, we may be dead if the drow attack, or worse. If this happens, I need you to assume control of House Elenren and have the archivist proclaim you queen immediately if something has happened. There will be a ritual then. It isn’t a fully guaranteed situation, no doubt some of the houses would use that to move their people forward, but it’s our optimal outcome if something happens to us. If you are unable to get the title of Queen you need to leave Arborlon immediately, find a place to recuperate and have Nestrim help you get back House Elenren and eventually your empire. Do not dally though, leave immediately if you are unable to get the position.”

As she finishes talking, King Elenren stays quiet, but for a moment there appeared to be something else he wanted to say.


Key sits quietly thinking for a moment. “I think those may be Amal’s troops. We have a tentative truce with her for the moment. Her people were abducted as well and I think she may go with us to get them back. I’ll speak with her when we are finished here and let you know after we have spoken. Is there anything else we should discuss?”

Both Queen and King Elenren look back and forth uncomfortably, Key’s father starts, “The last subject has to do with… Rabbit. This isn’t something we wouldn’t even consider talking about out here, but in case something happens you need to know.” He looks over at his wife then turns back, “We were surprised by her involvement in your aunt’s death. We have already dealt with our own misgivings about her heritage and even your mother still accepts that she has changed. The problem is the other households don’t view it that way. They were caught off guard like we were that Rabbit was involved, not only that but she participated in the capture of your aunt directly, and the death of several household’s relatives of higher rank.”

He takes a deep breath, “We are not being judgmental, you have accepted her and we accept that. Because you are our daughter and you claim kinship with Rabbit the other houses won’t do anything outward or direct using the court. I doubt there will be another attempted trial using an arbiter since she already went through Veronwe, even though that was not for the same situation. What it does mean is they are going to hire outsiders, or send their own, and they will try and kill Rabbit.”

He looks outside the tent flap for a moment, “This won’t just be for the next year, she will face this her whole life that she is alive and that those families have descendants. The fact she is a drow and accepted by our family makes it that much more harsh. We just need you to know this, it will put you and the rest of your team in danger from blowback. I am sorry.”

The King just sighs, touches Key’s hand reassuringly, “We wanted you to know what was coming. I can point two houses I am sure will look for payback, but I am sure several more will as well and I won’t know which of those.”


Key sighs in resignation.  “I understand. I will let Rabbit and the others know as well. Change is hard, I get that. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. I just hope one day those houses will see what Im trying to do and then we can come to an understanding.” She leans forward and puts her elbows on her knees. She looks directly at them.

“She is not that person anymore. I believe that everyone deserves a second hance that is willing to ask for one.”

King Elenren smiles at Key, a slight tinge of sadness at the corner of his eyes, “We do not doubt you or Rabbit’s resolve. However, it has been a very short time since she turned over a new leaf and such a very very long and horrid past that most people will still hate her, or at the very least distrust her. It is hard to change your life, and she may not be successful. Just don’t be angry at yourself if it doesn’t work out.”

He touches her hand reassuringly, “All I ask is you remember that when dealing with people and when trying to unite the kingdoms of elves. They won’t trust or believe so try and work around that issue. Also just keep an eye out, keep yourself and the rest of your team safe.”


Key gives them a nod of understanding, a touch of sadness in her eyes. “I will keep all you have said in mind. Can you delay your departure until after I’ve checked with Amal? I’ll be headed her way when I leave here.”

King Elenren nods, “We are not leaving until you and your team have left. We are keeping the households here so you have some deterrent to ward off any drow attack.”

Queen Elenren leans forward and kisses Key’s cheek, “Even though what we talk about is bleak, it doesn’t mean it will pass, or if it does that things will need end up for the better.”


Key hugs each of them in turn then stands.  “We have a long hard road ahead. Things will turn out how I want them if I work hard and keep everyone around me safe. That starts now.” Her words sound as though she was saying them to herself as well as the people in the room.

“Im going to talk to Amal. Im sure the troops are there merely to keep her safe.” She smiles and winks.

They both hug her back and motion for the others to be let back in, as she leaves her father says “We will meet again before you leave and go over the same subjects, maybe in more depth and with more feedback from everyone.”


“I think that would be an excellent idea.”  She walks toward Anglerond and the opening of the tent.


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