Concerning Rabbit – Letter from Izzy to Luke (correspondance)

Dearest Luke,

This letter comes to you because I could not say the words where they may be overheard. I apologize for my secrecy, even from Riisa, but it is especially from Riisa I wanted to keep the information separate and her safe. If she hears some of this, it may cause a backlash.

I needed to tell you that overall you are correct. Often a female child is recognized as being blessed and they are handed over for two reasons to the maidens. The first is they are destined to be maidens, they have the personality, drive and seem to be born with it. The second reason is fear that the girl child will rise up and supplant whoever placed them as a maiden. Either way it is felt for the stability of our society that they should be given to Lolth’s Handmaidens.

The life of a handmaiden is one generally of short servitude, death in battle that is usually not very clean, and as a weapon. However, there are some that have their own power within them. They rise up above the other maidens, become leaders of the maidens and sometimes personal maidens of matrons or very powerful priestess of Lolth.

All maidens are assigned a handler, a vel’shamress jabbress. This translates roughly in common to an administrative master. The smaller and vast majority of maidens are generally assigned as a group to a single Jabbress, but as they get more powerful, they can be given to a single handler whose whole purpose is to watch over and care for the maiden, and to control them when needed.

Riisa quickly outgrew a shared Jabbress and was assigned one. During a raid that handler died from Riisa herself in a frenzy. Like maidens a Jabbress is usually attuned to guiding the maidens and her first singular Jabbress did not have what was needed, so they assigned me.

When a maiden goes beyond an initiate’s rank and becomes fully indoctrinated into the mysteries of Lolth’s Maidens they are taken to someplace private. Not even I was allowed to go, but I did have a maiden who on her death bed told me what happens.

Maidens who attain that level of ferocity, ability to deal death and to hold that much power make pacts with certain demons. They become the mortal vessel of a named demon and both the maiden and the demon grow in power, one feeding off the other. However, the truth is that the demon generally feeds off the maiden far more.

Eventually the demons will inhabit the body when it becomes powerful enough, this is why the heart is taken. The heart is the link the demon needs and like all pacts with both abyssal and infernal entities, you can’t just kill someone and break it. The pact holds until you can either recover the heart and conduct some powerful rituals, or you permanently kill that demon. Your priestess has helped keep the claws of the demon away, but not even death stops a maiden pact.

One thing you should know, maidens’ bodies who have advanced beyond acolyte become incredibly easy to raise from the dead. After all, no powerful matron or demon would want to invest the incredible amount of energy on those maidens without the ability to bring them back and use them again. That means though that death or even reincarnation does not free them. I have seen attempts to have a high priest reincarnate a maiden, the end result was a screaming mass of demon in the end.

Riisa has been raised many times, each time a maiden is raised, a piece of them doesn’t come back. Riisa in the beginning would spend hours walking the fields of flowers on the surface picking them, but that slowly eroded until years later she would destroy them under her feet, or with fire. For however long the maidens are dead, their souls reside with the demon and my understanding is that it drives them mad. I fear one of these times when she is brought back it won’t be her, but it will be the demon instead. I tell you this because you seem to care.

I see how you look at Riisa, and I am surprised to see what I see from Riisa looking back at you. She won’t understand the emotions she feels, and she will probably lash out. My people have a hard time with love, or any semblance of it, more so for her. For some reason I get the impression that both you and Sekhmet herself may be patient enough, and I will be honest part of me is jealous of what I see. We were close, but I could never get her to give me that same look. I hadn’t realized how bad I had wanted it until I saw her give it to you.

Her mother and others want Riisa back badly, and they will cause a lot of pain in the end. Don’t trust any of my people, including myself. Sometimes none of us are in control of what we do, or more than likely are trying to move around politically and you cannot rely on it.

I have attached a gem that will tell you, and only you, the commands necessary for Riisa. Be warned that sometimes a maiden is very difficult to control, and it becomes a battle of will, usually its harder to stop the frenzy then start if you have to use this. The commands operate the same as a slave collar, but they are keyed in with her demon pact so can’t be fully erased. Be very careful who you give this information to.

I hope I get to meet with you and Riisa again, and I definitely hope for more repeats of those enjoyable evenings. That is one of the most enjoyable sets of days I have ever had. Until then Luke Morthos, son of Anekis Morthos, and Adrammelech brother of Asmodeus take care, and fare thee well.

Matron Izz’iira “Izzy” Noqu’ndar,
Founder of the Masked Herald of the Sacred Black Hearts

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