Luke’s Quarters (forum rp thread)

Title: Luke’s Quarters
RP Thread Number: 18
When Occured Between Sessions #14 “Grave of Dakhla” and #15 “Reprieve”
Location: Port Said
Out of Game Date: Oct 07 – 08, 2018
Participants: Luke, Nestrim
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There is a loud hammering sound outside of Luke’s room. The serving boy impatiently slams on the tieflings door, an annoyance at waiting obvious.

“Luke Morthos, I have a letter for you. Please answer your door soon.”

With that the boy steps away from the door, crosses his arms and waits a response.


Luke leans out of his door, and smiles at the boy. “Thanks. I’ve been expecting this.” He takes the letter and hands the boy a couple of silver for his trouble.

The boy nods quickly and leaves as soon as he can.

On the letter in Nesterin’s finely written script is the following letter.


Many apologies for the delay in my communications with you. Things have been incredibly busy with the situation that is unfolding with Artherien as I write this letter.

I do wish we had anticipated this more. All of us had assumed a woman might straighten him out, but that turned out to not be the case. I am not surprised by Artherien quitting Corellon. Artherien doesn’t like to put away his own being upset and pride, take for example the Rabbit situation, he never tried to comfort her and instead attacked the men responsible. He has never cared how others truly felt about his actions.

I brought your letter to my parents and after a long meeting we decided to do what we could. We decided to handle him softly, maybe the trauma of becoming an aasimar has been too much. Corellon is a forgiving soul, maybe we can get him on track with that. We decided to find out more about this situation and immediately Anglerond was sent to see Veronwe and ask him of the situation.

Artherien was soon at the gates and his arrival seemed awkward and forced. We didn’t notice anything more than the awkwardness of his normal returns. To be honest, Alluvial saw her brother the clearest. She was almost immediately upset at him and I have to admit I wish we had listened to her earlier. She cannot explain what bothered her about him, but even now she is terrified he will return. You heard me right, she is scared he will come back, not that he won’t come back.

After starting an entirely unnecessary set of dramas with locals, in the name of his true love, Artherien got angry and stormed out of the town. Part of the reason he was upset was that Anglerond went to Veronwe and was “sticking his nose where it didn’t belong”. When he left the city we followed after him, hopefully to find what was bothering him so much.

Sadly we lost him in the forest and even now we are attempting to find him. I am worried he went into the underdark. He always thinks he is immune to being harmed permanently, but I fear if he went there he won’t be able to get back. Anglerond came back during our search and talked with my parents. I haven’t talked to them yet about what Anglerond found, but I am going to join with Anglerond and we are both now taking some of our guard and participating in an expedition into the caves, to see what we can find.

As a side note, think of me as you will, but I am shocked and angered by the treatment of Keyleth. She is his wife, she has been nothing but loyal and even I shiver at the idea of stripping someone’s desire or will. I am grateful that she will stay with the family.

We have already moved forward to secure some of the houses in support of her. We have begun moving in other kingdoms and cities of elves with the same idea in mind. I will ensure she gets as much support as she can. I realize she won’t trust me, nor would I ask her to. However, she is the true queen of our people and I will do everything I can to support her.

I have recently picked up a stone, I am learning how to use it now as we speak. I absolutely am looking forward to speaking to you about more enjoyable topics. I am not saying I miss your presence at all, but I do think the day might be brighter if I saw your smile.

Talk to you soon, and hopefully about something that will leave us happier and more satisfying,



Luke smiles with relief. He sits back, and considers his next actions. To protect Key, he knew he had to navigate politics in the elven court with men and women hundreds of years practiced in the art. He was no match, but he also knew Key’s bloodline was so politically advantageous to the ruling family, they would likely do all they could, even if they didn’t like her. Luckily for him, they seemed fond of Key, and whatever their history with Artherien, that was helping Key’s cause.

He pulled a parchment out, and looked at it for some minutes before writing.


Thank you for writing back. I feel much relieved that Key has an ally with the court. The world we move in does not prepare us for the skills necessary to navigate such an environment. I have no doubt in time, Key will become skilled as she does with all her endeavors.

I am troubled that your sister is scared of Artherien. Did she say anything specific? She was in tune with him when we were there, and I can’t help but wonder if something happened with him that frightened her. Let’s just say his problem solving toolkit always seemed to come back to his anger.

If you need any help in all of this, just tell us what we can do. Sadly, we are not skilled enough to attempt to get into the Underdark just yet. It’s on our list for our quest, but not until later. Hopefully we will have learned more, and be less likely to die right off.

I have a stone, but be careful, they can be eavesdropped on. I think letters are actually more secure if you have anything sensitive to impart.

Thank you again, for writing back. You have put my mind at ease.

Key does plan to head back to your home city at some point. Perhaps we could trade smiles in person.

Thank you,


Luke seals the letter, and then goes down to the main floor, and out to the market. He finds a postbox, and pays several gold to have the letter expedited, and secured from prying eyes.

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