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Title: Luke’s Room
RP Thread Number: 17
When Occured Between Sessions #13 “Island of the Gods” and #14 “Grave of Dakhla”
Location: Port Said
Out of Game Date: Oct 02 – Oct 06 2018
Participants: Rabbit, Keyleth, Reggie
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Luke get’s up, and sighs. He’s slept longer than usual, but most of that was that he didn’t know what to do. The stray cat that had found it’s way into his room through his open window sat on his chest and made a noise of protest as he got up, but settled back down into the blankets to happily share it’s fleas, and go back to sleep.

On the floor next to the bed was a bit of his dinner he’d put down for the cat. On the writing desk was where he had many expensive balled up parchments that he’d half written and in his indecision ripped up.

“Well, I think it needs done. I will show Key before I sent it, but I need to send this. I just don’t like the position I am in, but I think Ira and the temple wanted me to see this. Perhaps Corellon, himself, being a good god was interested in my seeing this as well,” Luke tells the cat, who barely opens an eye in response.

He sits down at the desk and pulls out a new piece of expensive parchment, and starts to write.


Although I’d prefer to write you of more enjoyable situations, this is not one of them.

We found ourselves at the Island of the Gods. I believe that Glorion, who has now asked we call him Arthurian, was in enough anguish that his prayers were heard and it manifested for us.

Since he came to us, with wings grown, he has said he has no access to his god’s powers as a paladin. To my knowledge, being an Aasimar is a sign of divine favor, in contradiction. If he was having issues with his allegiances to Corellon, I think it has more to do with his instincts for vengeance and killing. In my research, I was surprised to find the god is actually a god of protection, music, and love for his people. Glorion had always told us he was a god of bloody vengeance.

So Arthurian, as he is now called, talked to his god face to face. I watched along with Te’Teh, and a manifestation of the temple. Corellon asked for Arthurian to make a choice between Key or himself. This is probably an issue due to Arthurian’s very conflicted relationship to Key.

I have to tell you that that relationship started out as a matter of convenience between them. It grew to more, and although they never consummated their marriage, I think if Arthurian had not been an ass, they would have. The night on the boat before we went ashore to the Island of the Gods, there was a fight between the two. I don’t know about what, but Key ended up in my rooms. She never said a word. Te’Teh told me later. Key has never had a bad thing to say about Arthurian.

Arthurian told his god he would go back to his service as paladin, but only if Corellon would rip away the memories Key had of their relationship, such as it was. I found this uncomfortably shocking. Arthurian acted as if Key would be devastated and would never be able to recover from his service to Corellon. It was shocking that he would make such a demand on a god, or such a demand that was obviously not good in nature.

Corellon offered to give Arthurian to his sister, because of Arthurian’s thirst for blood and vengeance, but Arthurian held his ground that unless Key would have all her memories removed of their relationship, he would not serve anyone.

When he came out of the temple, he decided to no longer travel with us, either. He has chosen to go back home instead, and “Prepare the court for Key”. I am certain Key has no designs on courtly life due to her vows as a monk, and her general down to earth personality. I am not sure any of us know what that means, and I felt something needed to be said to protect Key from this.

I understand her marriage to Arthurian is more than just the sum of it’s words to the royal family. Her bloodlines are beneficial. I also believe your family are good honest people. I am not sure what is happening to Arthurian. He has always had a side of him that seemed unable to understand a path that did not end in blood and death in his inflexible interpretation of his religion. However, I am concerned that he would teeter on leaving Key for paladin-hood if he could convince his god to rip her memories away, to only flip into supporting her by leaving.

I believe this might have to due with the mother of his child, a Drow we had never known about, showing up with a happy well adjusted ten-year-old boy. The Drow clearly still has feelings for Arthurian, and wanted him to know his son. We had to stop him from running off to the under dark after her to “rescue his son” but this choice to get away from Key, might have more to do with this reemergence of his former lover.

I am most concerned that he would so willingly remove her memories. The moral implications are troubling to me.

I would speak through the stones, but you do not have one.

I hope the next time we speak it is of much more enjoyable topics,


Luke then separates the two sheets. He carefully seals one, and sets out several gold to have it sent as fast as it can be to it’s recipient. The other he looks at and sighs.

He then leans out the door, and asks a passing Inn worker to retrieve Key for him, passing the girl a couple silver for the task.

He knows Key won’t be happy, but he also needs her to know she is married to someone that would have ripped away part of her mind.


Key takes the stairs two at a time and strides up to Lukes door. She knocks and waits for an answer.


Luke answers and instead of his normal smile, he looks serious.

“Come in, come in. I did t think our new friend needed to report this issue about the Elven royal family back to the library. I’m just going to hand you this letter I’m sending out today. I need you to read this and know what I saw in the temple,” Luke says in a rush.

He hands her a copy of his letter (see above) and motions to the desk chair as he shuts the door.

He then sits on the bed and nervously lets the cat. His motions are nervous and his eyes are worried.


Key smiles as she enters the room, but all sense of jovality drains away as she watches Luke. She takes the parchment and sits. She unrolls it slowly looking at her friend for answers. Finding none, she begins to read. Tears form in her eyes about half way through. She dashes them away before they can fall. When she finishes she lays the parchment gently on the desk like it may explode at any moment. She looks down at her hands for a very long time. When she looks up, every lime of her body is etched in sadness. She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly before she speaks.

“Well, I have a few new things to add to my to do list. Top most would be get an annulment. I can’t be with someone that would even consider doing that, no matter the reason. One thing I do need to let you know is, I will be a queen someday. That is one duty I can’t and won’t run from. If only to use that power to try and correct the injustices I see in the world. It won’t happen any time soon, but it will eventually.”

She moves to sit next to Luke on the bed, pulling a stone from her pouch as she does so.

“I have a call to make and I’d like you to stay if you would.”

She sets the stone down and removes the ruby wedding ring from her finger. The soft light it emits never deminishes as she lays it in her lap and picks up the stone again.


Luke wraps an arm around Key, “I’m really sorry. I think the temple or someone wanted me to see that. I needed you to know. I’ll sit here with you if you want as I’m the witness.”

He gives a squeeze to her shoulder, “I am so very sorry.”


Key leans into Luke for a moment then straightens. She takes a few deep breaths to steady her emotions.

“I would like you to stay if you don’t mind.” She looks to him, the lifts the rick and begins to concentrate.


Luke nods and gives Key a squeeze. “I am here for you.”

The stone vibrates against Key’s hand, pulsing when all of a sudden Key and Luke can both smell roses permeate the room. After a short few moments you can hear Queen Aluria’s soft voice,

“Keyleth, is that you? Are you all right?”

There is concern in her voice, along with what sounds like happiness that she might be speaking to Key.



Key takes one last steadying breath before she speaks.

“Its is, Im here with Luke. First though, what did Arthurian tell you when you spoke last. I put him into a portal yesterday and he should be to you soon.”

The Queen’s voice changes slightly, almost annoyed in its tone.

“No Keyleth, your husband came home yesterday and then left immediately out of the city. Aglerond sent four rangers after him to watch over him. He seems upset, and I wonder if it has to do with the reports that he isn’t carrying his sword.”

The unsaid question about what happened is still in her words.


Luke sits quietly and lets Key tell her story.


Luke clears his throat and says, “I witnessed it. His god met him in person on the island, in the temple. It was a long discussion. Corellon discussed Arthurian’s thirst for violence and vengeance and offered to pass Arthurian to his sister as that might be more vengeance bent, and have more in common with Arthurian’s more aggressive side. I believe, not that I’d know the mind of a god, that it had less to do with his devotion to Key, and more to do with Arthurian’s shift in moods which have been hot and cold. My impression was that Corellon cared for Arthurian, but since he’s gained his wings he’s been off to what we have come to know. I can’t help but think Corellon was making the demand to save Arthurian from his own misguided sense of duty. He then said he would be happy to serve Corellon, but only if Key’s memories were removed. His argument was that Key hadn’t agreed to his service to Corellon. Yet, he was a paladin with Key agreed to the marriage. It made no sense to me, and I should have spoken up at the time, but interrupting someone’s discussion with their god is not really a good idea.”

Luke flounders a moment more and says, “I’m sorry. I wish I had better news.”

The Queen’s voice seems to be an orchestra of feelings. The very edges of her voice betray a tension, a cold anger that could freeze a mountain river. However, her actual talking voice becomes incredibly warm, ensuring that she cared about Key. This all was coated in a sense of concern for her new daughter.

“Let me make this absolutely clear Keyleth Galanodel. You are loved by myself, by your newly adopted father and especially by your little sister. I can also say without hesitation that Nesterin supports you, and he is difficult, but you are his family.”

She intakes a deep breath, frustration, rage and confusion emanate from her voice.

“You are still part of this family, if you still want to be. What happened is not acceptable, ever. If you want to be allowed to leave our family I wouldn’t stop you. However, I hope you will stay with us. We will support you no matter what. As for Artherien, I need to speak to your father before he hears it otherwise. He would move aggressively and without hesitation if he doesn’t hear what you want.”

Her voice has a question in it,

“What do you want my daughter, what do you want done with Artherien?



Key places a hand on Lukes shoulder and squeezes. The gesture a thank you. She continues her pacing as she listens to The Queen. She stops abruptly and stairs at the stone as if she could see the person on the other side.

“I would like to stay with the family. You have no idea what your support means to me. I still… have feelings for your son and don’t want to see him harmed, I just can’t stay married to him. I’m sorry if I have brought on any shame or dishonor to.. our family. Ive learned quite a bit from this experience and I plan to take steps to not let anything like this happen again.”

She finally sit in the chair in front of the desk, exhausted from the last few moments.


Luke keeps his arm around the elf, in a show up support for how difficult this must be for her.

There is a murmur on the other side of the crystal, the queen must be issuing an order. Quickly her voice returns,

“You have brought no stain, no dishonor, nothing like that. You have done nothing but brought us happiness, and honor, you have only brought us gain. All of the problems that are occurring are on others, and those others will be dealt with appropriately.”

Her voice almost immediately becomes calm.

“You have done wonderfully. I just want to tell you that I am here for you. Come home when you can and we will talk. Call me whenever you want, I am here for you. With Artherien gone do you want me to send Anglerond?”



Key wipes at her eyes and sits up straighter, but doesn’t leave the support Luke has given. She nods, a decision being made in her head.

“Im glad that my actions have brought honor to our house. Yes, please send Anglerond if you can spare him. Could you send some texts on history and politics as well? With Arthurian’s leaving I have also lost my tutor in those areas. Need I come home in order for the annulment to take place?”

There is more murmuring,

“Your father says that Anglerond is out of the city at the moment, but he will come to you as soon as he can. However, he is receiving a crystal and you can talk with him and get lessons whenever you want remotely. Also Nesterin says he will help with that as well. Nesterin is very familiar with the politics and the ruling councils.”

The queen gets quiet for a moment, “I realize you do not like Nesterin, but he will support you and back you. Even if the two of you disagree on specifics.



Luke says nothing about Nestrim and the situation at hand. He just sits quietly letting Key and the queen say their piece. As a commoner, with no blood or say in ruling matters, it was best to stay as a quiet support for Key.


Key is quiet for a moment, face growing pensive.

“I understand. Tell them both thank you for me. Is there any way Nestrim could get a stone as well? It would make things easier, I have a lot to learn when it comes to politics.” She looks to Luke, a mischievous gron starting at the corners of her mouth.

“Also, we are planning a trip into the desert. Im not sure how long we’ll be gone. I can let you know when we are on our way back and you can send Anglerond then.”

The Queen’s voice is clear, and reassuring,

“I will make sure Nesterim has access to a stone, he will help you whenever you need it. Anglerond will meet with you when you get back.”

Her voice hesitates.

“I want to thank you Luke for looking after Key, all of us have noticed it and are in your debt”



Luke smiles, and continues to be supportive to Key. They don’t need to know Nestrim will be getting his own letter with the fastest mail service gold could buy. Nestrim might have been 4he villain in Aruthurian’s stories, but th4e man was a politician, and heir to the throne. He was young and brash for an elf, but he was also a man of his word. He’d apologized to Rabbit, and he’d turned out to her much better than expected. The thing was, Luke had gone all out politically to make the man’s life difficult in a long reaching way. Yet, Nestrim had taken it in stride, and come to appreciate the little band of adventurers. He’d even supported Key in this bizarre marriage of convenience that had apparently blossomed into more.


Key winks at Luke.  “We all take care of each other. We’re family. I wont take any more of your time. I know that you are very busy. Please give my sister a hug for me. I’ll let you know when we are on our way back home. If you need me sooner just let me know.”

Queen Aluria’s voice has a tinge of fondness,

“I realize it has been a short period of time, but the family has grown to care for you, and I daresay it has blossomed into a familial love. Alluvia talks nonstop about you and Artherien, I will have to approach that situation and be honest with her. She is a smart girl and is almost an adult, and will figure it out even without the rumors. I daresay the rest of your little band is appreciated around here, I even had Nesterim ask about Luke.”

A musical chuckle can be heard,

“Imagine that… We will see you soon, and keep in contact regularly. I will secure Nesterim a stone and he can start your lessons. Take care daughter, take care Luke.”



Luke waits until the stone is truly dead and the connection is gone before turning to Key.

“You have to be careful. I’m not saying these aren’t good people, but you are of incredible value to them. I just want to make sure you know you bloodline’s worth. Politically it is more important to keep your bloodline close than have a wayward bastard son that keeps getting in trouble. I’m not saying they are also not kind and caring, but don’t forget they have a job to do, and that is to keep their power consolidated,” Luke cautions.


Key places the stone back in her pocket and listens very closely to what Luke is saying. She signs deeply.

“I completely agree. This is probably a blessing in disguise. If Im going to be a queen someday I need to make sure that my bloodline is consolidated as well. Im going to do a few things to that end starting with my last name. Im dropping theirs and keeping mine. When I do marry, whom ever I marry will have to take my last name. It will also need to make me stronger politically speaking. I really do appreciate what you did. Im sure it wasn’t an easy thing to do. I’d also appreciate any and all help. This is all so far out of my wheele house…”


Luke sighs in relief, and says, “It’s outside my wheelhouse, but let’s just say racially my demonic heritage gives me some insights on what someone could use against you. I didn’t mean to pull you away from your night. I just needed to tell you before I sent out a letter of my own.”


Key hugs the large man fiercely.

“You are fine, this was something I needed to hear. Shall we go down and have some breakfast?”

She lets go and looks up to him.


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