Keyleth’s Journal – “Deadly Obsessions” (journal entry)

Keyleth’s Personal Journal Entry (12/29/18) for “Deadly Obsessions”

We spent the last 2 weeks in the forest. I have to say it was among the most boring time I had spent in many years. I thought the drow households that showed up would add some excitement, they turned out to be the tip of the Iceberg, & the lesser of the evils we ended up with on our adventure in the woods.

About a day after the drow came my old master from the order of the band came with a contingent of Monks. That was some much needed peace of mind, but it was the last we would get for the remainder of the trip. They were there to keep me Safe and im glad they came.

A few days after that an undead elven man showed up at the edge of the cleaning. The short version of his name is Brock. So will call him that. He was a representative from the Raven Queen. We had a talk with Brock & he said that he was here to observe only. He wanted to know which way the wind was blowing here. He asked me for a dance later that night and I said yes. He’s a pretty good dancer. We had just settled into a boring rhythm when Glorian showed up a few days later.

Evidently 4 of the houses had given him an invite, we will get to the bottom of that as time permits. He did his usual smarmy dealings. He made sure to visit every elven house but ours to throw us off his trail. He taunted Rabbit + Anglerond.

We got Rabbit to walk away. Anglerond, he was able to gode into a fight. I had to Insist on an apology. Luke is right if Glorian wants a fight we should not give it to him. It should be noted that he taunted everyone but me. We spent the next few days like this, neither side being able to draw blood, both really hoping the other would. On the last day, after Alluvian had officially taken up her mantle, Glorian decided to finally make a move.

There was a fight outside the breakfast tent. 4 of the houses archers had been ordered to attack Amal’s people. We Quickly found out that all of her handmaidens, the bolrog, 2 gargoyles, 2 displacer beasts, Veronwe and his Fey had vanished without a trace a without making any noise. We had to stop the fight with as little loss of life as possible. This was an attempt to set us up for another war with the drow.

Luke, Jack & Anglerond waded in to help stop the fighting. I was Standing next to Amal when She was Stabbed with poison daggers. Rabbit stepped in to help me with the would be assassins & we got the fighting stopped with the help of one of Jacks spells.

When I sent for a potion to cure Amal we found that there were none in the camp. Glorian had taken them ail when he visited each campsite. I turned to Glorian to ask him for a potion. I noticed Te’Teh sneaking up behind him so I kept him talking. She was able to get what we needed to Save Amal. None to soon because her army in the woods was gearing up.

With our options limited, I started to question Glorian about the missing. I guess Luke and Te’Teh had planned something, another distraction. Luke came up behind me, whispered ‘Im Sorry’ in my ear & grabbed my boobs. That was the moment we found out Glonan’s big weakness. He is still obsessed with me. He flew into a rage & attacked Luke. It was the excuse we needed to attack him.

It was a bloody fight + luke was down for all of it. Glorian took the cowards way out & Vanished before he was taken out. Te’Teh was able to take his bag. From there we were able to find out that he had teleported all the missing to the same pocket dimension where we fought the angels. One of whom we are sure is his mother. He is also working with Mori. I suspected this but now we know for sure.

I asked Brock if he would be willing to help. After some coaxing he agreed. Im sure I’ll owe the Raven Queen a favor after this. He is going back to his home plane to find a way to use the stone we found in Glorian’s pouch to transport us to the same place the others went without dropping us into a cell with them. So now we wait

OH! I almost forgot, after Glorian disappeared and things calmed down a bit,’ Mother came to us to say that Alluvian & Nightscale were missing too.

So how the missing count is:

5 Handmaidens
1 Bolrog
2 Displacer Beasts
2 gargoyles.
1 avatar of Correllon
2 fairies
1 Elven Queen
1 adolecent dragon.

We have Some work to do…

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