Deadly Obsessions (session summary)

Foggy Forest of Arborlon

Adventure Name: “Deadly Obsessions”
Session Number:   20
In Game Date:
 3.20.5751 (Merchant Calendar)
Out of Game Date:
   December 29, 2018
Group XP Earned: 4,800 xp each

Characters Involved:



  • None



Brief Description of Events:  The team spent the better part of two weeks trapped in the woods, with 13 haughty elven houses, 3 drow houses, an unexpected representative of the Raven Queen, an angry Desert Horse Master and visiting monks. Followed by their very own reviled Glorion.

Secrets were revealed about several people, old anger ignited and new alliances formed between unlikely drow and the team. These secrets included Rabbit’s participation as a maiden, Glorion’s ability to get permission to enter the ritual and Nestrim officially inviting Keyleth’s monk order to show her support.

Insults and threats were plenty between drow and elves, between Glorion and the team. This even included members of four different houses attacking and killing some of the drow in revenge for the prior ritual the drow had attacked.

All the while the team was making alliances with others, including a representative of the Raven Queen of Shadowfell arriving and agreeing to help the group after the betrayal. Initial mistakes in negotiating were fixed by Keyleth while Jack made “inroads” with the drow handmaiden and even with Amal, Rabbit’s sister and drow matron.

During the entire ritual the team deftly avoided Glorion’s challenges and instead returned those challenges with slights that Glorion could not capitalize on in his favor. The end result was Luke grabbing Key’s breasts from behind and insulting Glorion and Keyleth’s agreement of those insults. 

Glorion attacked Luke viciously with all of his hell knight and paladin training, stabbing Luke four times putting him down but not out, while the rest of the team attacked Glorion back, driving him off with Key’s monastic training, Jack’s effective spell use and a bit of frenzy from Rabbit. It was during this distraction and after when the group realized multiple powerful people including Veronwe, Night Scale, Alluvian, handmaidens, a demon balrog and others had disappeared.

The final part of the ritualized meeting was obviously a betrayal by Glorion. The session ended with the group preparing to find those that disappeared with Glorion.

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