Submission and Renewal (session summary)

Brief Description:  The group has finally arrived back at the Island of the Gods. Jack put on the mantle of Cleric for Tsovinar, while Luke put aside his clerical vestment and donned the armor of a Paladin of Sekhmet.

While at the island they were visited by Glorion for a tense encounter, emotional drain and a wild explosion of a ship as they left. There was also consummation of pledges with goddesses and visits by as yet unborn daughters.

The group then proceeded on to Arborlon where they met with House Elenren and travelled to the meeting site. They also met with Kalil, a representative of the elven horse tribes who wanted to see for themselves what this empress offers.

Once at the site and engaged in both boring and anxiety driving negotiations they were interrupted by an unexpected visit of three drow houses claiming rights to attend the ritual. The group met the three incoming houses and now await the results.

Rabbit’s sister Amal

Adventure Name: Submission and Renewal
Session Number:   19
Date:   December 16, 2018


Group XP Earned: 5,100xp each

Characters Involved:



  • 5,000gp earned for group by Night Scale



Brief Adventure Description:

The group landed on the island of the gods and found the following:


  • Traveled into the Northern Islands by route of the Iberian peninsula to pick up Maynor.
  • Arrived on the island with no problems, prepared individual rituals.
  • Ira (Luke and Rabbit’s supposed daughter) met with everyone and chatted.
  • Encountered Glorion and his demands that they ask for forgiveness.
  • Found out on the island that Alluvian’s aunt cannot be contacted, instead when Queen Elenren was pregnant with Alluvian she utilized a necromancer to put her sister (aunt to Alluvian) soul in Alluvian’s gestating body. No one is sure if the soul in Alluvian is hers, her aunts or she has two.
  • Group explained situation to Alluvian who seemed to take it well, a bit shellshocked and quiet, but accepted it without complaint.
  • Left the island and watched Glorion’s ship explode from Anglerond’s sabotage.
  • Arrived at Arborlon to meet the Desert Horsemaster Tribes representative Kalil.
  • Arrived on site in the forest with 13 elven households, each consisting of 21 individuals. Some households were mostly military with a a leader and family representative, some were almost entirely servants, family with a scattering of guard. Total of 273 elves.
    • Elven households involved (first names not given for people not met yet):
      • House Elenren– home – Alluvian, King Elenren, Queen Elenren, Anglerond, Nestrim, Head Archivist, Te’The, Keyleth, Luke, Jack, Rabbit,  Night Scale, 3 Royal Guard, 3 servants, 3 Rangers
      • House Galadal – Household Leader,  2 sons, 10 guard, 8 servants
      • House Kiglinathor – ally Household Leader,  1 son, 1 daughter, 10 guard, 8 servants
      • House Bognaer -close friend and ally Household leader, son, mage, 18 Guard 
      • House Bertanthor – Household leader, son, mage, 18 personal Guard,
      • House Cromron -ally Household Leader,  1 son, 1 daughter, 10 guard, 8 servants
      • House Taldragas -ally Household Leader,  1 son, 1 daughter, 10 guard, 8 servants
      • House Aldadhen – major detractor Household Leader,  1 son, 1 daughter, 10 guard, 8 servants
      • House Tanyalh’n – Household Leader, Wife,  2 sons, 1 daughter, 8 guard, 8 servants
      • House Augendial – ally Leader, Wife, Nephew, 2 sons, 3 daughters, 1 granddaughter, 8 servants and 4 guard
      • House Elenviel – Household leader, daughter, cleric, 18 personal Guard
      • House Tinuvaul – Household leader, daughter, mage, 18 Guard
      • House Tsiriuth – Household leader, son, mage, 18 personal Guard
  • Later 3 Drow households arrived, demanding recognition of the original Surana Kings offers to attend these rituals. The houses consisted of the following:
    • Amal’aonar Ara’bund.  (“Amal”) (Blessed Guardian  Daughter of the Spider’s Kiss), imperious, demanding and pretty hateful of everything, especially her sister. She is especially blessed by Lolth since Rabbit turned away. She is always followed by 2 displacer beasts named Sarn’elggar (Punishment), and Justron (Wrath).
      • 1 Balor Demon as personal guard
      • 1 Sibriex as pet
      • 1 consort as second personal guard
      • 1 Drow Inquisitor
      • 4 Gargoyles
      • 8 Elite Drow Knights
      • 5 Handmaidens
    • Izz’iira Noqu’ndar (“Izzy”)   (Masked Herald of the Sacred Black Hearts) – Served under Rabbit for a long time as part of the Court Guard assigned to the Matron’s handmaiden. Obviously old flame or some sort of relationship.
      • 2 Handmaidens
      • 12 Black Guard (slaves)
      • 2 Driders
      • 1 Half Red Dragon Gladiator  slave
      • 1 Blue Slaad
      • 2 Githyanki Knights
    • Rik’Lael Kil’rret  (“Rik”) (Magic Iron People of the Void) (male), the least powerful of the drow, establishing a new hold under his governance. 
      • 1 Drow Inquisitor
      • 4 Black Guard of various races (2 orcs, 1 dwarf and 1 human)
      • 14 Elite Drow Knights
      • 2 Troll


  • Received the letter from the library of Serapis telling him how to contact Tsovinar.
  • Performed the ritual on the island, made contact with the siren Ligeia
  • Agreed to free the goddess and to serve her, in trade he received clerical powers.
  • Pulled Alluvian to safety, away from Glorion when he attempted to approach his sister.
  • Was present for both Corellon and Sekhmet’s appearance.
  • Captained the ship as the Golden Dragon watched the Glorious Blasphemy explode from the powder kegs detonating.
  • Stood watch over the rest of the team with lightning ready, not only when on the island with Glorion, but also at the elven meeting site with the drow.


  • Was present for Corellon and had a rune on her sword revealed to her. Corellon offered to take her on, but she politely declined.
  • Confronted Glorion on the island and kept him away from the other rituals occurring.
  • Met with Kalil, the Tasm tribe member of the elven horse lords.
  • Met with the other elven household members.
  • Met with the three drow households, kept friendly and cordial relations with them.


  • Luke received the ritual of paladin hood from Salkya
  • He met with Corellon and convinced the elven god to release the sword of Glorion which turned out to be a moonblade to him for revenge on the fall of Glorion.
  • Ira met with Luke and gave him a picture of 11 children, Luke, Nestrim, another male adult and a smiling Rabbit who is incredibly pregnant with the 12th child.
    • Everyone seemed happy, and there seems to be an immense set of details in the picture, leading Luke to believe there may be more communication within the image.
    • There is one big difference, the first time Luke met Ira, she had never met her mother who had died not long after her birth, the new image indicates that doesn’t happen the same way, so things have changed.
  • Luke dedicated himself to Sekhmet as a paladin, she appeared and they consummated their relationship.
  • Luke received the sword “Asim Madu” (Protector of the People) from Sekhmet.
  • Luke antagonized Glorion by licking his head and neck, forcing Glorion to leave.
  • Luke escorted everyone until they reached the meeting site where he advised Keyleth on the houses, including the drow houses.


  • Rabbit spent most of the night dancing to the songs and music she could hear in the wind, a slightly different tune she hadn’t heard since she was a child.


  • Absolutely nothing happened with Te’Teh. She enjoyed a hearty rabbit stew with Jack and the Norse barbarian Maynor. Nothing divine or unusual occurred as she avoided most problems in her normal out of the way self.

Notes: None

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