Luke’s Diary – “Submission and Renewal”

Luke’s Diary 12/16/18

Luke’s diary entries for the 12/16/18 session of the campaign, the session titled “Submission and Renewal”.

Rabbit, Te’Teh, and Key took Alluvia out to celebrate before her coronation. Key never drinks, and was not prepared for a three day bender, and was a bit worse for wear. Rabbit kept contacting me on the stones, so blind drunk nobody on the other end understood her. I tried to have Nesterim translate as his understanding of the Drow language is better than mine, and in her drunken state she would only speak Drow. However, she was apparently talking gibberish.

Salkya brought me the ritual to ask for Paladin-ship. It requires sand from the desert, provided by Salkya, and blood beer, bread, and a prayer rug and some candles. It seems rather straight forward. Call the four corners, and meditate whole eating and drinking. It’s a 3000 year old ritual. Sekhmet has not taken a paladin in millennia.

Jack founda ritual to reach Tsovinar. He will be trying to make contact with her. He will be taking steps to become a cleric as I am becoming a Paladin. Unlike myself, I think Jack’s motivations are more because of the circumstances of his unusual birth.

We will be returning to the Island of the God’s to attempt this. While we go, we will be taking Alluvia so she can try and contact her Aunt, who also was an oracle.

In order to get to the island, we need someone that knows how to do so reliably. We know which port Maynor, the Norse shaman lives at, and we decided it would take more time to try and find the island than to go get Maynor first.

We then went to the cold Norse lands where he lives. We found Maynor. He was in jail for insulting the Yarl by sleeping with his daughter. It cost 100 gold to get him out. Once the jailer realized we would pay it with out hesitation he tried to argue for me, but we showed enough outrage to prevail.

-100 gold from the group.

We then went drinking with Maynor. We told him the story of Glorion and he agreed to come with. He was fairly horrified. I think going with us get’s him away from home as well, because he is in a bit of trouble there.

He had us strap stinking fish to the sails, but I doubt it had anything to do with finding the island, and everything to do with his own amusement. I think he also might be camouflaging what he does to get to the island. Having gteh wrong people there isn’t a good idea, and he hardly knows us.

When we got to the island, Jack rowed out from shore just enough to perform a ritual to dedicate himself was Tsovinar. A siren came out of the sea and accepted his pledge for Tsovinar. She also ate all the ritual bread. He was dedicated to Tsovinar, and as far as we know is the only priest for her in existence.

Then it was my turn to try and argue the sword that Glorion abandoned out of Corellion’s grasp in order to screw with Glorion. The one thing Glorion knew was weaponry. He had a capacity for knowing every detail of what could kill which creature, and prepared accordingly. I have no doubt it’s an excellent sword.

My hope was to convince Corellon to give me the sword, and to then give it to Sekhmet and ask her to let me wield it as a paladin for her. I figured my best chance of becoming a paladin was with a trick of vengeance so deliciously hilarious she couldn’t’ refuse.

I had no idea how to talk to Corellon, and did what would do for Sekhmet. We are not a sect of high ritual. Alluvia then helped me with the overly involved high brow prayers that the elven god apparently likes. I threw myself into it, and committed fully, but it was long and boring. Corellon then came to talk in person.

Firstly, he was not prepared to be called by a Tiefling. He made some typical Elven comment regarding my being an unusual looter. Secondly, he regards Alluvia with sadness.

I bargained with Corellon and he agreed to give me the sword. My payment was to kick Glorion’s ass when I could, and to have Rabbit place flowers in a vase on his alter.

While we negotiated, Corellon revealed that Glorion’s family sword was actually a moon blade. The idiot had literally been carrying it the entire time we had known him. I knew he felt his family sword was important, but even he didn’t know just how much so. It must have been dormant for generations, and forgotten. Or asked to be forgotten.

I offered to rescind my request, because I don’t want to take the family moon blade out of play. If it comes to me, it will go to Sekhmet, which I was open about. It won’t be the same family moonblade once that happens. However Corellon felt betrayed, and I think for him giving me Glorion’s sword was too tantalizing to give up. If his divorce form Lolth is any indicator, he can be angry and petty when aggrieved. He cleared the decision with Alluvia because she is the head of her family now, and she emphatically agreed. She said I’d need it in the future, which wasn’t comforting.

We then went out to get food around the fire, so I could eat before going to Sekhmet’s temple.

At this time a giant ship with four masts flying a flag with a boot crushing a skull. This is an island of ALL gods, and that means even the evil ones. I persuaded Rabbit put the flowers in Corellon’s vase. It was quiet and nice. She still shook when she left, but I wanted her to do it before the ship landed.

The ship was filled with devil’s, and Glorion, himself. He decided to prepare the world for the “Three and the One in the old ways”. We mostly insulted him. I made sure to let him know he carried the moon blade.

The island is a sacred truce and is not a place where anyone is allowed to fight, from our understanding. This was Glorion’s as well, and he made sure to just walk into our camp as if he hadn’t tried to kill us, committed genocide against whole villages, and given Alluvia screaming nightmares about his actions during her visions. I’m not sure he knew the extent of what Alluvia sees.

He walked in and picked up the conversation as if he’d never left. He talked to us as if he hadn’t betrayed Key, and the rest of us. He acted as if he was a big enough person to forgive us if we joined him. I think someone in that addled brain of his he truly things we betrayed him by not falling to an evil god, and chasing after him on this bullshit.

It’s like he just didn’t remember trying to kill Rabbit, or infiltrate the noble houses in Arbolon, and throwing everything he had at us in a street fight when we found him out. He always was an idiot blinded by his own hubris.

Then he tried to approach Alluvia. Jack took her away from Glorion, and I proceded to lick the side of his head, and the back of his hair until he went away. I know the big idiot, and his only problem solving abilities involve stabbing someone to death, on this island there is no fighting. He doesn’t have any other problem solving abilities, so he sat in stunned silence for a few minutes too proud to show it bothered him. Then he made a reason to go back to his crew.

I invited Alluvia to come to my ritual with Sekhmet. With all the cats I felt she’d feel safer from Glorion. I doubt he’s welcome anywhere near that temple.

My ritual was supposed to last 12 hours. That’s when Glorion decided to try to talk to Key. He offered to forgive her for something. It was as if asking Corellon to wipe all her memories of their marriage didn’t happen. He still kept his wedding ring, as if the ring he’d given to key hadn’t disintegrated on her when he’d left. She was so incensed, she pulled out the remains of her ring out of her pack, and tossed me the stone, and asked if I could request that Sekhmet add it to Gorion’s old pommel.

Ira, my possible daughter, came and saw me. She was older and had a large scar across her face. She took the sword and put it into a different sheath. She then gave me a scroll with a painting showing me, and Rabbit, Nesterim, and 11 children with one on the way. I’ll study it later in case Ira embedded clues for the future.

I am more than certain that Sekhmet wasn’t knowledge imparted to us, but can’t directly give it. This bringing of my future daughter to me, is a loophole, which is what we do so well in my religion.

She then went out, found Glorion sitting at the entrance and kicked him in the face, and beat him until he left. We should take note of the fact that he healed instantly. I’m not sure why.

My theory is either Ira knows the rules of the island better than we do and can push the limit, or she is imbued with more than just paladin hood, and is more a personification of Sekhmet herself. I can’t be sure which, and there is no way to know.

Then an avatar of Sekhmet herself came to me as a beautiful cat headed woman. We discussed my request to be a paladin, and why I wanted to do it. She was amused by my choice in weaponry, and I think it was what pushed her over the edge to agreeing. She asked to consummate this relationship, and we did. In a way, it is certainly like a marriage, and we had bread, beer, and time. She admonished me not to die because she was going out of her way to do this for me, but I think it was an expression of worry.

Then Ira took us aside and said Alluvia would not be able to talk to her aunt here on the island. While you can talk to the dead there, Alluvia’s aunt wasn’t amongst the dead. She explained that Alluvia was actually her own aunt that Alluvia’s mother resurrected into her own body to bring back alive.

This means, after Alluvia’s mother lost her sister, she found a necromancer to take her sisters life and then intertwine it with a new daughter, and resurrect her that way. It would explain Alluvia’s very strikingly similar oracle abilities. We don’t know if that means there are two souls in Alluvia’s body, or if the body is just host to the original soul of Alluvia’s “Aunt.”

That’s when Anglerond came to us, soaking wet. I learned he had swam out to the ship, and stolen a communication stone from Glorion’s network, and a necklace Glorion favored, “To track him by”. It’s not shocking Glorion had access to his own stones from the Arborlon royal treasury before he turned. This means we can eavesdrop on him, as we suspected him of doing to us.

We then left the quickly do to Anglerond’s urging. Once on the ship we got to watch Angelrond’s long fuse set off Glorion’s ship powder. The whole ship went up. Jack is right, never have fire on a ship. Lesson learned.

We then told Alluvia of the story about herself. She took it well, and we will have Salkya and the Sekhmet temple look her over in light of this new information. Nesterim will have to be told as well.

When we arrived in Arbolon several weeks later, we found an emissary of the desert elves was left on his ship in port with restrictions to stay there until Empress Key came back. Key then fixed that issue.

We then met up with Nesterim, and sorted out the issue with Khalil, the desert elf, and told Nesterim about Alluvia.

There wasn’t a lot of time, and we set out for the coronation. This is a 3-4 week ritual where each elven house brings 21 members to a sacred clearing, and basically they all camp out and have ritual arguments to hash out posssible alliances, and ask the god’s blessings.

The Arborlon noble houses came. Each was allowed to bring 21 householders of their choosing for a total of 273 individuals. Some houses brought martial forces, some just brought family and staff. It was quite a mix. Some folks looked like they were going to war, and others on vacation.

We were by far the most diverse, racially, and with Nightscale, had a full young adult copper/black dragon with us hidden as Alluvia’s friend.

The next day the bickering began. It was long winded courtly bickering over basic rights, and what ever the hell slights Elven noble houses had with each other from thousands of years past. It was long and boring.

Rabbit then called on her stone from scouting, and told us three Drow groups were approaching.

We alerted Alluva’s father, and he pulled everyone in his house, but himself and a couple rangers out. We then went to see.

We found that that there were three Drow households taking advantage of a 5000 year old invitation from the Surana household. Key’s ancestor had tried to treat with the Drow, and bridge the elven gap before his death.

The surface elves seemed content to let Key and our group meet the Drow to see what they were doing. We met all three houses in turn.

House 1: Head – Rik’lael Kil’rret is the head of the male-led house. His house is 60 years old. He seems military, and said he was of the smallest of the three coming in. He seemed to speak more plainly, and was just as guarded against the other two Drow households as he was with the elves. I suspect his motives is to see if he can take advantage of a possible Arborlon treaty, as he’s a very small minority house in Drow society. Being male-led, he is also stigmatized, and has most traditional avenues of Drow advancement cut off to him.

House 2: Head – Azz’Iira Noqu’Ndar, also called Izzy. She was Rabbit’s second in command before Rabbit left. She came with two injured Maidens, a half dragon, and two dryders. She said she had heard of the open invitation. She has a lot of non-Drow. She also traveled with a Blue Slod, a giant mutation causing frog giant. She even had a Githianki. She is clearly Rabbit’s ex-lover. I suspect her motives is to find a way out, whle keeping her power intact. Upon meeting Key she immediately set about trying to dicker a deal and was willing to remove all slavery from the surface to do it. That’s huge.

House 3: Head – Amal’Aonar Ara’Bund, Rabbit’s sister, and high Priestess of Lolth from Rabbit’s mother’s house. No desire to unify. Just here to see what’s going on. She came on a summoned steed, with two displacer beasts, a Balor Demon, and a Sibriex an abyssal demon. She also had a consort trained to protect her. As if that wasn’t enough, she had four flying gargoyles. She seems yucky. She is a direct instrument of Rabbit’s mother, one of the elder most matrons in the Underdark. She was probably sent to figure out who Key is, and what is going on. She’s a blunt instrument, not a master of intrigue, but she’s an effective and evil blunt instrument.

This added 63 Drow to the already existing 273 Arborlon noble elves. None of these people are our friends, and if it all goes up like Glorion’s ship, I have no idea who the Drow will choose ot fight, whether it be each other, the Arborlon nobles, or us.


5100 while in the temple to bump us up to level 9, allowing multi classing.

-100 Gold to free the Norseman from jail.

To Do:
Have Alluvia looked over by the Sekhmet temple again looking at this new information.

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