“Pieces of Pottery” Part 2 (session summary)

Brief Description:   The group was able to finally reach the sarcophagus of Tsovinar, only to find broken pieces of pottery, some sort of canopic jar.

Returning to Kokand they found Key’s manor mostly built, mostly. They talked with Night Scale and arranged new dragon scale armor for Luke and arranged when they would take Alluvia to the Island of the Gods and then to her ceremony.

Adventure Name: “Pieces of Pottery” Part 2
Session Number:   18
Date:   November 24, 2018


Group XP Earned: 4,000xp each

Characters Involved:


    • None


  • 5,000gp earned for group by Night Scale


  • Sahuagin
  • Deep Scion
  • Water Elementals


Brief Adventure Description:

The game was divided into two acts, one in Tiche Misto, and one in Kokand.


The group worked their way through the second level of the temple. This included the following:

  • A room with fifteen sets of handprints, no other reason or glimmer of idea what it was for.
  • A corridor with a glass ceiling that unleashed a geletanous cube when the attacking skeletons exploded from Luke’s turning of the dead.
  • A chasm hundreds of feet down that were infested with silver spiders that Rabbit commented might have monothread across the chasm under the bridge.
  • A room that acted against any wearing metal armor with a magnetic source and burning iron wall.
  • A tomb of Tsovinar that was guarded by 10 sea spawn, 3 Sahuagin priestesses and a Sahuagin Baron that were handily defeated.
  • A tomb that had no body, but a conoptic jar of some sort that was broken, and a treasure list to be attached when Jack has reported back.


Back at the city of Kokand the group found the following details:

  • The manor house was almost fully built, the barracks and other outbuildings, plus the under levels were being prepared. The cost… 500,000 gold crowns starting, with another 500,000-1,000,000 that will come due.
  • Key was assured that Rabbit and Sobhan were paying the initial money and Nestrim would repay it for Key once things were in order.
  • Night Scale was presented with her portion of the gold, she has a single gold scale/lock since they last met.
  • Night Scale gave Luke her shedding black and copper scales so he could go make armor.
  • The group met up with Alluvia and prepared to head to the Island of the Gods for Jack.
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