House of the Dawn (location)

Bald Head Light House

Name: House of the Dawn
Location: Inside the city of Kokand, attached to Bald Head Light House and Red Silk Dock.
Purpose: Home of the Silken Fist and Keyleth Surana specifically.
Condition: Brand new manor built upon multiple levels of old city.
Surrounding Places of Note:

  • City of Kokand in the middle of.
  • Arborlon, 70 miles north.

General Appearance: a new manor well kept that will soon be surrounded by a wall.



Key’s Manor was designed as a home for the Silken Fists generally and a central location for Surana Family’s resurgence. It holds an old area of the Guild District, and includes the old Bald Head Light House and a new dock built out at the bottom of the wailing cliffs.

Currently there are two floating docks with large storeroom areas and capable of holding at least 6 large sailing vessels and avoiding the docking fees at the main harbor. There is currently a criss cross of structural supports and ramps going up to the top of the cliff, but construction is currently going on inside the cliff walls utilizing the lower levels of Kokand.


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