Tiche Misto (location)

Name: Tiche Misto
Location: 3oo miles SE of Kokand (Gyaros, Greece)
Purpose: Last temple of Tsovinar
Condition: 5,000 year old ruined temple
Surrounding Places of Note:

General Appearance: The temple is a small stone building left over from the hero of the Suma Creation Myth.

Adventures Participated in 


The location to is called “A Quiet Place” it was the sanctuary/sanctum of Tsovindar during her reign and is the last known location of her temples or shrines before Umberlee overthrew her. The temple itself was destroyed, but a tomb was built and sealed on the small island in the lake. It is supposedly the tomb where she was placed upon her death.

The island has a large lake in the middle, upon which is a smaller island. On this location is the resting place of Tsovinar, supposedly her tomb on this world. The island itself has been explored partially and as more is discovered the more this will be updated.

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