“Pieces of Pottery” Part 1 (session summary)

Brief Description:  The group gathered in Arborlon and discussed if Alluvia would attend with them to the Island of the Gods and if they would escort her to the “Meeting of the People” in the spring. They also then went home to Kokand, met up with Night Scale and Keyleth quit her Monk Order.

They then went to the last known place of Tsovinar on an island known as Tiche Misto (“The Quiet Place” or the “Temple of the Silent Place”). The last temple she may have touched something physical. The goal was to secure something she had touched and then use it to communicate with her on the Island of the Gods.

Adventure Name: “Pieces of Pottery” Part 1
Session Number:   17
Date:   November 17, 2018


Group XP Earned: 4,050xp each

Characters Involved:



  • 5,000gp earned for group by Night Scale


  • Sahuagin
  • Deep Scion
  • Water Elementals


Brief Adventure Description:

The game was divided into three acts, one in Arborlon, one in Kokand and finally one on Tiche Misto (the last known avatar temple of Tsovinar).


In Arborlon the group was summoned by the Queen and asked if they would escort Alluvia to her introduction ceremony known as the “Meeting of the People” in a secluded portion of the forest. The problem is each household may only bring 20 people to the ritual, so there is an increased danger, this of course was not fully explained because the household believed it was common knowledge. Also in Arborlon Anglerond started dating Key while Rabbit made it official with Luke (and made it official she is ok with Luke and his other interests).


Back at the city of Kokand the group started their quest for the Island of Silence, Tsovinar’s last known refuge. They also know the construction of Key’s manor is in process and are hoping by the time they get back to Kokand it may be ready.


The Island of Silence was identified and landed on. The group found the remains of a temple, and was able to rescue the last known statue of Tsovinar.

The group then proceeded to the island in the lake on the island. A mist covered the lake and they couldn’t directly see the island. As they approached the bridge they saw that the fog could not be seen through and it seemed different. They didn’t trust this so they went back to the ship and poured several bags of salt into the lake, hoping to destabilize everything in the water if it was a danger. All they heard was a hissing and bubbling and the fog retreated.

They found on the center island with the tomb an encampment of Sahuagin. They were attacked and relatively easily destroyed almost all the Sahuagin, driving the rest off. They then went into the tomb and was able to clear the top level, although they had a close call with some Deep Scions.

Important note, Sahuagin and Deep Scions are followers of Umberlee, who was responsible for sacking this temple and all of Tsovinar’s temples. Jack remarked as they camped in Rabbit’s portable hut for a rest that it seems more like a prison, and less like a tomb.

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