Words and Consequences (session summary)

Brief Description:   The group had finally settled back into Kokland, when Keyleth in an exchange with Anglerond mentioned that Rabbit had killed the elven household and sacrificed them, along with the drow they were working with.

The result was an interrogation, drama and bargaining that resulted in flushing out the bad household members with tattoos of three eyes and revealing Artherien “Glorion” Elenren The Fallen.

Artherien “Glorion” Elenren
Aasimar Hell Knight/Paladin

Adventure Name: Words and consequences
Session Number:   16
Date:   November 3, 2018


Group XP Earned: 5,000xp each

Characters Involved:



  • None


Brief Adventure Description:

The game started with Luke, Jack, Rabbit and Te’teh concocting a falsehood that was close enough to the truth to bypass Anglerond’s ability to see truths. They aided this with a drought from Te’Teh that allows a person to lie about this (something Te’Teh often has to do if she is caught plying her trade).

They give a convincing story that instead of Rabbit sacrificing the elven household members to Lolth and killing the drow, she had only killed the drow, and the drow had killed the elves. Key unfortunately had not known of the plan or had access to the drought and maintained her story.

Anglerond was bound by his oaths to report both sides. It could be seen he did not want to but he had no choice. He had told Keyleth that when they return to Arborlon he would give up his oath to the Rangers, so this may never happen again.

Luke, Rabbit, Jack and Te’Teh went to the temple of Sekhmet, hoping for some help from Luke’s head priestess and the goddess. Salkya presented Luke with a old, tattered pink ribbon and told him to tell the Elven Priest Veronwe the truth and give him the ribbon.

Everyone returned to Arborlon to attempt and avoid Nestrim being stripped of his powers and the family possibly being toppled. They both presented their sides and Luke presented Veronwe with the ribbon, saying nothing else. Key desperately tried to save her sister, but the group had kept their plans away from Key in fear of her accidentally revealing them.

Some time passed and Veronwe decided what he would believe and do. Sentencing Rabbit to the “Circle of Light”, a place drow are often tortured to death he had her tied up in a sun ritual, claiming that it would be up to Corellon on what Rabbit’s judgment was.

However, he did agree that he would ask no further questions, the result would rest solely on rabbit and the Elenren house would have their name cleared. Rabbit suffered for two days under the sun, and at night lights that shone with daylight were placed next to her, so her suffering could continue.

During this time several elves repeatedly came back out to throw things at her. Not allowing this to happen Jack stood up to the largest elven noble and backed him down. This resulted in a challenge the next day. The whole time the Rangers did not interfere, they merely took notes.

On their way back to the City, Luke and Key were stabbed by cultists with the tattoo of three eyes. Neither one were successfully poisoned, but there were some indignations on some parts.

That night more elves attacked and tried to kill Rabbit, they had been placing flammable items near Rabbit and set her and the area on fire. The group immediately but the fire out and freed Rabbit with Veronwe’s permission. They found the elves they had taken down all had the three eyed tattoo.

The next morning Jack came to the Dueling Square in the city and met the elf named Tandalin. Jack started to soundly thrash the elf when the rest of the elves attacked. A large engagement occurred resulting in Artherien “Glorion” Elenren jumping in to help the elves and an awful fight ensued. The damage on both sides was incredible, Jack’s spells, Key’s blades and Luke’s healing with a sometimes savage spell helped stop Glorion though. The group avoided being defeated by the skin of their teeth, pushing Artherien back who was able to escape.

The elves had been killed or subdued that belonged to the cult, Rabbit had been freed and Glorion had been revealed to have some sort of demonic like wings.

The group subsequently found out that before Rabbit was punished, Veronwe had talked with her and asked if she would undergo the ritual so they could flush out the elven cultists. Wanting to defend her family she agreed.

Notes: None

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