Walk Back to the Inn (forum rp thread)

Title: Walk Back to the Inn
RP Thread Number: 23
When Occured Between Sessions #15 and #16
Location: The Warrens (Kokand City)
Out of Game Date: Nov 01 – Nov 02, 2019
Participants: Anglerond, Te’Teh, Keyleth
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Key walks down the street, head down deep in thought. In spite of her evident disregard to the people around her, she shifts out of others way so as not to jostle anyone. She reaches down and unconsciously fiddles with one of the daggers at her hip.


Anglerond moves up smoothly in front of Key, two steps ahead and two to the left. Once his arrival at that spot Key doesn’t have to shift how she moves. He smiles to himself but talks back at her without looking. “You seem agitated, are you ok Key?.”


Te’teh quickly takes advantage of the screening that Anglerond gives and slides in beside Key.“What are we doing boss?”


Key watches through her lashes as Anglerond slides into place. She starts to roll her eyes but stops herself, then shakes her head. She darts a glance at Te’Teh and smiles but it doesn’t reach her eyes. She hiffs out a brearh then starts to speak.

“Im agitated by this whole Arthurian thing. I want to get it all done and over with as soon as possible, but Luke is right, we need to be smart about it. It’s making me hyper sensitive to everything. Up to and incuding the thought that I will never again in my life have a moment to myself and it all for my own safety!” She shakes her head again realizing her anger and attempting to get it back in check.

To Te’Teh she says “I need to rush a letter to the library. At least I can do that right now. I figured you guys could have a drink while I write. Maybe after that we can go check to see how the house is coming. I just need to kerp moving.”


Anglerond seems a bit saddened momentarily for Key’s plight, that disappears though and a smirk pops up on the left side of his face. “You think right Key, you announced your blood, you probably shouldn’t ever be alone again, especially not with Artherien. Once we have in hand you might be able to get some time. You will need to adapt your life to take that into account.”

He looks at her from the corner of his eye, as he smoothly ‘redirects’ others out of Key’s way, “May I say something direct Key?”


Te’teh pats Key reassuringly, and points out a cute boy walking the other direction to her friend.

“You have an advantage though. Reginald hasn’t left the city yet, he can instantly communicate with the library through his book. Now, do you want to deal with Reggie? That is its own question. Although for a gnome he is kind of cute.”


Key makes a noise that says ‘I figured’. Then decides to answer the woman next to her first.  “I’ll do it. It will take my mind off of all this.” She waves a hand encompassing everything she’s dealing with. She smirks at Te’Teh.

“That’s all you sister. As long as you keep him from writing I won’t complain.”

She looks ahead of her to Anglerond.  “Please do, but could you have to walk next to me.” She transfers her smirk to the man ahead of her.


Anglerond falls back so he is walking beside Key, on her left still acting as a shield. “I have helped defend nobles for more than four hundred years. In that time I have found everyone needs to find a way to relax, to blow off steam.”

He seems to be watching her from the corner of his eye.

Te’teh raises an eyebrow, and a smirk fades across her face before her attention fully falls on Key. “You could use a break, it has been a rough several months.”


Both eyebrows raise and she looks from one to the other.  “I suppose you both have suggestions?” She seems to entertain the idea for a moment then shakes it off. Her pace picks up as she regains her resolve.

“There are things to do. I’ll take a few extra hours of meditation tonight and be fine by tomorrow.” She’s quiet for a moment then asks.

“Anglerond, do you have an issue with Rabbit?”


Te’teh’s smirk erupts in to a huge smile. “Seriously you need to go blow steam off.” She then turns and watches for Anglerond for his answer.


Anglerond listens to his queen, turning to watch her fully and coming to a full stop. As he hears her words, a small tightening at his jaw as he takes a much longer time then normal to answer. His answer seems weighted and measured and something that a guard would say to their ruler. “Do I have an issue with Rabbit?…”

He pauses slightly again, then clearly, calmly and with no emotion says, “No.”


Key rolls her eyes heavenward. She stops walking and turns to the tiefling first. “Not all of us use sex to ‘Blow off steam’ I prefer a good fight personally. If it makes you feel better I’ll go pock one.” She winks then turns to Anglerond.

“My bullshit detector just exploded. Let’s pretend for a moment that Im not a queen. What about Rabbit gives you cause for concern?”


Anglerond watches Key, she can see his brain processing the best way to approach this subject. “First, I want you to know I do not doubt why you are loyal to Rabbit. I am not trying to step into that. I even believe she might care as much as she shows.”

He pauses again, looks back towards the way they came from before continuing, “I have fought drow for over two hundred years. I admit I hold biases, and it does gladden me that you don’t have them. However, something about this situation sits wrong with me. I promise when I realize what I am missing I will tell you. I won’t keep that from you at all.”



Key’s features go icey for a moment but when she realizes Te’Teh is joking they soften.  “Poor choice of words. At the monastery we spar on a regular basis to keep our skills sharp. That’s what I need, a sparing match, something to help bleed of this excess negative energy. I dont drink or do drugs. The whole ‘my body is a temple thing’.” She chuckles then starts tonwalk again assuming the others will follow. She soeaks next to Anglerond.

“Okay, thank you for your honesty. She has declared herself -my- handmaiden. I acknowledge that I don’t understand fully what that means, but I don’t take it lightly. She is not a danger to me or anyone else in our party. Unless they show themselves to be a threat to us.” She pauses.

“Did you see what she did in the gate house at Arborlon?”


Te’teh still seems amused “You really need another hobby, seriously your people are going to think you are not relatable.”

Te’teh then hesitates, clamps her mouth shut when Key mentions the gate house, the ‘oh shit’ look flashes across her face.


Anglerond listens to his queen, patience on his face disappears when she mentions the gatehouse. His demeanor seems to freeze, full attention on her. “What exactly did she have to do with the gatehouse situation?.”


She looks around and pulls him into a quiet corner where she can talk in low tones so they aren’t over heard. She steps up close to him, her lips next to his ear.

“Nestrim wanted to stop an alliance against me between some of the houses in Arborlon and the Drow. Without any of our knowledge he convinced Rabbit to well, you saw it. I think she killed the drow too. Nesterim wanted to send them a message. When I found out I was furious. I assure you that that is the last time that anything like that is done in my name.”

She leans back, her face filled with the resolve she is feeling.


Te’teh’s face is extremely pale for her darker complexion as if she is watching something slide out of control, “You know she didn’t like doing it, she had nightmares, she even now can’t sleep by herself after doing it.”


Anglerond becomes calm and placid, like a lake in winter. His eyes cold, calculating, watching everything Key says, and does physically. “So Rabbit killed those elven noble house members, their guards and everyone present, strung them up like chickens and sacrificed them to Lolth? She then impaled the drow in a ritualistic manner to something else?”

His eyes dark, unreadable, “It wasn’t done in your name fortunately, none of it leads back to you. Not a single shred of evidence my rangers searched for came up with one iota. Not a single house member for any house has voiced an idea that it was done for your benefit.”

He looks at her again, focusing his attention, “You had absolutely no knowledge of this before it happened?”


Key looks to Te’Teh then back to Anglerond. Her spine straightens and she adopts a regal barring.  “Absolutely none. And Te’Teh is right. Rabbit came home after the fact ravaged emotionally. She left the underdark for a reason. Alluvia had nightmares about it as well. I had a discussion with Nesterim and this will never happen again. The only reason why I mentioned it at all was to point out that those are the lengths she will go to to protect her family, and we are her family. She was a tool of Nesterim’s will, nothing more. Nestrim has been dealt with so nothing more need be done. I don’t think I have to tell you that word of this can’t go any further.”

She pauses for a moment thinking. “Are you getting regular reports from the Rangers at Arborlon?”


Te’teh almost seems to crumple in on herself defeated. She stands there waiting for Anglerond’s response, bracing herself.


Anglerond seems relieved to hear the words that Key had nothing to do with it and knew nothing about it. Some of the chill has left his eyes when he gives Key a small nod.. “I am relieved my queen to hear this part, even if the situation itself does sadden me.

He looks off towards the north unconsciously , “I will need to take care of some things, can I meet you at the tavern later?”


Key turns to the wall and swears. She pulls her elbow back and strikes the wall just hard enough to draw a small amount of blood across her nuckles. She turns back to face Anglerond, defeated.  “No. I need you to promise me that if anyone pays for what happened that day its me. They may not have done it in my name, but make no mistake, it was done -for me-. Everyone makes mistakes, hell Im in the middle of a wapper. But you can’t do anything more terrible than what the parties involved are already doing to themselves. Nestrim, I know now did what he did out of inexperience. He’s beating himself up, he is filled with remorse. I told you what I did out of the same inexperience.” She drops to her knees, head bowed.

“Please, don’t make the rest of my family pay for the mistakes of one young, inexperienced, inconsequential queen.”


Te’teh’s eyes grow cold, her hands on her hips, brushing her shortsword, she can be heard softly murmuring “Luke, Jack, you need to get here right now.”

Te’teh has the resigned look that she knows she will die, but she steps up beside Key, ready to defend her friend.


Anglerond is confused at first by Key’s response. He seemed to want to stop her from hitting the wall, but just winces. Astonished as she drops to her knees he immediately leans down, cups his hands under her arms and lifts her up. “Keyleth, you did absolutely nothing wrong. This is not on you. You will not pay for anything.


Key holds up a hand to Te’Teh to stay her. Key looks at Anglerond. Her eyes full of tears.  “I need to know what your going to do. I can’t let you hurt my family for a mistake. Please, Im begging you, let us work this out between the two of us. Whatever blood is shed from this point forward is on my hands. I have to insist on paying whatever price you and the rangers insist on exacting.”


Te’teh allows Key to intercede, but shifts her weight, watching and waiting.


Anglerond runs his fingers under Key’s eyes, wiping tears. His age evident in his tired eyes and the set of his jaw. “You owe me no price, my queen. You have done nothing wrong, and the rangers are not someone to punish the innocent, and you are the innocent in this. I highly doubt you would have ever allowed this. You will owe me no price anyways as it will not be my decision to make on guilt, innocence or punishment.”

He sighs deeply, “I am still a sworn ranger, I gave my oath to the tree of life that I would follow the code until a different purpose came to me and I forsook them. This was not a mistake. I don’t doubt overall it wasn’t something that worked out in favor of anything you, Nesterin or Rabbit wanted, but the act was horrific, and not something to be written off as a mistake. I will need to report it to the elders.”

He looks over at Te’Teh, nods to her and turns back to Keyleth, “You also misunderstand how justice works in Arborlon. Rangers are not subject to the desire of any household, that includes the Queen. You cannot insist on taking a punishment that is to be meted out to another. You won’t be allowed to interfere with the results by my order. This is what keeps our houses from becoming like the Drow. All houses, even the ones that work against the light have agreed to abide by this, an impartial force to settle disputes and crimes that would upset our people.”

He touches her face one more time, “I will do nothing until a decision is made. I suspect it will become an ugly public affair and I will need to return to Arborlon. But I promise nothing will be done by me about the decision until I inform both you and Rabbit personally.”



Key closes her eyes for a moment, her breathing grows ragged and she lets tears stream down her face.

“I understand you have a duty, so do I, to my family. ALL of my family including Rabbit. You go do your duty. Just know, whatever you tell them, that I will shout to the mountain tops that this plan was all mine. That Rabbit and Nestrim were only doing my bidding. I suspect that there are those that will jump on the story seen as how I seem to be an upstart to be gotten rid of.” She rises onto her toes, places her hands on either side of his face and kisses him. Its filled with tenderness and the feelings she has for him.

“Im sorry, I know this means goodbye. I just wanted to do that before that door is closed forever.”


Surprised by her kiss, Anglerond reels back a step. The connection for him is electric as he tries to reel in his reaction. As she pulls away he let’s go reluctantly, desire, anger, tiredness all warring around his eyes. He seems to have to stop for a minute, as if a diver catching a breath of air before he starts.

“Just so we are clear my queen I am not forsaking you. If you wish to dismiss me from your service I will accept it, but I do not plan on leaving your side. This is why holding multiple oaths is not normally allowed.”

He looks around the Warrens, frustration, a bit of indecision, and possibly a bit of hormones cloud his face momentarily, he turns back to the elven woman in front of him.

“I cannot keep this silent. I have not yet forsook my oaths in front of the tree of life . If I violated my oaths, then you could never trust me either, lest some unexpected incident would sway me from you. My bond is my life, my word is my soul.”

He closes his eyes again, “My queen, you misunderstand the politics and what is being arraigned. First, they have summoned Veronwe to help the rangers with this. I hadn’t mentioned anything because I didn’t realize it was something you needed to know. When he hears this he will know the truth, and the rangers will make their decision based on that.”

He opens his eyes, puts up his hand to forestall any words at the moment, “While you are definitely not welcome by several houses, no one hates you yet. No one thinks you are truly a threat yet and therefore you have been safe for most of this, even with the houses meeting the drow that is low hanging fruit. The worst possible case right now I can think of is that they will use this incident to declare House Elenren unfit to rule. They will use this to ensure that Nestrim does not rule, although he does outrank the other houses so he probably won’t be put to death, he will be marked.”

Frustration seems to be welling up, “Rabbit will undoubtably be put to death. It doesn’t matter why she did it, only that she did it. The fact a ritual to Lolth was used only makes it that much worse. this is why they never would have thought an elf from Arborlon did it. Honestly it was a fairly wickedly effective plan and I doubt the right questions would have ever been asked without this conversation. They may demand her to undergo the same ritual deaths she put to the elves and even drow. They may even raise her each time to go through all the different deaths. The only thing I could think of that is in the air would be if she received a final death or not.”

He looks into her eyes,

“Don’t get me wrong, they will take advantage of you claiming it was your fault. All possibility of Surana rule returning will be crushed. There will be no hope for the lesser elves as the nobility will use this to clamp down on the masses. Your incarceration, or even just you being accused of this crime would bring much harm to those in lower stations, as they now speak your name in the open in Arborlon. The nobility will use your confession to reinforce their removal of House Elenren, and maybe punish the king and queen for the temerity to adopt you. They will punish Alluvia….”

With a final deep breath Anglerond goes on to his last point, “If you allow me to return home and forsake my oath in front of the tree of life, I will do so and be your loyal man until the end of time. Even if this means you never touch me that way again, I would willingly serve you undyingly. However, I cannot forsake now, you could never trust me in the future if I did this in my past. I could never trust myself. No matter what happens, you cannot claim you knew anything about it, especially since that was a lie. You will doom your sister, and many lowborn elves if you do.”

As Anglrond finishes, he looks drained of life, and very much appears his age.


Te’teh stands with her sword half unsheathed, beside her friend, tears streaming down her eyes as she keeps begging for Luke or Jack to come to the gem hanging around her neck.


Key deflates like a balloon. All hope leaving her. She seems to go a bit manic for a moment then its gone behind a mask. All but the tears she can’t seem to stop.

“I don’t want you to leave me, I just thought that what I need to do would cause a conflict with what I know you must do. She slids down the wall, sitting in an ungraceful tangle, not caring of the muck. She looks up at him.

“So your saying I have killed one of my sisters and damaged a brother no matter what I do. Now I just have to choose which one. How do I make that decision. Words are so much more dangerous than any weapon.” She hangs her head and cries silently for a moment. She stands, straightens her cloths, and whipes her eyes. She’s stopped crying.

“I would never ask you to lie to anyone. I don’t want you to forsake any of the oathes you have taken for me either. No matter what you choose to do, you’ll be welcome at my side for as long as you choose to stay there. I will honor any and all decisions you make regarding this.” She turns to Te’Teh.

“You may want to run and knock on the door. They may not be able to hear the stones. I promise I won’t leave this spot until Luke comes back with Rabbit and they decide what to do with me.”


Anglerond slides down into the muck beside Key, closing his eyes he just reaches out and takes Key’s left hand in his, surrounding her small fingers with his larger ones.

“Let’s think this through. I have to tell them the truth, but what exactly do I have to say…”

Grumbling to himself, he adjusts his sword on its sheath,

“I think at the very least I can maybe not mention anyone but Rabbit. I am not lying if I said Rabbit killed them and leave it at that, as long as they don’t ask me more. If Rabbit presented herself as guilty, it might make it more lenient on her and they may not ask at all. As long as Nestrim isn’t brought into this, the rest of your family is safe.”

He opens his eyes, obviously not comfortable with the options,“Do you think she would remain silent about everyone else? I have no doubt others would believe it was her entirely.

Frustration seems to be welling up, “I am not angry at you, I know you would never have allowed this. I am truly sorry, I wish I could lie about it. I truly do.”


Te’teh leans down with tears still coming out of her eyes, she kisses Key on the head and whispers “It’s ok sister, it’s ok.” She then turns and runs off back down the street towards Luke’s house.


Key watches Te’Teh go and is silent for a moment. She leans her head on his shoulder for a moment drinking in the comfort it offers. Then she sighs and lifts her head again.

“I trust your judgment as far as what you think you need to say. As far as Rabbit goes, she needs to be brought into the conversation. Im not going any further in that regard without talking to her. I will go along with whatever she wants to say. But no, I don’t think she would condemn anyone out of spite. Least of all Alluvia.” She stares down yhe street in the direction of Luke’s house.

“Im sorry I put you in this position. I need to learn to kerp my big mouth shut.”


Anglerond closes his eyes, “You have to quit trusting people so soon, go to Luke and ask him before you give people new information.”

He chuckles a bit, “I wasn’t meaning that Rabbit would lie to harm someone, would she be willing to lie to protect someone?”


Key sighs and stands up wanting to face the others on her feet. She turns around and offers Anglerond a hand up.

“I will do that in the future. I honestly thought this was something you had heard before. She would lie to protect someone. But Im not sure I can ask her to do that. I really don’t feel like I have any good choices here. Im lost.” She sniffs hard to fight off more tears.


Anglerond looks around, “This is a taste of what a ruler’s life is. No good choices, you just have to make a hard, painful choice. It is about the least damaging. The least damaging is if Rabbit comes forward as an individual who heard about it through her drow contracts and decided to make a move on it first to stop it. Maybe she gets some empathy. It cuts the bleeding and the rest live on. There are stories I could tell you about your adopted parents and what they have had to do. They will understand.”

He leans over and rubs her arm.


“I guess I had this idealized version of what being a ruler meant. I thought I could do it with out causing pain or bloodshed.” She shrugs.

“I was obviously wrong. The last few months have bern full of steep learning curves. Im not sure if Rabbit will ever forgive me. I know I won’t be able to forgive myself.” She starts to pace.

“Maybe one day I’ll ask to hear those stories.” The corner of her mouth lifts in a smile that does reach her eyes.


Anglerond leans over and hugs Key and turns her towards Luke’s home.“It isn’t always bad. There are good times as well, a lot of them. I have been watching and I don’t think Rabbit would ever be mad. I do think she truly loves you like a sister. We should go back to Luke’s place now.”


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