Reprieve (session summary)

Brief Description:  The group finally arrives in Arborlon. They spend the next week having an annulment for Keyleth and discovering Keyleth’s sister has some sort of gift of true sight. She doesn’t seem to see the future, just things as they happen. More political drama unfolds with impact on the group.

Adventure Name: Reprieve
Session Number:   15
Date:   October 21, 2018


Group XP Earned: 3,500xp each

Characters Involved:



  • None


  • Drama…
  • Nesterin and his and Keyleth’s sister Alluvian

Brief Adventure Description:

The group arrives in Arborlon, getting some needed rest and background info from Nesterin. Keyleth asks Nesterin to help with the things that need to be done and she shouldn’t know.

Two elven households and a drow raiding party are allying themselves. Nesterin seeks to stop it so he asks Rabbit to do her thing. She agrees so as to protect Keyleth from any intrigue involving Drow.

The end result, a bunch of dead elven nobles and a bunch of drow. An unknown side effect though was that Alluvian saw everything from Rabbit’s point of view. The group works out the drama and then returns to Kokand to sit and talk with Sobhan who offers to help with what appears to be more elven politics in Kokand itself. The group decides they will stay in Kokand for awhile.

Notes: None

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